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THC Design Skywalker OG

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Brands: THC Design, Effects: Aroused, Flavor: Pungent

If you are looking for a potent cross between the THC Design Skywalker OG and OG Kush strains, Skywalker OG is a perfect choice. With a THC concentration of up to 24%, this hybrid produces a distinct sour hashish aroma that many cannabis consumers crave. Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or enjoy a night out with friends, Skywalker OG provides the perfect balance of Indica and Sativa effects.

Looking for a powerful cross between Skywalker and OG Kush? You'll find it with THC Design Skywalker OG. This potent strain has a high THC concentration, making it perfect for those who want a strong cannabis experience. The sour hashish aroma is also a distinct feature of this strain, one that many consumers enjoy.

THC Design Skywalker OG
In stock
(11 reviews) Write a review


THC Design Skywalker OG is a potent cross between Skywalker and OG Kush strains. A true Indica-dominant, this strain is herby with hints of citrus and pine. With high levels of THC and low levels of CBD ideal for nighttime medication. Skywalker Kush is the creation of the breeders at Reserva Privada, and was first grown in Southern California. The team dusted a female Skywalker OG, which is itself OG Kush crossed with Skywalker, with pollen from OG Kush, which boasts Chemdawg and Lemon Thai in its lineage. The resulting Skywalker Kush inherited an incredibly high THC concentration and distinctly sour hashish aroma that consumers covet.

Why to pick Skywalker OG?

Skywalker OG is a famous strain of cannabis with elevated THC coverage and outstanding savor. Skywalker OG is a potent mix of two iconic strains. A true Indica-dominant strain, its heady highs come with a refreshing citrus flavor as well as hints of pine. It carries high levels of THC and low CBD for optimum use at nighttime. When the breeding team at Reserva Privada created Skywalker Kush, they used a female OG Kush and dusted it with pollen from the male Skywalker OG. Underneath this genetic clover, Skywalker is not only OG but also brings Chemdawg and Lemon Thai lineage. Due to Skywalker Kush's powerful smell and ability to produce a powerful head and body high, it has become exceptionally popular.

The History of Skywalker OG Cannabis Flower

The origins of Skywalker OG are somewhat mysterious. Some say it was created by the famed breeder Luke Skywalker on Tatooine. Others say it was created by a group of rebel growers who were fighting against the Empire. Regardless of its origins, Skywalker OG has become one of the most popular strains in the world. It was first presented to the mass market in 2009 by the California-based company Blue Sky Farms. Since then, it has won multiple prizes and honors from cannabis enthusiasts around the globe.

The Skywalker OG Weed Strain – The Perfect Balance of Relaxation and Energy

The Skywalker OG Weed Strain is a hybrid marijuana strain that perfectly balances relaxation and energy. This strain is a cross between the Indica Blueberry and the Sativa Haze, and it has a THC content of up to 22%. The Skywalker OG Weed Strain has a sweet blueberry aroma with hints of citrus and tastes like blueberries and lemons. This strain is excellent for any case, whether you're longing to de-stress after a long and stressful day or boost your stamina levels before hitting the gym.

How to Use Skywalker OG

Cannabis smokers looking for a heavy-handed Indica-dominant hybrid with couch-locking effects and a high THC content will find everything they need in THC Design Skywalker OG. This full-bodied flower has THC ranks reaching 26%, making it one of the strongest strains available today. The high hits hard and fast, inducing feelings of sedation and relaxation that can last for hours on end. For many users, this strain is best enjoyed at night as it can make it difficult to focus or stay awake. 


Skywalker OG is most generally utilized to treat tension, pressure, ache, and sleeplessness. The strain's powerful relaxing properties can help manage chronic pain and muscle spasms. It can also be used to offset the consequences of exhaustion or despair. Because of its potency, Skywalker OG is not recommended for first-time cannabis users or those with a low tolerance for THC.

About the brand

THC Design is the chief cannabis cultivator. As a single-source, estate-grown flower, our high-quality and safety standards provide consistent experiences across various brand categories. Women are the company's sole owners, the company operates under a Social Equity license, and the company has existed for over 20 years with an exceptionally diverse group of people from varied ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and background experiences. THC Design consists of passionate cultivators with a great experience. In addition to their diligence and attention to growing safe and healthy cannabis at each phase of the cultivation process, as well as their concern about the environment and their concerted efforts to comply with environmental standards, they also emphasize ensuring sustainable growing practices throughout the process.

The role of THC in cannabis

THC is the principal psychoactive element in cannabis, accountable for the plant's mind-altering outcomes. It's also present in smaller amounts in hemp flowers. Hemp plants with high THC levels are sometimes called "high-THC hemp" or "industrial hemp." However, it's important to note that the THC content of hemp plants is regulated by law; under the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp plants must contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

The benefits of increased THC levels in cannabis flowers

It is the key ingredient in medical marijuana. A higher THC content means that a cannabis plant will be more potent and produce stronger effects. This is why growers aim to increase THC levels in their plants.

There are several ways to achieve this, including controlling the environment, using the right nutrients, and monitoring progress carefully. While it takes some effort to achieve, the rewards are worth it. Not only will your plants be more potent, but they will also have a better flavor and aroma.

The benefits of high THC, low CBD strains for nighttime medication

THC is known to be effective in promoting sleep. A study conducted in 2006 showed that THC was able to help participants fall asleep more quickly than those who did not receive any THC. The same analysis also uncovered that THC lowered the portion of the period it bore for participants to fall asleep.

Increased pain relief

THC is also known for its pain-relieving properties. A study from 2007 found that THC effectively reduced pain in patients with arthritis. The study's authors concluded that "THC is a promising new treatment for the relief of chronic non-cancer pain."

Increased relaxation

In addition to its ability to promote sleep and relieve pain, THC is also known for its relaxing effects. A study from 2008 found that THC decreased anxiety and muscle tension in patients with multiple sclerosis. The investigators figured out that "THC may have healing properties in the therapy of spasticity and other signs associated with multiple sclerosis."


THC Design
  • Aroused
  • Pungent


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I was looking for a high THC strain to help me wind down after a long day and when I found Skywalker OG, I couldn't have been happier
Skywalker OG is a perfect balance of Indica and Sativa
I love this strain because it provides a great balance of effects
It's one of the strongest strains I've come across
Skywalker OG is my go-to strain now.
I love the Skywalker OG strain. It is a really potent hybrid that provides a relaxing high
It is mellow enough for me to use at night and still be able to relax, but it is also strong enough to give me the high I need in the morning
THC Design Skywalker OG is my favorite strain.
I absolutely love Skywalker OG. I have been smoking it for about a year now and it has become an everyday thing for me
It's been a while since I had anything this potent and it was worth the wait

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