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he stores are so well styled and expertly stocked with a wide variety of products.
"It's always a treat to have the STIIIZY experience in DTLA, whether it be slowly perusing the beautiful leaves of all that pot, strolling through our art installation or soaking up all the vibes at one of our local yoga events."
The experience I had was one of a kind and every visit has been extremely different in terms of inventory, layout, and design. I am a big fan of STIIIZY because it feels like you are shopping at your friend's house and not at a traditional retail shop.
"This was a great experience and the staff were super knowledgeable. I'm so glad I've found this place! I'm already on my third time visit- and it'll be the next one too!"
"This place is a hidden gem in DTLA, I really didn't know it was there and I love how the staff is so friendly."
"If you are looking for a place to find and purchase quality marijuana, STIIIZY | DTLA is your stop. I was very impressed with their dispensary. The environment they have created is very much like an art gallery."
"I love the STIIIZY | DTLA dispensary and all their amazing products. My favorite is their Twilight Bud, a sativa from Colorado that has a fruity, tropical California twist. The flower also tastes great and won't leave you feeling sleepy in the face of any task."
"The service was excellent, knowledgeable, and quick. It was easy to go in, talk about what kind of strains I like, and pick up flowers for my friends."
"STIIIZY is the most creative dispensary I have ever been to. The entire building is an art gallery like experience and it's so much fun to be able to see the cannabis plant growing from a window in the dispensary. They also offer some of the best cannabis products that I've seen. From their hand-crafted oils, dried flowers, and edibles, there was something for everyone."
"I tried to find a place to buy cannabis in Los Angeles. I found STIIIZY | DTLA and I was able to walk through their grow house. It was amazing and I had the best experience purchasing weed from them."

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