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A cannabis pod is a physical device that contains cannabis and is designed for use with a vaporizer. Cannabis pods are a new way of consuming cannabis. They come in different flavors and have a longer shelf life than other cannabis products.

Weedbates offers countless of strain-based pre-filled cannabis oil pods. They are available in both 0.5 and full-gram weed cartridges loaded with sativa, Indica and sativa.

The cannabis industry has seen a lot of changes over the past few years. One popular change is the introduction of cannabis pods, which are a new form of cannabis designed specifically for use in vaporizers. Cannabis pods have been around since 2009, but they have recently gained more popularity as the market for vaporizers has grown.

Cannabis pods are made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, ceramic, and glass. They are typically manufactured in China and come in both disposable and refillable varieties.

Pod Mods And Pod Systems: What Are They, Exactly?

A vape pod is a slightly different shape from a vape pen and they tend to be more rectangular. Vape pods have come a long way since their introduction, as seen by the fact that consumers can now choose from a wide variety of pod formats. Despite the wide array of selection options, their operation is either on par with or even more straightforward than that of a vape pen.

A battery and a pod that can be refilled with e-juice are the two components that make up a vape pod. Because the pod has already been loaded with liquid, all that is required of you is to connect it to the battery. The vast majority of vape pods are "automatic," which means that the only thing you need to do to release the vapor takes a puff from the pod. One more time, this is a very uncomplicated procedure.

Weed Vape Pod with USB

Since 2018, there has been a significant amount of conversation within the vaping community regarding pod systems. Even though many people who use cannabis pens swear by them, some experienced vapers are skeptical of them, and others only use them in certain circumstances, such as when they are traveling.

Pod systems have reached the next technological level as a direct result of the so-called pod mods that have been developed. You can't go into any vape shop, virtual or physical, and not see them displayed prominently, and you can't find a vapor forum that hasn't discussed them at some point or another. Please describe what pod systems are, how they function, and how they are an improvement over conventional cannabis pens.

Pod System

A pod system is essentially a little vape pen that combines multiple functions into a single unit. In this particular instance, the battery carrier and the vaporizer come together to form a single integrated unit. In the past, it was customary for pod systems to require the replacement of the entire pod, which included the coil.

This was the case for most pod systems. In more recent times, it has become increasingly customary for the coils themselves as well as the pod as a tank to be able to be maintained. This practice has gained popularity in recent times. In addition, an increasing number of pod systems support the addition of an extra battery, which makes it possible to go for longer periods between charges.

Man holding weed vape pod

Switchers are attracted to pod systems in large part because of their ease of use, which does not need any fundamental understanding on the user's part. It is sufficient to pour liquid into the pods (and place a coil inside if one is required), and you can instantly begin vaporizing the liquid after doing so.

The Accomplishment Of The Pod Technology

The conventional pod systems are compact, making them simple to move, and they have few controls. To operate certain pod systems, you need just apply negative pressure to the mouthpiece rather than pressing buttons or using other controls. The primary distinction between this and a regular vape pen kit is that this one has a pod or cartridge instead of an external tank. This allows for a more portable device.

The pods can be affixed to the battery of the vape pen either magnetically or by simply being put onto the battery. Pods, in contrast to standard starter kits, can often only be used in conjunction with the battery or battery carrier that they were designed for. Each component is visually and functionally complementary to the others, and they were designed specifically with compatibility in mind. It is not unusual for tanks to include the drip tip within the mouthpiece, rendering it impossible to remove.

This is done for aesthetic reasons. Cartridges are commonly crafted from polymers such as polycarbonate throughout the manufacturing process. There are systems available that make use of disposable pods, and there are other types that can be recharged.

In the most fundamental pods, the coil is constructed into the device from the beginning and cannot be removed; on the other hand, it is not unusual to find vaporizer head systems that can be interchanged. The most significant advantages of pod systems are, without a doubt, their portability and ease of their operation. Chipsets keep a close eye on the devices at all times, monitoring them to ensure that all of the necessary safety features, such as a draw time restriction and short circuit protection, are always active.

