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Golden Goat

Golden Goat strain

Golden Goat is a Sativa-dominant hybrid known for its sweet, earthy flavor and uplifting effects. It is an excellent choice for those who want to stay productive and focused while smoking. It is most commonly known for its sweet tropical aroma and vibrant colors. For those who use this strain recreationally, they have described the Golden Goats's effects as uplifting and mildly psychedelic. Consumers are also able to perceive auditory and visual stimuli more clearly. While experienced cannabis users might find this pleasant, it could be unsettling for new consumers.

Golden Goat is a creeper strain because Sativa effects typically take much time to kick in. However, once they do, users will feel more uplifted and energized. If anyone chooses to consume the Golden Goat, wait patiently for the effects to happen instead of trying to force them by overindulging in this particular strain. Taking this strain without a prescription may result in adverse reactions.

This strain is a combination of two strains that allows for a perfect balance of Sativa and Indica effects in the Golden Goat. As the Sativa effects fade with time, the relaxing and calm Indica effects emerge more strongly. This strain is generally associated with peace rather than drowsiness. Users should not feel any unpleasant couchlock effects as long as they don't overdo it on the Golden Goat.


Golden Goat is a hybrid strain with a majority of Sativa genetics. The Hawaiian/Romulan plant fertilized with a female Island Sweet Skunk plant in Topeka, Kansas, an area previously unknown for cannabis cultivation to produce this hybrid strain. Thus, Golden Goat was created as a result of this crossbreeding.

A cross accident in which two strains with varying levels of THC were combined to create a strain with colorful blooms and high trichome production has come to be known as the Golden Goat. The effects of this nice fluke are soothing and well-balanced with a strong high. The Golden Goat has 1% CBD in its genes, and an average THC concentration ranges from 16 to 23% at a solid 20% average.


This Sativa-dominant hybrid's landrace ancestors originate from Hawaiian, North America, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico. Due to its landrace heritage, this hybrid feels natural and real. Probably due to its Sativa-dominant hybrid high. Do not be afraid of a landrace if users are unsure! Understanding the lineage of every strain is fascinating too. Golden Goat is a renowned strain in its ancestry from all over the world. An error was made in a Topeka, Kansas grow house when a male Hawaiian-Romulan accidentally crossed-pollinated Mr. Dank's Island, Sweet Skunk. Let's look at all three of the major players in Golden Goat's lineage to understand all of its goodness:

  • Hawaiian – Sativa-dominant hybrids are excellent for days of inspiration, thanks to their relaxing effects. A subtly sweet tropical fruit flavor inspires creativity but not much focus.
  • Romulan – Taking its name from Star Trek aliens, this strain exhibits qualities of both Sativa and Indica. It produces deep relaxation and a feeling of intoxicating calmness.
  • Island Sweet Skunk – Sativa effects are characteristic of the original mother of the Golden Goat. The tropical fruit flavor is dominated by grapefruit notes that delight the palate. CBD reduces muscle pain and provides a soothing mind and Sativa energy.

Flavors, Aroma, and Appearance


The Golden Goat strain's Sativa smoke has a fruity-sweet taste. The deep Hawaiian roots are unveiled in the fresh tropical earthy flavor, which strongly resembles its distinct parentage. Users' tongues will remain sweet and citrusy long after smoking this strain.


The Golden Goat strain is an aromatic phenomenon. The dank citrus fragrance immediately fills the room with a sweetness that will tantalize your senses. This Sativa has prominent undertones of earth and lemon, which makes it both unique and delicious.


If people are familiar with different types of cannabis, then they know that the Golden Goat is related to Hawaiian Sativa. They can tell this after seeing the light green and pink colors, which are both vibrant and have an almost neon appearance. Another way to identify this type of plant is the frosty coating of rich trichomes covering the surface. These THC crystals shimmer in the light, making them stand out.


Positive Effects

The Golden Goat strain is a fantastic Sativa that will give people an all-encompassing, full-bodied experience. They will feel incredibly happy and sniff out its overwhelming euphoria, which might make them laugh uncontrollably for no reason whatsoever.

Golden Goat weed strainMany people have referred to the Golden Goat's maintenance as one of the happiest highs of their lives. This data creates a great equilibrium between a carefree head high and an enjoyable body high. It will leave them contentedly unwinding while still having enough energy to be active if necessary.

Users will bounce out of their seats with a distinct cranial and head-to-toe body buzz this strain provides. The Golden Goat strain allows people to do everything they want while floating mindfully with lightness and a sense of calm.

Potential Negative Effects

Dry mouth and dehydration are the most frequently reported side effects of the Golden Goat strain. The situation can be easily remedied by planning and preparing ahead. Drinking a lot of water may prevent dehydration and dry mouth.

The Golden Goat strain can help alleviate discomfort and next-day grogginess caused by smoking pot. Some people who consume the Golden Goat report heightened paranoia and dizziness, especially if they overindulge in this strain. A very small percentage of Golden Goat users report feeling more anxious after consuming it.

Medical Benefits

Doctors specializing in medical marijuana can't prescribe particular strains to their patients. On the other hand, the Golden Goat would be one of their most commonly prescribed varieties. It is believed that this marijuana strain has a variety of therapeutic applications based on anecdotes.

Some people say that the Golden Goat is useful in providing temporary relief from depression. This strain's uplifting effect can improve moods. People suffering from stress may be able to relax with the help of Golden Goat's relaxing effects.

