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Canndescent - Verified ☑️


Canndescent Cannabis

Founded in 2015, Canndescent is California’s leading cannabis brand house and the #1 supplier of flower pre-rolls. The company has spearheaded multiple industry firsts, including replacing traditional strain names with effects to simplify the consumer experience and implementing the first commercial-scale solar powered cultivation.

Our brand family includes Canndescent, an ultra premium product line, goodbrands, driven by our commitment to sustainability, Baker’s Cannabis Co., a high quality yet affordable product line, and JUSTICE JOINTS, the first not- for-profit brand to donate 100% of its profits to cannabis-related social justice causes.

Our mission is to cultivate transformative products and services that tune and enrich the human experience.

LICENSE NO: C11-0000420-LIC, C11-0000158-LIC, CCL19-0005317, CCL18-0003223, CCL18-0003218, CCL18-0003222, CCL18-0001338, CC18-0000056

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