From The Classic Weed Pen To The Pod System

These days, customers have access to a bewildering variety of brands of weed pens to select from. Users who have various requirements can find a gadget that meets their demands from among the numerous available models. Pod systems are a subcategory of computer systems that are aimed specifically at a small pod vape user base. However, to understand where pod systems came from, we need to take a quick detour into the history of the creation of cannabis pens.

1st Generation

It's interesting to note that the first vape pens on the market looked a lot like the pod systems that are available today. A good number of the original vape pens were designed to mimic the appearance of traditional tobacco cigarettes (so-called cigalikes). In the majority of instances, the vaporizer and the power source were inextricably linked. The liquid was transported by impregnated absorbent cotton in cartridges known as cartomizers rather than the tanks that are used today; and the devices were not refillable, so a full replacement was required whenever the liquid ran out.

2nd Generation

The second generation of devices brought forth certain quantum advancements that were beneficial. The vaporizer and the battery were able to be preserved as distinct components thanks to the new technologies. The two components were joined together using a screw thread as the joining mechanism.

Woman holding weed vape pod

Both the 510 connection (in which the vaporizer has a pin with an external thread and the mod is supplied with the appropriate receptacle) and the eGo connection (in which the vaporizer has an internal thread and the battery has an external thread) were at first competitors, but the 510 connection quickly became the standard and is now present in almost all devices. In addition, there was the introduction of vaporizer heads and tanks that were interchangeable.

3rd Generation

The third generation of cannabis pens can be partially powered by battery cells that can be removed, which is just one of many new features that can be found in these electronic devices. You are able to personalize your vaping experience with modern vape pens by changing not just the voltage at which you draw power but also the resistance that you employ.

Nevertheless, voltage control is typically not yet accomplished via a chip, but rather quasi-mechanically, such as with three-phase potentiometers. This is because chips are still relatively new. The very first vaporizers on the market had to be wound by hand, and their owners were the only people who could use them.

4th Generation

The vast majority of weed pens currently available on the market are fourth-generation devices, which means that they are run by a microchip. This has the potential to result in many positive outcomes. Users have the ability to select from a variety of output modes, such as power-controlled and temperature-controlled vaporization, respectively. The mods feature a significantly increased power output, which makes it possible to sub-ohm vape with low-impedance coil windings.

The pod system devices additionally have a variety of safety-related preventive measures, such as precautions against deep discharge and short-circuiting, amongst others. Although it is possible that some of the features stated above, such as selectable output modes, are not included in all cutting-edge, chip-controlled cannabis pens, others, such as those offering safety, are there in theory and are sometimes even mandated legally.

The Pod

The pod of a cannabis pen is often made up of a liquid container that is constructed of high-quality plastic that is resistant to the effects of extreme heat. There is a coil contained within the pod vape, and depending on the model, it may or may not be possible to change it. In the variety of pod devices you can find the best pod vape for you.

Pods With An Internal Coil, Or Replaceable Coils?

Pod systems can house a variety of distinct pod configurations. Some pod vapes have a coil that is separate and removable, as well as pods that have a coil that is integrated into the pod itself and cannot be removed.

What Is A Coil Exactly? 

This is the heating element, which most of the time is made up of a coil that is wrapped in cotton. Following absorption of the liquid from the tank by the cotton in the heated coil, the liquid is next transformed into vapor.

How Frequently Do You Need To Change Either A Pod Or A Coil?

If you use a coil daily, you should replace it every one to three weeks because the cotton will eventually wear out and become less effective. The same principle applies to pods that have a coil pre-installed within them.

What Are The Signs That The Coil Or Pod Needs To Be Replaced?

You can tell by the flavor as well as the volume of smoke that a coil or pod produces. When the coil reaches the end of its useful life, both are permanently reduced.

Multiple Weed pods

Pods With Built-In Coil

Replacement coils cannot be fitted into pods that already include an internal coil of their own. Once the coil has reached the end of its useful life, the entire pod will need to be replaced.