When consumers use this strain, they will feel energized and refreshed. Because of this, it might be good for those dealing with chronic fatigue or insomnia and trying to find a more natural way to recharge. Even though the invigorating effects don't last very long, many say that the Golden Goat has moderate pain-relieving properties. The method used to relieve chronic pain, migraines, and joint pain with this strain may be temporarily effective.

Botanical Features

Golden Goat has dense and medium-sized buds with a solid Indica appearance despite being Sativa dominant hybrid. The leaves on this plant are bright green with hints of pink or red, depending on the phenotype.

As the plant’s vegetative state has been unusually cold, pigments called anthocyanins have been activated, resulting in these different hues. The cured buds of the Golden Goat have golden hues due to their amber-colored trichomes. These sticky buds will leave a residue when handled when grown and cured properly. The Golden Goat strain also has strong bag appeal due to its complex scent. Fruity and tropical are the initial impressions often associated with Hawaiian landraces such as Mango.

A sour undertone complements a citrus scent, probably caused by the Island Sweet Skunk parent strain. Burning buds may leave a spicy fragrance. Smoke from this mixture stings the eyes and tickles the throat, causing coughing in users. Some people say that the Golden Goat strain's scent and taste are unpleasant because of its opposing flavors. There is a rumor that the creators named this Golden Goat strain because goats eat anything. They do not bother about the taste. People trying to be stealthy about smoking should consider the Golden Goat, as this strain smells very strongly.

THC and CBD Content

The Golden Goat strain samples have a THC concentration of approximately 20 percent, according to the highest reported THC content discovered in the Golden Goat marijuana strain. The typical range for most Golden Goat strains is 16 to 20 percent THC. A bottle of the Golden Goat will contain around 19.5% THC on average.

The Golden Goat strain usually has a very low CBD concentration. The plant commonly has a CBD percentage of 1% or less. The highest amount of CBD found in any sample was only 1%.

How To Grow This Strain

A reputable cultivator should be able to provide a clone-only cut of Golden Goat since packaged seeds are not available. The grower will need clippings from a mature female plant to cultivate this strain. Experienced Golden Goat growers consider this variety difficult to grow. It is possible to grow this plant both indoors and outdoors. Most people feel it is better suited to outdoor growing because the Golden Goat plant can grow up to 78 inches tall. Make sure growers have an adequate indoor growing room available if they have no area outdoors to grow this plant.

Golden Goat cannabis strainAnother selling feature of the Golden Goat is that it thrives best in temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Maintain the same conditions if people are growing this plant indoors. They should monitor the humidity level of the growth room when growing this plant. Growers of the Golden Goat claim that allowing the roots enough space to develop and thrive is critical. They also claim that the plant is densely branched and requires frequent trimming.

The good news is that the Golden Goat plants are resistant to disease and require only modest feeding. These plants tend to blossom in 9-10 weeks, with late October being a suitable month for outdoor harvesting. Growing dry herbs outdoors can result in about 14 ounces of harvest per plant if the crop is successful. An indoor grower can expect a return of approximately 16 ounces per square meter.

Flowering Time

Indoor Growing

The Golden Goat strain gives off a pungent, dank smell that can often be reminiscent of diesel. Be prepared for the scent to take over growing space! This strain has an average yield of 16 ounces per square meter and takes 9-11 weeks to fully mature.

Outdoor Growing

The Golden Goat is the best strain when given a controlled amount of fertilizer and placed in warm, sunny outdoor environments. People can get a yield of around 14 ounces per plant outdoors, with harvest time sometime in late October.

Tips to Grow

The Golden Goat is a tropical plant, so it prefers warm climates. Plants need extra warmth if people are living in colder weather. Growth lights are best to grow this strain indoors. The Golden Goat also requires a lot of sunlight. So make sure to place the plants in an area where they will get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. It is a relatively easy plant to grow, but it is important to give it the attention when it needs. Users can enjoy a bountiful harvest of Golden Goat in no time with little care.

Strain Uses

The Golden Goat strain is a hybrid of the Island Sweet Skunk and Hawaiian strains. The Sativa-dominant hybrid plant produces light green buds with orange hairs. The effects of this strain are cerebral, uplifting, and creative. It is a good strain for pain relief and helps with nausea. 

The strain has a sweet and sour citrus flavor with hints of pineapple. It is not a particularly easy strain to grow and requires some experience. However, the yield can be high if the plant is grown properly.

There are many ways to enjoy the Golden Goat strain. When smoked, this strain can provide a cerebral and uplifting high. Golden Goat is also great for making edibles. When used in cooking, this strain can produce a very nice and relaxing body high. This strain is effective in treating anxiety, stress, and depression.

It is also a great strain on socializing and can help people to feel more talkative and outgoing. Whether users are looking for a cerebral or body-high, this strain is sure to please.

Where To Buy

California dispensaries usually charge around $50 for an eighth of boutique strains. The strain is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum, even if it isn't necessarily the very top of the range. Almost everywhere in Colorado, traces of this strain are visible as false gold.

The Bottom Line

Golden Goat is a beautiful and potent strain. Its alluring, vibrant appearance catches users' eye, but its effects are even better. If consumers are looking for a hybrid strain that will give them an initial uplifting feeling followed by relaxation without any Sedative qualities, the Golden Goat is perfect! The only disadvantage is that it is not for everyone. Those who are new to cannabis should be particularly mindful about the strain’s psychedelic effects.

This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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