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Ice Hash

A cannabis concentrate formed by sifting the trichomes of the cannabis plant in the presence of ice water. Ice hash, (commonly referred to as ice water hash, bubble hash, or wet sift) is typically dabbed, but can also be used to add potency to flower. Ice hash is a modern form of hash making, and just like traditional hash, can be crafted by hand or mechanically.

Ice Hash Cannabis Concentrate: What Is An Ice Hash? 

Ice hash, also known as water hash, bubble hash, or full-melt hash, is produced by extracting trichomes from the cannabis plant with the use of ice, water, and filter bags. Other names for this type include a full-melt hash (also known as "bubble bags"). This is an excellent alternative to utilizing harsh solvents (like butane or propane) or high temperatures to purify your flowers since it allows you to maintain the integrity of the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids included in the flowers while achieving the same result.

The ultimate product is something that almost anyone, as long as they have the right tools, is capable of producing at home, and it possesses both a great flavor and potent effects. Bubble hash is a cannabis concentrate derived from the trichomes of cannabis flowers, similar to other varieties of hash. According to science, the trichomes responsible for the production and storage of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids make cannabis so desirable.

Ice Hash

They look like a mound of tiny, golden brown particles and are extracted from cannabis blossoms using cold water and a sieve (which will be explained in more detail below). Eventually, this trichome mass is smoked and consumed as bubble hash. The bubbles it shoots out while you draw are the inspiration for its unusual name.

Cannabinoids are not water-soluble, which explains why trichomes may keep their quality while being immersed in water. If you're asking how this is even possible, the answer is that cannabinoids do not dissolve in water. The trichomes on the bloom are the only thing that is harmed by the ice, water, and shaking of the flower. 

The completed result, which is commonly referred to as Bubble Hash, was the inspiration for the moniker. Because it is composed almost entirely of trichomes and only a small amount of plant material, high-quality bubble hash that has been completely melted should really "bubble" when heated, much like the concentrates that are sold at authorized retail outlets.

Bubble Hash Compared To Kief

The majority of kief is made up of trichomes, while just a trace amount of the plant material in its original, unprocessed form is present. Kief is the term given to the fine dust that collects in the bottom chamber of a grinder that has many chambers. A mound of "pollen" was generated below the screen by rubbing cannabis over a larger scale with fine screens. The kief was previously discharged, and the mound below the screen was called "pollen."

This kief was utilized in the manufacturing of hashish, which contributed to the potency of the finished product. However, bubble hash takes this rubbing process one step further by exposing the cannabis flowers to water and ice cubes in order to separate the trichomes from the residue further. This is done in order to produce a cleaner product. 

To summarize, kief is a kind of hash that is more unrefined than Bubble Hash.

What Is The Difference Between Sifting With Dry Ice And Making Bubble Hash?

Dry ice sifts very similar to bubble hash, with the primary distinction being that bubble hash makes use of freezing water to separate the trichomes from the plant material. Sifting is one of the processes in which dry ice is utilized. Shaking frozen flowers with dry ice enables the trichomes to fall off of the blossoms and through the screen, which allows the trichomes to be collected.

Last but not least, when it comes to extracting resin from flowers, sifting flowers with dry ice is substantially more successful than using bubble hash; nevertheless, this efficacy may come at a cost. It is generally agreed upon that the effects of bubble hash are far more potent than those of dry ice sift. The use of cold water in the extraction process can be a more delicate method, one that leaves behind fewer plant detritus while maintaining the integrity of the trichomes.

On the other hand, water requires a significant amount of drying work to be done. There are positive aspects of consuming cannabis with dry ice. There is no need to provide time for drying in between harvesting and collecting trichomes. Getting things done in this manner is, in general, going to be a lot quicker and easier.

In addition, the use of dry ice in the sifting process often results in a bigger yield. Despite this, the end product will contain a significantly higher percentage of plant matter. Dry ice has the ability to rip open the trichomes, which will result in a product with a lesser quality overall.