Pods With A Replaceable Coil

Because pods themselves are more expensive to obtain than coils, pods that have a detachable coil are often more cost-effective than pods that have a built-in coil. This is because it is easier to replace the coil in a pod that has a removable coil.

Pods With Built-In Ceramic Coil

However, you can also get refillable pods that have a ceramic coil integrated right into them. Why should one choose ceramic above other materials? Ceramic coils typically have a longer lifespan than their cotton counterparts.

Pre-Filled Pods Or Refillable Pods?

In addition to the option of selecting a replaceable coil, there is also a distinction to be made between pre-filled pods and refillable pods, the latter of which requires the user to (re)fill the device with weed pen liquid.

Pre-Filled Pods

Pre-filled pods are those that come from the factory already filled with e-liquid, and they typically include nicotine salt. When compared to conventional nicotine, this form is taken into the bloodstream more quickly, and its effects last for a longer period of time.

Is The Pre-Filled Pod Empty?

Once a pre-filled pod has been used up completely, it cannot be reused and must be replaced with a brand new one. Pre-filled pods are frequently the best option for smokers who want to switch to a weed pen without a great deal of bother, but who still want the desired effect that comes with using a weed pen.

Refillable Pods

When using a refillable pod system, you will need to fill it with e-liquid yourself. Because you choose whatever e-liquids to put in your pod system, this option typically results in savings over purchasing pre-filled disposable pods. On the other hand, several pod systems on the market offer pre-filled as well as refillable pods for their customers.

Mod Pods Are An Upgrade To The Standard Pod Systems

Around the year 2019, a new generation of cannabis pens called Pod Mods appeared on the market. This group of devices, which is very similar to old pod systems, makes use of a plastic cartridge that can be plugged into either the battery it comes with or a separate battery pack. The devices are, in all other respects and from a technical standpoint, equivalent to typical marijuana pen sets.

The user is typically provided with a selection of output possibilities, and the display has the capability of providing feedback on a variety of operational aspects. Pod vape mods can be powered by external batteries such as the 18650s, 20700s, or even 21700s, whereas the original pods could only utilize internal batteries due to their compact size. Pod mods can be powered by external batteries.

In addition to the conventional "fire" button, the vast majority of pod mods also have a mouthpiece that may be activated by pulling it. The ability to adjust the airflow is typically integrated within the pods themselves, however, this feature is not always included in simpler pod configurations. In general, the tanks are larger, and they can only be utilized with replaceable vaporizer heads.

Woman smoking weed pen

Heads for plug-and-pull vaporizers are often used since they are plugged in rather than screwed on, which is how heads for classic vaporizers are typically attached to the device. The normal size of a pod mod is substantially more compact than that of a kit with the same technological characteristics. Therefore, the user is provided with all of the technological alternatives of a modern weed pen in a gadget that is far more compact and portable.

The Benefits Of Pod Systems

Vape pens for marijuana can utilize either disposable pods or cartridges that can be reused, or they can use refillable tanks instead. Simply place the pre-filled pod into the housing for the battery, turn the device on, and inhale the vapor without making any effort or deliberation over the type of liquid that works best with the cannabis pen. 

Users with refillable pods, on the other hand, have access to a greater variety of tastes and can personalize their pick depending on parameters. Additionally, the longevity of cartridges that have a tank that can be refilled is substantially improved.

When a user inhales through the mouthpiece, automatic draw pod mechanisms are activated and begin the drawing process. Pressing the "fire" button on a model is the typical way to discharge a weapon from it. There are even certain devices that provide the user the option of selecting either option.

Train-activated systems are simple to comprehend and straightforward to operate. On the other hand, some customers are making the move from traditional vaping to a newer device and choose to continue using the tried-and-true method of hitting a fire button.

Depending on the model, pod systems that have a tank that can be refilled may come with either fixed windings or a place to insert new vaporizer heads into the device. In the same way, as pre-filled pods eliminate the need for additional components such as resistors, cartridges with integrated coils make it easier to replace the head of the cartridge without requiring as many other parts.

