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STIIIZY is truly a retail experience not just a store. There are so many things to explore and learn about, which is why it's more like an interactive museum than a place to buy cannabis products. The experience is worth the visit.
"SF dispensaries never included a gallery in the experience, which made me lose interest in using them. At STIIIZY, I can go see firsthand where my medicine comes from and see how CBD products are grown. And aside from CO-OPs, there's no other dispensary that can say they have this much THC!"
I'm hooked!
"I enjoyed wandering the beautiful dispensary while relaxing in the comfy couches with other individuals from all walks of life."
Stiiizy is the best cannabis store in LA. The most professional staff and legendary quality.
"The experience of being in a gallery was really fun and unique. I would definitely recommend coming here if you are looking for somewhere to spend some time with friends."
"This dispensary is probably one of the coolest I have ever seen! The art gallery-like experience was so fun. I tried some samples and they were beyond amazing. The shop has a great vibe and a lot of cool stuff."
"The service was excellent, knowledgeable, and quick. It was easy to go in, talk about what kind of strains I like, and pick up flowers for my friends."
I don't know what I would do without my STIIIZY store. They always have the best quality of cannabis, and their staff is really knowledgeable about which strains work best for me. Shout out to my girl Sally, she's the best!
I visited STIIIZY a few months ago and I was blown away by the level of detail that went into each store. Each location has its own unique feel, from an older, 70s vibe to a modern, clean-cut look.

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