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Triangle Mintz - Curated Live Resin

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Cannabis Type: Indica, Effects: Sleepy, Hungry, Happy, Flavor: Pine, Mint, Earthy
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Triangle Mintz - Curated Live Resin
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Our Curated Live Resin captures the true essence of the plant in extract form. The whole plant is cut and harvested then immediately flash frozen, preserving the full spectrum of cannabinoids and flavor. This process delivers the pinnacle of potency, flavor and consistency.


Cannabis Type:
  • Indica
  • Happy
  • Hungry
  • Sleepy
  • Earthy
  • Mint
  • Pine


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Brands: Dablogic, Cannabis Type: Indica, Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Energetic, Flavor: Cream

Hazelnut Cream by Dablogic - A Colorado award winning Brand is 1 gram of potent and smooth live rosin. Testing at 69.13% THC, with a Terpene profile of 5.26% this rosin is the ideal hit to end a long day. In small doses, this strain produces mood-boosting effects that are happy, energetic and long-lasting. In larger doses, you may find yourself locked to the sofa. Enjoy responsibly!

Cannabis Type: Indica
Effects: Energetic, Happy, Relaxed
Flavor: Cream
Weight: 1 g
69.13% THC
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Discover the purity of 710 Labs Live Rosin, a premium product crafted from a solventless press of our Whole Plant Fresh Frozen Water Hash. Cultivated with utmost care, our cannabis plants offer rich, unaltered flavors and potent effects. With every dab, you're treated to a vibrant terpene profile and a powerful cannabinoid spectrum. It's not just rosin, but a journey through nature's intricacies. Dive in, experience unmatched quality, and let the authentic essence of cannabis captivate your senses.

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Our Live Resin Diamonds are curated specifically for usability, you will find right-sized diamond crystals suspended in our terpene packed sauce. Some Cannabis strains lend themselves particularly well to diamond creation, like they were intended for it. We let Mother Nature tell us which strains and batches are best suited for our Live Resin Diamonds. ACAI BERRY / SATIVA · Taste:  Tropical, Sweet, Citrus · Feeling:  Creative, Happy, Uplifting · Description:  Acai Berry provides a full-flavored smoke with tropical sweet undertones, a carefree high that won’t take you too deep.
Cannabis Type: Sativa
Effects: Uplifted, Relaxed, Happy
Flavor: Tropical, Citrus, Sweet
Acai Kush Live Resin Badder is a unique 50/50 hybrid extract. While the flower's lineage remains a bit cloudy, its concentrates are nothing short of breathtaking! The badder enjoys a combination of aroma, aesthetics, and potency. It's nose is sweet and fruity with a nice kushy finish. A creatively relaxing extract, this calming hybrid mix is a HIGHly enjoyable, multipurpose dab that works morning, noon, and night.