Those that employ coils that may be interchanged may choose to conduct experiments to determine the level of resistance that best suits their needs. If the head of the evaporator can be removed, the tank can be utilized for a longer amount of time before it needs to be replaced. The primary reason why vaping is a better option than traditional vape pens is that it is simpler to use and makes it less difficult to switch to vaping or get started.

In addition, pod systems are constructed to be compact so that they may be moved about with relative simplicity. As a result, several vaporizers make use of a pod system as a complimentary feature for portability. Because of the way it's constructed, the weight is noticeably lower as well. The automated draw that is supplied by cannabis pen pod systems provides the user with optimal comfort.

Girl weed vaping

When you pull on the device, it will immediately begin functioning once you have activated it. There is no requirement to push any buttons at this time. In addition, depending on the model, there is no requirement for regular maintenance. Thus, it is not necessary to make any changes to the separate components. When you switch out the pod, that operates on its own automatically. Unless, of course, you go with a pod system that allows you to swap out the coil.

  • Simplicity

The simplicity with which anyone may operate a portable vaporizer may be the advantage that stands out the most. You are unable to make any adjustments to the settings, including the brightness or the other options. In addition, the vaporizer head or liquid tank can be effortlessly replaced without necessitating the device's disassembly in any way.

You won't even need to press a button to get your vape session started if you have an automated draw pod system. Simply pressing a button makes it possible to attach cartridges that have been pre-filled with liquid to the battery pack. A replacement pod is substituted for an old one if the previous one becomes exhausted or no longer steams efficiently.

  • Size and weight

Pod systems are superior because they are both lightweight and small. Even experienced vaporizers will find that they are the ideal devices to use when traveling. They are about the same size and weight as a regular fountain pen, which enables you to carry them around in any pocket with ease due to their comparable dimensions and proportions.

  • No leaking liquid

People who use modern pod systems don't have to deal with the hassle of dealing with leaking liquid, which can lead to other issues like jammed vacuum switches for the automatic draw. This is a problem that plagues owners of traditional vape pens and even some regular tanks. Users of modern pod systems are spared this hassle. If they are properly loaded and sealed, the functioning cartridges have an incredibly high resistance to leakage.

  • The capacity of the battery is adequate

In the past, the maximum capacity of the batteries used in cigalikes and vape pens was often 180 mAh. Perhaps adequate for a few cannabis breaks and perhaps a few puffs while on the move, but not much more than that. Batteries used in today's pod systems have a shelf life that is far longer than in the past. Because the capacity spans from 300 to 700 mAh, you won't have to worry about running out of juice even if you vape for several hours straight.

  • All-in-one (AIO)

Each component is a flawless fit with every other component. The battery pack is not removable in any way. When you buy a kit for a pod system, you get everything you need to start vaping right away, with vapor and flavor that are reliable. 

  • No leaking

Pod systems are thought to be leak-proof since they have a closed system; this means that the liquid you use stays in the weed pen and does not spill out into your pocket by accident.

  • Automatic draw

When they first try vaping, many novices find it odd to have to press a button. Several pod systems make use of an automatic draw mechanism. This brings them physically closer to the sensation of smoking weed pen.

Disadvantages Of Pods

  • Low carrying capacity

A smaller gadget will, of course, have less space available for the liquid to occupy. Even with larger pods , the maximum capacity for liquid in cartridges of very small versions is often less than 2 milliliters. This is because extremely small cartridges are designed to fit in larger pods. A tank vaporizer typically has a capacity that is approximately double that amount. It's a smart move to keep a few pods in reserve just in case.

  • A relatively low capacity for the batteries

What gives, because we didn't specify that the battery capacity is sufficient earlier, right? Indeed! In contrast, the word outstanding was never used once throughout the whole conversation. These miniature weed pens simply aren't powerful enough to compete with a standard BoxMod, which normally has 1000 mAh. Those who enjoy using their vaporizers frequently when they are out and about may want to consider purchasing a second device or a portable charging system.