Advantages Of Ice Hash

Hash Within Reach

Hash is quite popular among customers. However, its availability to them may differ from location to region. To those who are interested, Bubble Hash now makes it possible to generate their hash at home, giving them access to a potent product that can be smoked on its own or combined with other types of smoking devices.

Free Of Dangerous Solvents

A significant advantage of the bubble hash process is that it does not involve using solvents. Due to the fact that trichomes are insoluble in water, you cannot conclude that water is, in fact, a legitimate solvent in this scenario. You won't have to worry about explosive solvent residues or butane exposure as you would if you attempted to manufacture butane hash oil (BHO) or any solvent-based concentrate.

Instead, you may make concentrates without the use of butane. A further advantage of bubble hash is that players with varying degrees of expertise may enjoy it. You can create your hash with only a little skill if you have the right tools.

A Fantastic Way To Reuse Leftover Cuts

Although flowers are ideal for generating bubble hash, cuttings, and sugar leaves, both of which are often discarded, they are abundant in trichomes and can be utilized as suitable substitutes. After everything has been whittled down to its most essential components, the finished product retains a significant amount of its original power.


In contrast to the production of edibles or some kinds of cannabis concentrates, the method of making bubble hash does not generate any perceptible odor. Therefore it can be manufactured in a manner that is not easily detectable. As opposed to dry screen hash, which retains a fair amount of plant matter, bubble hash is so refined that only trichomes are left.

Cannabis Trichomes

Bubble Hash is typically more powerful than Dry Sift Hash since it includes less plant material, yet it smokes a little more like an ordinary flower. Trichomes are more likely to detach from the plant in frigid conditions fully. As a result, the trichome content of bubble hash is higher than that of dry-sifted cannabis of the same weight.

Disadvantages Of Ice Hash

The only things you need to make dry sieve hash are cannabis, a grinder, and your hands, which is a significant disadvantage compared to bubble hash. A simple screen setup may be needed on a grander scale. On the other hand, the necessary hardware for bubble hash might add up to several hundred dollars.

A large quantity of kief may be produced from a sufficient amount of grass in as little as two hours. The method of making bubble hash, on the other hand, is more time-consuming, and the finished result may take several days to dry. Kief and Dry Sift Hash are easy enough to create that just about anyone can do. Creating bubble hash is similarly straightforward but with a steeper learning curve.

How To Consume Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash can be smoked, vaped, or consumed in other ways. This component can be utilized in producing a wide range of products, including lotions, potions, and drinks. Vaping cannabis is highly recommended since it makes the tastiest extract possible without using any solvents.

However, this is not achievable unless you are utilizing a concentrate vaporizer of really top quality. When consumed in this manner, the medical benefits of the hash are maintained, and the sensation of consuming it is cleaner and more wholesome than when it is smoked.

Smoking Bubble Hash

Inhaling bubble hash by dabbing is the most effective method currently available. This method avoids the use of open flames by heating the concentrate rather than combusting it. This allows the flavor and scent of the hash to develop fully in your system, allowing you to appreciate both fully. You'll need a hot nail, a hot pan, and a heated bong or bubbler.

Many people, particularly those hooked to nicotine, enjoy smoking ice hash joints even though doing so is detrimental to their health. The joint is made from the crushed resin that is used. If, on the other hand, you have any pressed hash, take a small portion of it, wrap it into a thin strip, and place it next to the joint.

Eating Bubble Hash

Not only are bubble hash brownies incredibly popular in the United States, but so are a variety of other baked delicacies that use this one-of-a-kind flavor. Make some potent alcoholic drinks with it by using it as a mixer.

In this particular circumstance, however, the Bubble Hash must first undergo the decarboxylation process before the THC may become active.

Impact Of Bubble Hash

A highly concentrated type of cannabis that does not call for the use of any solvent is known as bubble hash, and it is comparable to the product known as live rosin. As soon as it is smoked, both the physiological and psychological impacts of this substance become quickly obvious.

