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Wonderbrett enhances experiences with creativity to transcend the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Our ultra-premium flower is crafted by the heritage of our brand and quality of our processes, stemming from decades of elite team experience and rare genetics. We have merged our cultivation expertise and superior genetic knowledge with a fresh, cultural appeal that positions us as California's most dominant and unique cannabis brand.

Our vision is simple: flavor over everything.  Our extensive genetics library has taken decades of work to develop for an output of unmatched flavor and terpene profiles which reflect our rich heritage and history. The creativity behind our strain selection has been one of the largest factors to the success of Wonderbrett, allowing us to garner lifelong customers who consistently come back for our full-bodied flavors that burst with aromatic terpenes.

The Wonderbrett cultivation facility is located in the heart of Long Beach, California.  Our facility is one of the largest in North America and was designed to create small batch, craft style premium products at scale.  Every aspect of our facility was designed and engineered to consistently offer clean and safe products. Our custom designed irrigation systems integrate advanced technology and time tested traditional cannabis growing techniques utilized by our unique team of cultivation experts to ensure consistent harvests.

In the summer of ’97, Brett was gifted the original OG Kush, a legendary West Coast strain of mythic proportions, and everything changed. Before he knew it, Brett was among the elite growers in the Los Angeles scene. When smokers wanted the best weed, they simply had to ask “You got that Brett?”  By ‘99, Brett was providing cannabis to some of the biggest artists in the music industry. Dr. Dre’s influential album, 2001, was recorded with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Xzibit, and Brett’s OG Kush in the studio. In 2014, Brett decided it to was time to bring his legendary strains to the masses. Brett united his reliability, credibility and style and created Wonderbrett. The cannabis community hasn’t been the same since.

Distribution - C11-0001016-LIC Cultivation - CCL19-0000600 Retail - C10-0000828-LIC

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