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Sweet Flower | Westwood, CA
(51 reviews)
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closed on a random day :/
I am absolutely in love with sweet flower. All the other cannabis retail boutiques that I have tried felt cluttered & overwhelming. sweet flower, on the other hand, offers a seamless interface and generates the best quality of content...at the current price point, it's an absolute steal right now! I've been using it for a couple of months.
i felt like i was at a car dealer, to aggressive but they got quilty stuff.
I love Sweet Flower in Westwood. It's the only place I go for marijuana.
The owner of the company is very friendly and provides a welcoming experience.
I love Sweet Flower's approach to retail. The design is so welcoming and comfortable.
Their selection is wide and deep, and the staff is always really friendly
I love Sweet Flower. I'm a huge fan of their aesthetic and the way they curate their products. I am especially in love with the way they are always on top of trends and new products, always putting out new strains that are interesting or rare.
They have a good variety of products at very affordable prices.
kinda slow on weekeends

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