Pre-roll joint

Tokers who do not have much experience should steer clear of Bubble Hash since it can sometimes contain more than 75% THC. When ingested, cannabis may have a wide variety of effects, all of which depend on the specific strain used.

Bubble Hash's Productivity

Compared to other ways of extracting cannabis, such as BHO or Rosin, which both generate yields of more than 20%, the Ice hash does not create an outcome nearly as high as its competitors. Bubble hash with a THC level of 12-15% is possible to produce if the same cannabis is filtered many times.

Extracts obtained manually often have a lower yield than those acquired via the use of procedures that include solvents; nevertheless, these extracts do not require any further purification processes and are, therefore, safer.

Preparing Fresh Bubble Hash Bags For Use

Before cleaning the bags, it is possible to use the resin left in the perforations by placing the bags in the freezer for three to four hours. After the allotted time has elapsed, take the bags out of the freezer and give them a light shake while placing them on a level surface. This will release the trichomes.

The ease with which this material may be kept in good condition is among its many positive attributes. After that, you may place the bags in hot water, and in a short time, they will be as good as new. You might also speed up the process by giving them a little massage with your hands. This could be pretty beneficial.

There is also the possibility of using ethyl alcohol or ethanol to soak the bags. This is an additional alternative. The liquid removes the resin, and the nets are completely clean. Once the alcohol has been removed, the only thing left is the resin. If you do things this way, you won't need to freeze the bags since the alcohol will remove the trichomes from the plant for you.

Using A Bubbleator To Produce Ice Hash

The Bubbleator, designed to look like a washing machine, spins water, ice, and grass to assist in separating the crystals (trichomes) from the plant matter.

This ice hash crystal extractor is offered in various sizes, the 20 and 50-liter variants being the most frequent ones to choose from. The United States of America also has had access, for some time now, to industrial gear that is capable of producing bubble hash in higher quantities for a more extended period.

Equipment Required For Preparing Ice Hash

After securing the bags by folding the corners of a tall bucket over, one may fill the bucket with water, ice, and grass. If you are not utilizing a Bubbleator, you will want a second huge bucket to stir the water, ice, and grass.

In addition to the net, you will need a spoon, card, or some other instrument for scooping resin out of the container. In addition to the thermometer, typically already included in the extraction kit, you will need some bottles of cold water, cannabis in fresh or dried form, and instructions.

How Can One Use A Bubbleator To Create Ice Hash?

To get started, connect the device to a power source by plugging it into an electrical outlet. To bring the water temperature to around 4 degrees Celsius, fill it up to a little more than halfway, add a bag of ice cubes, and then wait.

Ice Hash ice cubes

While you wait for the machine to reach the ideal temperature, you should put the plant material in the bag shaped like a pyramid and then make sure it is well sealed. After that, power up the Bubbleator and leave it spinning for at least a quarter of an hour. Now is the time to assemble the bags of sieve into the bucket.

Using A Washing Machine And Ice To Create Bubble Hash

After ten to fifteen minutes, filtration of the water hash is necessary. At this point, the bags can be removed from the bucket. Position the bucket, so it is beneath the Bubbleator, and any excess water will drain out. Every last drop of water must be strained through the sieve bags and collected in the bucket underneath them. To collect the resin, bags are often employed.

After the water has been drained, carefully take each bag from the pail where it was stored. However, before you do so, you should take the water bottles and carefully pour some water into each bag. This will allow the resin to build up and be removed from the bags more easily, and the water will also help clean things up a little.

The amount of resin contained in the filter bags will vary depending on the size of the bags. Generally, the bags that measure 73 meters, 90 meters, and 120 meters are of superior quality. This is because different cannabis strains produce trichomes of variable sizes. Make sure to use the card or spoon to carefully remove the trichomes from the bags, then place them on the drying cloth (which functions as a type of net) included in the box.

The Process Of Drying The Bubble Hash

Before resin can properly dry, it must first be broken up into tiny bits, and then the trichomes must be worked loose. A sieve is an ideal tool for doing this task. After the trichomes have been carefully filtered through the sieve so that the resin falls onto the paper, place a cardboard box on top of it and cover it with baking paper.

