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Bloom Vape | King Louis

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Cannabis Type: Indica, Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Flavor: Diesel, Earthy, Citrus

Want to feel like royalty? Give a try to BloomVape King Louis XIII! Our extraction process removes all the fats and waxes, allowing for a purer flavor and experience. Cartridges come in either 500mg or 1000mg. They also come in two sizes: Half grams and total grams.

Bloom Vape King Louis XIII Cartridge has the Indica-dominant effects and strong terpene silhouette of King Louis XIII. The Bloom Brand creates cannabis products from ethically-sourced, pesticide-free plants. You'll enjoy the clean, crisp taste with every vaping experience.

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Bloom Vape | King Louis
(60 reviews) Write a review


Just can’t wait to be king? Try The Bloom Brand King Louis XIII Vape and let the Indica-dominant effects and pungent terpene profile of King Louis XIII reign over pain and stress. The Bloom Brand specializes in ethenol-extracted cannabis products to produce a clean, crisp and clear vaping experience. Each cartridge is filled with 500 mg of solvent-free extract with a 80% - 86% THC concentration. Cartridges come in half- and full-gram sizes.

Bloom Vape King Louis 

Let King Louis XIII help you kick into high gear and avoid stress, pain, and other stressful activities by vaping The Bloom Brand cartridge. The Bloom Brand is an amazing company that specializes in solvent-free cannabis extract cartridges to create a clean, crisp, and clear vaping experience. Each cartridge comes with 500 mg of extract that yields THC levels of 80% - 86%. Our full-gram cartridges are available in half-gram sizes as well.

How to Fill Your King Louis Cartridge

The first step in filling your vape cartridge is to prep the cartridge. This means removing the mouthpiece and unscrewing the cap that covers the fill hole. Some cartridges have a silicone or rubber plug that also needs to be removed. Once the cartridge is prepped, it's time to move on to filling it.

Step Two: Fill the Cartridge.

There are a few different ways to fill a vape cartridge, but the most common method is to use a syringe. To do this, simply insert the tip of the syringe into the fill hole and slowly draw up cannabis product until the cartridge is full. Once your cartridge is full, screw on the cap (or replace the plug) and reattach the mouthpiece.

Step Three: Seal the Cartridge.

The final step in filling your vape cartridge is to seal it so that no oil will leak out. Simply put a little tape over the mouthpiece and/or screw-on cap until it's snug (but not too tight). Now your cartridge is ready to use!

How to Clean Your King Louis Cartridge

Begin by pulling the mouthpiece out from the cartridge. If the mouthpiece is screw-on, unscrew it. If the mouthpiece is snap-on, gently pull it off.

Step Two: Separate the Coils.

Next, separate the coils from the cartridge. If your cartridge has disposable rings, toss them and substitute them with new ones. If your cartridge has refillable coils, you'll need to clean them before proceeding.

Step Three: Soak the Coils.

Soak the coils in a bowl of warm water for 5-10 minutes. This will keep reducing any built-up remnants on the coils.

Step Four: Rinse and Dry the Coils.

Rinse the coils with clean water and dry them thoroughly with a paper towel or cloth.

Step Five: Reassemble the Cartridge.

Now that the coils are clean, simply reassemble the cartridge and attach the mouthpiece. Your cartridge is up to be used!

What are Cannabis Cartridges?

Cannabis cartridges are small, cylindrical containers that hold cannabis oil. The oil is usually thick and viscous and contains elevated THC and other cannabinoids. There are two primary styles of cannabis cartridges: disposable and refillable. 

Disposable cartridges are pre-filled with cannabis oil and cannot be refilled. They are the most suitable alternative for individuals who like using cannabis oil but don't enjoy dealing with the hassle of refillable cartridges. However, they are more expensive than refillable cartridges; you have to dispose of them after you've used all the oil. 

Refillable cartridges can be reused multiple times. They come with a small opening that you can use to fill with your own cannabis oil. Refillable cartridges are less expensive than disposable cartridges, but they require more effort to use. 

How do Cannabis Cartridges Work?