  • To put it another way, waste

In pod systems, the cartridges also serve as vaporizers; if one of these components breaks, the entire system will need to be replaced. Even if the vaporizer is still in fine working order, any empty pods need to be thrown off as soon as possible. This results in a greater amount of waste being produced in comparison to a standard manufactured coil vaporizer, in which only a small component (the vaporizer head) needs to be replaced when it becomes worn out.

What's The Distinction Between Vape Pens And Vaporizer Pods?

Vaporizers can be broken down into three basic categories: pens, pod systems, and mechanical output devices (MODS). Despite this, pod mod vapes stand out from pod vape kits crowd due to their one-of-a-kind characteristics. They are less convenient because of their size, weight, and level of intricacy. They are better suited for experienced vapers, although even among those users, many still prefer the portability and convenience of use afforded by vaporizer pens and pods.

Woman holding weed pod

They are more suited to experienced vapers. Because vape pods and vape pens share many similarities, it might be challenging for someone who is just starting to decide which one is best for them. Let's look at the similarities and differences between the two to see what makes them apart.

What Does It Mean To Have A Vaporizer Pen Or Pod?

Although there is a broad variety of designs available for vape pens, all of them have the same fundamental construction. Both a power source (battery) for heating the cartridge to create vapor and a cartridge that can store either oil or concentrates are necessary components of a vaporizer. Vape pens were initially mass-produced for the market for weed pens; but, in recent times, they have undergone re-engineering and customization so that they may be used with extracts that have a very high viscosity.

Utilizing a vape pod system involves little effort. Simply inserting the oil-filled "pod" into the battery housing unit, which can be recharged and is designed for the user to maintain, is all that is required for it to be put to use. After a "pod" has been used up, a new one can be quickly and easily inserted in its place.

In addition to being just as simple to transport and utilize as a regular vape pen, the battery may be recharged and employed multiple times. There are a lot of different kinds of pod-based vape systems, but the most typical ones are small, slick, and covert, much like a USB stick.

Where Do They Differ From One Another And How?


The operation of pod systems and vape pens is simple. It is not necessary to have primed wicks or to renew the coils. Users also won't need to worry about filling their tanks because the cartridges in closed pod systems and pens already come prefilled. Although both are easy to use, the pens have a more natural feel to them.

Because they do not require cartridges to function, vape pens can be used as soon as they are purchased, in contrast to pod systems. Because the power source will remain active until the cartridge is depleted, there is no need to monitor the remaining battery life when using disposable pens.


To reiterate, pods and pens are both viable options due to their portability. They can be put to use almost immediately and in any location, requiring no particular preparation. Both are easily transportable thanks to their handheld form and battery-powered operation.

Woman vaping disposable weed pod

One of the most optimal options in terms of productivity is to use a disposable pen. Before being used, a disposable vape pen does not need to be assembled or prepared in any way. Customers have the option of purchasing a disposable item that has previously been loaded and utilized. After they have finished using it, they toss it out and get a brand new one. Disposable vaporizers have surpassed other types of vaporizers in popularity due to their portability, making them the most popular product in this category.


The vape pod approach is the one that lasts the longest. The portability of pens is prioritized over their long-term durability throughout production. Pod systems enable you to repurpose the vaping hardware you already own by utilizing cartridges with a higher capacity that can be swapped out.

The batteries that are used in pod vaporizer systems are more powerful and may be used for a longer period of time. For instance, within the e-cigarette manufacturing apparatus, the Greentank CORE Pod System makes use of the most powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries available on the market today—400 Mah.

Greentank, along with the majority of other premium manufacturers of vape pens, employs batteries of a very high grade. This bridges the gap between pod batteries and pen batteries, however only to a limited amount. The batteries that are constructed of lithium-ion are considered to be the superior option for usage in vape pens. These batteries have a high energy density, which allows them to be charged rapidly, and they require very little maintenance, thus they can keep their charge for an exceptionally long time.