After that, the resin extracted has to be cured in a cold, dark environment with a relative humidity of no more than forty percent. After 15 days, the extract will be dried and ready for use. There is a specialist freeze-dryer available to dry Ice hash, which sybarites, as well as commercial farmers, utilize. 

Getting Rid Of All The Air Bubbles In The Hash

After drying, the hash is ready for ingestion, but, much like other methods of resin extraction, it is at its most effective after going through a curing phase first. The ideal way for curing water hash is to store it somewhere cool and dark, in an airtight container, away from any sources of heat or humidity, and to crack the lid of the container occasionally.

Drying Bubble Hash Without A Freeze Dryer: Possible Alternatives

Don't stress out if you don't have a freeze drier and don't know how to dry bubble hash. We'll go through some of the best ways to dry your Bubble Hash. In this technique, you may dry the bubble without using a dryer.

The Cold Room Method

This method improves traditional air drying practices since we aim for an environment of roughly 40 degrees Fahrenheit rather than a lower room temperature. Hash ice cubes might be dried on parchment sheets in a cool environment.

When heated, terpenes and cannabinoids degrade quickly, but this process is slowed down at cooler temperatures. This necessitates the implementation of a humidity control system, an activity that is greatly aided by automation. Due to the difficulties associated with maintaining a constant indoor temperature in buildings with limited thermal conductivity, this layout may be better suited for industrial applications.

One way to take advantage of cold room drying is to use a wine freezer. Wine freezers take up very little room and allow us to dry bubble hash to the right consistency.

Method Of Using Air To Dry

After a quick application, the hash is evenly dispersed around the deck's expanded surface, facilitating the free flow of air and the rapid evaporation and dissipation of any precipitation that may fall on the deck. Working in a comfortable environment with high-quality tools is a huge plus. After removing the hash from the bubble wrap, the bulk of it should be refrigerated in the fridge on a slippery pad or baking paper.

Ice Hash refrigerator

The Microplane or filter should be stored in the refrigerator as well. The hash has to be held in the fridge for at least half a day. Get the pizza box or carton ready while the wet hash cools. To scrape the bottom of the box, you should cut strips of baking paper large enough. You may now take your hash out of the fridge.

With as little effort as possible, pass each clump of hash through the Microplane sieve or colander for one minute. The objective is to create a texture as close to dust as possible, increasing the hash's contact area. The information would be aggregated into clusters for simpler administration. The bowl-shaped sieves used in the kitchen and dining room may also be used to dry freshly smoked hashish. When compared to, for instance, a Microplane, it is gentler on tender rhizome tips.

Use the pressure of your hands to break up the ice hash into smaller pieces, and then brush it through the filter in quick, back-and-forth motions. Just keep everything as calm as you can! A teaspoon can be used to break up the hash cluster and identify specific rhizomes as often as possible by pressing the frozen bits on the screen mesh.

Place the plastic-wrapped pizza box in the fridge or freezer. This increases the contact area, so the water evaporates as quickly and thoroughly as possible. It also allows a damp hash to be dried in the dryer box. Temperatures of around 55 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity around 35 percent are recommended. Drying time for hash can range from 2-10 days.

You should be able to squeeze the soup between your fingers and have nothing but a dry, sandy texture and no trace of liquid remaining. Hash should not be too dry or too wet; oiliness is OK. Vacuum drying is an excellent alternative to freeze drying when preserving bubble hash. Some may even be washed in the machine, teaching you how to eliminate mold growth in your washing machine.

What Is Hash Or Hashish?

A type of hash that is manufactured from hashish, which is a concentrated form of cannabis resin, is referred to as a hash. Because it is made by removing the psychoactive trichome heads from the cannabis plant, hash is far more potent per gram than ordinary cannabis. The percentage of THC found in cannabis plants ranges typically from 20% to 60%. However, this number can be much higher or lower depending on the chemical composition of the parent plant. Although it may also be evaporated or consumed, the most common consumption method is smoking it in a pipe.

