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STIIIZY Starter Kit - Neon Pink

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STIIIZY Starter Kit - Neon Pink is our entry level kit that includes everything you need to start your journey into the world of cannabis. When it comes to cannabis, there are many different levels of cannabinoids. We believe that at STIIIZY we have created a product that helps you get the most out of your weed. A popular choice for beginners, the STIIIZY Starter Kit - Neon Pink is a true one-stop-shop to get you fully prepared for your next adventure.

STIIIZY Starter Kit - Neon Pink is an easy-to-use cannabis vaporizer starter kit that can produce smooth, flavorful vapor. It comes with a battery and one flavor cartridge for quick and simple use.

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STIIIZY Starter Kit - Neon Pink
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• Official Original STIIIZY Battery 

• USB Charging Cable 

• 210mAh Rechargeable Battery 

• USB Charging Port 

• Voltage: 3.2+\-0.1V

 *Pods sold separately

The Neon Pink STIIIZY Starter Kit Is A Game Changer!

The Neon Pink STIIIZY Starter Kit is a game changer. It's sleek, stylish, and perfect for on-the-go use. The starter kit contains the charger, battery, and pod. The pod is easy to use and perfect for beginners. 

The Neon Pink STIIIZY Starter Kit is a game changer for anyone looking for a sleek, stylish, and easy-to-use vaporizer. So if you're looking for an on-the-go vaporizer that's easy to use and stylish, the STIIIZY Starter Kit is perfect.

The Differentiating Factors of STIIIZY

In-House Cultivation

STIIIZY's commitment to quality starts with our in-house cultivation. We control every aspect of the growth process, from seed to sale. Therefore, it allows us to ensure that our products are of the highest quality possible. We also use LED grow lights, which are more efficient and have less heat than standard HPS lights. This creates a better environment for our plants and our team members. The LED lights also allow us to control the color spectrum of light our plants receive. We can fine-tune this to encourage specific growth phases and maximize yields.

Independent Lab-Testing

All of STIIIZY's products are sent to independent labs for testing before they reach shelves or our online store. These tests check for potency, pesticides, residual solvents, terpene profile, moisture content, and foreign matter. You can find these lab results on our website or by scanning the QR code on each product's packaging.

The Quality of STIIIZY's Products


STIIIZY only uses the highest quality ingredients and materials in its products. This includes their cannabis, which is always pesticide-free. Pesticides can be harmful to both your health and the environment. STIIIZY is dedicated to using only the best ingredients in its products, so you can feel great about what you're consuming.


STIIIZY's products are also known for their potency. Their cannabis oil is some of the most potent on the market, and their pre-filled cartridges are also powerful. This is thanks to STIIIZY's in-house cultivation, which allows them to control their products' strength carefully.

The Transparency of STIIIZY

From Soil to Oil

STIIIZY is committed to being as transparent as possible about its products and processes. Consumers can learn about the journey their product takes "from soil to oil" on the STIIIZY website. This includes information on the strain of cannabis used, the farm where it was grown, and the extraction method used to create the final product. This level of transparency is rare in the cannabis industry and helps STIIIZY build trust with its customers.

The STIIIZY Process

In addition to sharing information about their products, STIIIZY also shares details about their manufacturing process. The company uses a state-of-the-art CO2 extraction method that preserves the quality of the cannabis while ensuring a consistent product. This process is just one example of how STIIIZY goes above and beyond to create a superior product.

The Community of STIIIZY

CSR Initiatives

STIIIZY is more than just a company that sells cannabis products. One way they do this is with their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. For example, STIIIZY has partnered with the nonprofit organization Code for America to help get people to access government services online. In addition, STIIIZY has also teamed up with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to help fight for social and criminal justice reform.

STIIIZY Gives Back

STIIIZY is the best cannabis brand because of its commitment to quality, transparency, and community. The company's in-house cultivation, independent lab testing, and dose of creativity set it apart from other brands. STIIIZY's products are pesticide-free, potent, and rich in terpenes. The company is transparent about its process, from soil to oil. And finally, STIIIZY gives back to the community through CSR initiatives and STIIIZY Gives Back program.


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