Cannabis cartridges heat the oil inside them using a battery-powered device known as a vaporizer or vape pen. When the oil is warmed, it turns into a vapor that can be inbreathed. Vaping is a widespread way to consume cannabis because it is discreet, efficient, and produces a slight smell.

Bloom Vape | King Louis

The Benefits of Cannabis Cartridges

Cannabis cartridges offer a much more discreet way to enjoy your cannabis than smoking flowers. Cartridges are small and can be easily concealed, making them exemplary for public places usage. They also produce very little smell, so you don't have to worry about blowing cannabis smoke in someone's face.

More Potent Doses

Cannabis cartridges contain concentrated cannabis oil, which is much more potent than the regular flower. This means that you can get a more potent dose of THC with each puff, which can be beneficial if you're seeking relief from pain or anxiety.

More Flavorful Hits

Because cannabis cartridges contain pure cannabis oil, they provide a cleaner and more flavorful hit than smoking flowers. There is no burning of plant matter, so you taste zero but the purified taste of the cannabis oil.

Aspects to Take into Account When Choosing a Vape Cartridge

The cartridge's material is essential to consider because it will affect both the flavor and quality of your vape. Cartridges can be made from plastic, glass, or metal; each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Plastics are the most common cartridge type and are generally the cheapest option. However, plastic can sometimes affect the flavor of your vape, and it is not as durable as other materials. Glass cartridges are less standard than plastic, but they offer superior flavor and a pure vaping experience. Glass is also more durable than plastic but more fragile. Metal cartridges are the most durable option, but they can affect the flavor of your vape if they are not made with high-quality material. Metal cartridges are also the most expensive option. 


The capacity of a vape cartridge is measured in milliliters (ml), and it indicates how much cannabis oil the cartridge can hold. The total you need will depend on how often you plan to use your vape; if you only vape occasionally, you will need a smaller cartridge than if you frequently vape throughout the day. 

Coil Type

The coil is responsible for heating the cannabis in the cartridge so that it can be vaporized; therefore, the type of coil used in a cartridge is an essential factor to consider when choosing one. The two most common types of coils are ceramic coils and Kanthal coils; each has its own advantages and disadvantages: Ceramic coils heat evenly and produce excellent flavor, but they do not last as long as Kanthal coils (which means they will need to be replaced more often). Kanthal coils do not heat as evenly as ceramic coils (which can result in uneven vaporization), but they last longer (which means you won't have to replace them as often). If you're new to vaping or just looking to switch things up, just give a try to BloomVape King Louis XIII. Also you might wonder what the best vape cartridge is. A few things to consider when deciding include the cartridge type, material, capacity, coil type, and compatibility. When it comes to cartridge types, there are three main options: 510 thread cartridges, disposable cartridges, and refillable cartridges. The best option for you will count on your personal likes and demands. Factors to consider when choosing a vape cartridge include the material (such as ceramic or stainless steel), capacity, coil type (such as Kanthal or Nichrome), and compatibility. In conclusion, here are a few things to remember when choosing the best vape cartridge for you. Consider the cartridge type, material, capacity, coil type, and compatibility before making your final decision.


Cannabis Type:
  • Indica
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Citrus
  • Diesel
  • Earthy
Weight :
1 g


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I just tried out your Bloom Vape King Louis XIII cartridge and I am glad I did. It had a great Indica-dominant effect that made me feel relaxed and mellow. The terpene silhouette is also very strong, which I liked
It really was the best decision of my life; it has only been two months since I started using it and I am completely satisfied with how well it has helped me stop smoking
Bloom Vape King Louis is the one
I love this vape cartridge! It is totally worth the money!
I find that the effects it produces are perfect for me, and the flavor is unmatched by any other vape.
It's a very affordable product, so it's perfect for someone who doesn't want to break the bank
I have tried so many different ones and King Louis XIII is my favorite for sure.
King Louis XIII is a great vape cartridge.
I love Bloom vape!
The Bloom Vape King Louis XIII cartridge has helped my migraines, and makes me feel completely relaxed

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