What Is The Distinction Between Hash And Kief?

The resinous heads of trichomes, more often referred to as kief, are ground into a fine powder to produce hash. Kief is a phrase that refers to the trichome heads that fall off of cannabis flowers after they have been harvested. When the resin is separated from the bloom, it transforms into a sticky, golden-brown powder often gathered in grinders.

Cannabis Cookies

Hash and kief can each be smoked, evaporated, or made into edible forms by combining these three processes. Depending on your preference, a hash may be smoked out of a bowl with or without a flower. Kief is frequently sprinkled on top of ground flowers to boost the psychoactive effects of a smoking session.

Instructions On How To Make Hash

Producing hash may be done in several different ways, both manually and with machines. It is possible to do using hands in various simple methods, such as rolling cannabis resin into circular charas or using devices to press kief together tightly. There are also automated ways of doing this. The process of dry sieving includes vibrating cannabis flower after it has been cut through a series of screens meant to remove trichome heads from other plant materials.

Hashish that has been compressed is the product of pressing the loose substance. Before creating a hash, it is helpful to place cannabis flowers in a container of ice water to remove the trichome glands on the flowers more readily. You may also manufacture hash by using cold water and several bags. This method is also an option. Depending on who you ask, you can hear this variety of hash referred to as ice hash, bubble hash, or ice water hash.

What Is The Difference Between Hemp, Cannabis, Hashish, And Marijuana?

Cannabis, the Latin term for marijuana, is where we derive our word "hemp." In many countries, the word cannabis is often and interchangeably used to refer to hemp plants and products derived from the cannabis plant that contains THC. This is unfortunate.

Marijuana and grass are slang terms for the dried blooms of the female hemp plant. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are stored in glandular hairs found in this plant's flowers. These hairs are called "resin." The color of marijuana can range from green to brown to even white or a bluish-purple depending on its quality, its place of origin, the production process, and the degree of drying it has undergone.

Hashish is the "resin" that is extracted from the hemp plant after it has been harvested and typically crushed. Depending on the material used and the procedure used to make it, its color can range anywhere from a light gray-brown to a pitch-black hue. In addition to the flowers, another source of the substance is found on the plant's sticky leaves.


Hashish can lead to psychoactive effects, but it also has potential medical applications. Hash is frequently utilized in the production of baked items, including "space cookies," "space brownies," and "space cakes." The delivery method might be anything from a vape to a bong to a little pipe.

Hashish, often known as resin, is more potent cannabis than marijuana. In contrast, the effect of consuming hashish in a cookie, for example, is more intense and lasts for a more extended period, but it does not take effect until later. When compared to the effects of taking medicine orally, smoking a cigarette causes them to become apparent in a matter of minutes.

Still, they take around an hour to appear after oral administration (depending on how full the stomach is). This increases the risk of overdose far higher than when it is breathed. The hallmark indicators of anxiety include palpitations of the heart and feelings of terror.

Different Types Of Hashish

There is a wide variety of hashish available, and each type has a flavor, consistency, and look that is unique from the others. Not only does the plant or batch from which the hashish was taken have a role in determining how much of the active chemicals it has, but also the hashish's original grade and any extender used. Typical extenders include gum, damiana (a plant species belonging to the saffron mallow group), henna, ice wax, sand, and animal fat. Gum is also an option.

The origin of hashish may frequently be inferred based on the substance's color. This is due, in part, to the wide variety of cannabis strains that are deployed, and in part, to the wide variety of growing and harvesting techniques that are applied. In general, the following are the three varieties of hashish that are considered to be the most important. Morocco, Afghanistan, and Lebanon contribute to the hashish supply.

Morocco is the source of hashish, which may range in hue from light green to dark brown, and is a significant import product in the markets of central Europe (formerly known as "Green Turk"). It is ready for use once picked, dried, and sieved three times after each step. This is how to generate all of the different degrees of quality.

If you stumble across black hashish, it is possible that it was produced in Afghanistan, India, Nepal, or one of the other countries in Central or South Asia. The light resin was kneaded and compacted, which caused the resin glands to burst open, giving the material its dark hue.

