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Backpack Boyz | Los Angeles
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Welcome to backpack boyz website. Backpack boyz are natives of the bay area growing great cannabis while maintaining a flashy image filled with champagne bottles, dollar bills, and cool cars. The Bay Area has its share when it comes to exotic cannabis, flavors and eye popping packaging. Backpack Boyz is a California-based marijuana brand that brings a ton of premium strains while also giving you a wide choice of flavors.

Backpack Boyz dispensary, 5 Points Los Angeles has something special for all cannabis fans. It’s not just about the diversity of our strains, but also how they are grown. We take great pride in the quality of our products, both in terms of stitching apparel and printing of eye-catching packaging. At backpack boyz dispensary, quality takes precedence over quantity, so we take great time and care to make our products. Even if it means fewer sales, but every product we make is printed and stitched with the highest quality possible.

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5160 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, 90019

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