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Infused Flower

Infused cannabis flower is a form of cannabis that has been processed with a solvent to extract the cannabinoids. The solvent is then evaporated, leaving behind a concentrated form of the plant's cannabinoids.

Infused flower is the final product of cannabis extraction. The flower is infused with cannabis oils and other natural ingredients to create a product that can be smoked or eaten.

The infused cannabis flower is a relatively new innovation in the industry, which has been popularized by brands such as Dosist and Korova Edibles. The popularity of this type of cannabis flower has been growing steadily in recent years, with more and more dispensaries stocking it on their shelves.

Infused cannabis flower is a product that is made by adding THC or CBD oil to dried marijuana flowers. This can be done through the use of a vaporizer, which heats the oils and releases them as an aromatic mist into the air, or through the use of an oil rig, which heats up the oils and then allows them to run down into a water pipe. The effects of this type of smoking are different than those of traditional smoking because it takes longer for these effects to be felt due to how much longer it takes for cannabinoids like THC and CBD to bind with receptors in your body.

The most common form of infused cannabis flower on the market today are pre-rolled joints. 

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