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Dispensary Curbside pickup only
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City Compassionate Caregivers CCC
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They make me feel like family.
I am so grateful for the services from City Compassionate Caregivers
City Compassionate Caregivers CCC is the best place in Los Angeles.
I am so happy I found City Compassionate Caregivers.
I am very happy to be a patient of City Compassionate Caregivers.
I came in to the dispensary and was helped by a great team of people.
I have been a customer of this dispensary for years and it has always been a great experience.
I am so lucky to have found this place.
City Compassionate Caregivers is the best dispensary in LA.
I have been a patient for about three months now, and I just wanted to take the time to thank the amazing staff at City Compassionate Caregivers.

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