There is a widespread belief that red hashish can only be produced in Lebanon due to the low lighting conditions in that nation. This is a popular myth. We keep our fingers crossed that the cannabis plants in the field will reach their full potential as we wait for the resin glands to change color from yellow to red. The plants are trimmed and placed in boxes after being tapped. Fully grown resin glands can be broken off and compacted into pucks to be used in the future.

What Are The Steps In Creating Hashish?

Hashish may be made using a wide range of processes, much like many other compounds. Or even how to produce it on your own if that's more up your alley.

Sieving For Hashish

Hash bags are simply a series of bags placed on each other and topped with a sieve, widely used for this purpose. Hash bags are commonly used for this reason. The sieve in the top bag is the biggest of the three, while the one in the bottom bag has the smallest openings.

Live Resin

You may get rid of the resin by passing it through a filter that is composed of cold water. Kneading everything together and waiting for it to dry is all left to do at this point. After passing through the sieve, the hash is now ready for usage.

Cultivating Hashish By Hand

This is another method that may be utilized in the production of hashish; however, it is not nearly as common as the others. You may remove the flowers from female plants that are still alive by rubbing them off with your hands. This separates the bud from the glands that produce resin, also known as trichomes. Sticking them to the palms of the hands and then scraping them off is the method used to remove them from the hands.

Hasher Of Hands

Another way of producing hashish is using the "hand-rolled" technique. There is no requirement for hand grinding in this context. This is referred to as "kief" in street slang. Hashish is a good comparison for this substance, except for its powdered form. Both of these structures are generated by trichomes.

Shaking dried flowers by hand is the traditional method for hashish manufacturers to remove trichomes. In addition, some grinders come with a little sieve that may be used to collect kief during the grinding process. Hashish is created from kief by the process of rigorous pressing.

The Bottom Line

Ice hash is made by extracting trichomes from the cannabis plant using ice, water, and filter bags. It is also known as water hash, bubble hash, Ice hash, or full-melt hash. Full-melt hash is another name for this sort of hash (also known as "bubble bags"). This is an excellent alternative to using harsh solvents (like butane or propane) or high temperatures to purify your flowers since it allows you to keep the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids in the flowers while obtaining the same outcome.

Dry ice is used in a variety of procedures, including sifting. The fundamental difference between dry ice sift and bubble hash is that bubble hash uses freezing water to separate the trichomes from the plant material. Shaking frozen flowers with dry ice causes the trichomes to fall off the petals and through the screen, allowing them to be collected.

The fact that no solvents are used in the bubble hash process is a significant benefit. Because trichomes are insoluble in water, you cannot conclude that water is a suitable solvent in this circumstance. You won't have to be concerned about explosive solvent residues or butane exposure, as you would if you tried to make butane hash oil (BHO) or any other solvent-based concentrate. Instead, you may create concentrates without using butane. Another benefit of bubble hash is that players of varying levels of competence may enjoy it. You can make your hash making with little effort if you have the correct equipment.

Bubble Hash can be smoked, vaped, or otherwise ingested. This component may make various goods, including lotions, potions, and beverages. Vaping cannabis is highly recommended since it yields the most flavorful extract without needing solvents. However, this is impossible unless you use a high-quality concentrate vaporizer. The medicinal advantages of hash are preserved when ingested in this method, and the feeling of taking it is cleaner and more wholesome than when smoked.

Dabbing to inhale bubble hash is the most effective method currently available. The concentrate is not combusted in this method but rather heated without being exposed to open flames. This allows the hash's flavor and fragrance to fully develop in your system, allowing you to experience both. A hot nail, a hot pan, and a heated bong or bubbler are required.

Combining these three procedures, hash and kief can be smoked, evaporated, or transformed into edible forms. Depending on your preferences, a hash can be smoked out of a bowl with or without a flower. Kief is sometimes sprinkled on top of the ground flower to enhance the euphoric effects of smoking.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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