Pod Systems And Disposable Pens

Disappointment and feeling overwhelmed are two of the most common factors that contribute to an unsuccessful shift from smoking to vapor. Disposable cannabis pens, also known as cigalikes of old design, are occasionally available at gas stations or the tobacco store around the corner. Although they are simple to use, the disposable cannabis pens' inexpensive construction and very small batteries frequently fail to live up to the expectations with which they were purchased.

Selection of weed pens

The same can be said for weed pens, which are thin in the design of cannabis pens and are sold by several different manufacturers. Although these can be replenished and recharged, they do not offer very much in the way of additional functionality. On the other hand, high-quality and powerful vaporization devices, which the manufacturer claims are also suitable for beginners, are considered too complicated for the majority of people who are interested in making the switch.

People who formerly needed to do nothing more than light a small paper roll, now have to deal with wattages, resistances, and adjustable airflow, and as a result, they feel overwhelmed. Pod systems offer an ideal middle ground at this stage by merging the user-friendliness of both kinds into one convenient package.

They offer the ease of use of a cigalike in addition to a compelling vapor performance and a rechargeable battery that has a significant capacity for several hours of enjoyable vapor use. In addition, these handheld vaporizers are extremely lightweight and come in a number of colors and patterns, making it possible for anyone to choose a device that is a good fit for them.

Using Vaporizers To Quit Smoking

At first, the appeal of cannabis pens and vapes was driven by the perception that users could successfully substitute them for traditional tobacco cigarettes. There is mounting evidence to show that cannabidiol (CBD) oil may be useful in the process of kicking the habit of smoking. The usage of a vape pen that contains CBD oil is an efficient method for reducing one's exposure to the triggers that cause one to start smoking again.

As a result, the population segment that is using cannabis vaporizers at the quickest rate of growth is persons who are trying to stop the habit of smoking. People transitioning away from smoking have the option of using either pods or pens, however, pens are currently the more common option.

Vaping using a pen is becoming a substantially more prevalent practice among former smokers. Regular cigarettes are more comparable to one another in terms of size, weight, and handling, and they are employed in a manner that is quite similar to that of a vape pod.

The Bottom Line

A vape pod is somewhat larger than a vape pen and has a more rectangular form. Vape pods have gone a long way since their inception, as seen by the fact that users now have a broad range of pod forms to pick from. Despite this, their functioning is on par with or even simpler than that of a vape pen.

A vape pod is made up of two parts: a battery and a pod that can be refilled with e-juice. Because the pod has already been filled with liquid, all you need to do is connect it to the battery. The great majority of vape pods are "automatic," which means you simply need to take a puff from the pod to release the vapor. Once again, this is a fairly simple technique.

Marijuana vape pens can use disposable pods or cartridges that can be reused, or they might use refillable tanks. Simply insert the pre-filled pod into the battery housing, turn on the gadget, and inhale the vapor without making any effort or decision about the ideal liquid to use with the cannabis pen. Users using refillable pods, on the other hand, have access to a wider range of flavors and may tailor their selection based on characteristics. Furthermore, the lifespan of cartridges with replenished tanks is significantly increased.

Pod systems with replenished tanks may have fixed windings or a facility to insert fresh vaporizer heads into the device, depending on the type. Similarly to how pre-filled pods remove the need for other components like resistors, cartridges with integrated coils make it easy to replace the cartridge head without requiring as many other parts.

Pod systems are ideal since they are both lightweight and tiny. As a result, even experienced vaporizers will find them to be the best equipment to use when traveling. They are roughly the same size and weight as a standard fountain pen, allowing you to easily carry them in any pocket due to their equivalent dimensions and proportions.

People that utilize current pod systems save the inconvenience of dealing with leaking liquid, which can cause additional problems such as blocked vacuum switches for the automated draw. This is an issue that affects owners of classic vape pens as well as certain standard tanks. Users of current pod systems are not subjected to this inconvenience. When correctly filled and sealed, working cartridges have an extremely high resistance to leakage.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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