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1906 New Highs


1906 is named for the year the Wiley Act (also known as the Pure Food and Drug Act) was passed, effectively starting the era of cannabis prohibition. 1906 is on a mission to bring cannabis back to its pre-prohibition status as a mainstream, widely used medicine for the greater good – and the greater fun!

Our incredibly delicious and unusually fast-acting edibles combine low-dose cannabis with targeted plant medicines (including the natural wonder drugs L-theanine, magnolia bark and corydalis). We use a patented lipid micro-encapsulation process that allows you to feel the effects within 20 minutes. This results in more accurate doses, and way more predictable effects. Each experience is precisely engineered to help you do all the life stuff better—whether that’s increasing energy, boosting happiness, reducing anxiety, or having better sex, or getting better sleep.

With 1906 Bliss, Love, Chill, Midnight, Genius and Go, you’ll find the best high-end edibles to help you relax, focus, enjoy life and make the most of every minute, all in safe, consistent and reliable doses.

As 1906 grows and expands, founder Peter Barsoom and team are thrilled to continue formulating new and innovative cannabis chocolates and other socially-dosed formulations, making this medicine widely available to everyone who can benefit from plant-powered natural enhancements.


LOVE: This aphrodisiac chocolate mixes single-strain cannabis with five exotic herbs, including muira puama, catuaba and theobromine, renowned for their love-enhancing properties.

GO: An optimal blend of cannabis and plant medicines (including L-theanine, alpinia galangal and caffeine) creates an all-natural performance enhancer for brain and body.

CHILL: A perfectly balanced formulation of relaxing cannabis with a powerful dose of CBD and stress-reducing plant medicines (namely Magnolia bark and L-theanine) makes the ultimate mellow-out cocktail, promoting a tranquil mind and a calm body.

MIDNIGHT: This highly targeted blend of sleep-inducing plant medicines with relaxing cannabis is 1906’s best-selling product. It’s become legendary among cannabis industry professionals as the best sleep aid on the market, promoting deeper and more restful slumber.

BLISS: The ultimate peanut butter cannabis cup, Bliss is a euphoric blend, packed with natural mood enhancers including sceletium to promote a bubbly sense of happiness and well-being, a calm, positive mood, and a nice energy lift.

GENIUS: These tablets are the newest addition to the 1906 family and their unique formulation will change your mind about cannabis’ effect on mental sharpness. A thoughtfully crafted blend of five plant medicines, including rhodiola and bacopa, and cannabis, promotes focus and cognitive performance.

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