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Mimosa strain

Mimosa is a rare Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a Purple Punch and Blueberry gasoline parentage. Purple Mimosa typically contains 23% THC, and it's not for beginner cannabis consumers. However, Purple Mimosa's high is euphoric and giggly, making it perfect for social situations or when you need to unwind after a long day.

Despite its Indica dominance, Purple Mimosa is best enjoyed in the morning or early afternoon as it can make you feel sleepy if consumed before bedtime. This strain's aroma is a mix of sweet blueberries and earthy diesel fuel, while its taste is similar to blueberries and lemonade.

Purple Mimosa is also known for its vibrant purple buds that are accentuated by fiery orange hairs. Order Purple Mimosa online today from a reputable online dispensary!


Strain History  

Breeder Symbiotic Genetics is the company responsible for creating the Mimosa marijuana strain. In 2017, they released this hybrid to the public in the United States. The genetics of Mimosa comes from two undisclosed parents, but we know it is a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine, a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

This hybrid with a predominance of Indica tastes like sweet and tart citrus with traces of earthy spice. Mimosa is a powerful strain with a THC concentration ranging from 19 to 27%. Mimosa has stimulating and energizing qualities, making it a fantastic option for daytime usage. Medical marijuana patients frequently use Mimosa to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, and sadness. So give Mimosa a try if you're seeking a strain that can improve your mood and energy levels.


Flavor and Aroma 


Citrusy, fruity, and herbal are just a few of the flavors associated with the Mimosa cannabis strain. Often described as sour or tropical, this hybrid strain typically has a strong citrus smell with hints of lemon and orange. The taste often has a sour citrus flavor and a tinge of sweetness comparable to the scent.

Mimosa Marijuana Strain
Other flavors like melon or berry often accompany the citrus flavor. Woody undertones are also common, giving the Mimosa strain a well-rounded flavor profile. In terms of effects, the Mimosa strain is known for its cerebral high and uplifting mood. It is also said to boost energy and creativity, making it a popular choice for daytime use.

Whether you're looking for a delicious new strain to try or want to enjoy the citrusy flavor of the Mimosa strain, this hybrid is sure to please.


The Mimosa strain features a complex and strong aroma with notes of berry, citrus, earthy, flowery, sour, and tropical. Berry and citrus are the most prominent aromas, followed by earthy and flowery. The berry aroma is reminiscent of blackberries and raspberries, while the citrus aroma is reminiscent of orange and lemon.

The earthy aroma is reminiscent of damp soil, and the flowery aroma is reminiscent of jasmine and rose. The sour aroma is reminiscent of vinegar, and the tropical aroma resembles pineapple and coconut. Together, these aromas create a delightful experience that will please any cannabis enthusiast.



The cannabis strain known as Mimosa is an Indica-dominant hybrid that derives its name from its pleasant, lemony aroma. This tropical-looking plant has bright green and yellow leaves and is covered in orange hairs. The buds are difficult to separate since they are thick and sticky manually. When smoked, Mimosa has a cerebral effect that is energizing and focus-inducing.

It can also be motivating, making it a good choice to smoke before working on a project or going for a run. Mimosa is an excellent choice for social events because of its relaxing and uplifting effect. Some users have reported feeling paranoid or anxious when smoking this strain, so it is best to start with a small amount.

Mimosa is also known to be a notorious creeper, so the effects may not be felt immediately. The Mimosa cannabis strain is a good choice for uplifting and energetic highs.

Physical and Mental Effects

The Mimosa marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has become popular for its ability to provide both physical and mental effects. Those who consume Mimosas feel relaxed and focused, with a heightened awareness. Some also report feeling hungrier than usual and more energetic and uplifted.

In many cases, people who consume Mimosas also find themselves becoming more talkative. The unique combination of effects makes Mimosa a popular choice for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, and depression, as it has pain-relieving symptoms. The strain's uplifting effects can also benefit those struggling with fatigue or lack motivation.

The marijuana strain Mimosa could be worth a go if you're attempting to improve your mood or relax after a hard day.

Adverse Effects  

The Mimosa weed strain is a popular choice for many cannabis users but can also have some adverse effects. Loss of appetite, paranoid thoughts, dry eyes, and dry mouth are all common complaints from those who have used this strain. In addition, many users report feeling anxious or panicked after using Mimosa.

While these effects are not necessarily harmful, they can be unpleasant and may make it difficult to enjoy the experience of using this strain. This makes it crucial to be informed of the possible hazards before consuming Mimosas.


Medical Benefits

Mimosa is a beautiful and unique plant used medicinally for centuries. Native to South America and Africa, the Mimosa tree is also a sensitive plant. The leaves and flowers of the tree are often used to treat various conditions.

For instance, Mimosa is frequently used to treat migraines, mood swings, tension, and anxiety. Additionally, this strain might lessen nausea and vomiting. Mimosamay also aids in treating depression, ADD/ADHD, and other illnesses.


How To Grow

The Mimosa cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid from the United States. Its resemblance to the Mimosa tree in appearance is how it got its name. The olive green nugs and petite, rounded buds with white trichomes and orange pistils. The leaves have a serrated edge and are dark green. The plant itself is relatively tall, with long stems and branches. It flowers in about 8-9 weeks, and the buds have a sweet, citrusy smell.

Mimosa Cannabis StrainWhen smoked, Mimosa has a fruity flavor with hints of chocolate. The intellectual and energizing high is ideal for daytime usage. Medical marijuana users frequently use mimosas to ease despair and anxiety. It smells bright and zesty, like the Mimosa flower. The THC content of this strain is well-known to be high, up to 27%.

Mimosa is a variety suitable for novice growers since it is reasonably simple to grow. The Mimosa cannabis strain thrives in warm, sunny climates with high humidity levels. If you live in an area with cooler weather, you can start your seeds indoors and transplant them outdoors once the weather warms up.

To give your seeds enough room to grow, place them at least three feet apart. Once your seedlings have started, give them regular watering and high-quality fertilizer every two weeks. It would be best if you also were looking for pests, as Mimosa is susceptible to spider mites and other common cannabis pests.

Once your plants have reached full maturity, they will begin to produce fragrant, yellow flowers. The flowering process usually takes about ten weeks. You can start harvesting your crop after the blossoms are completely grown. When storing your Mimosa buds, keep them stored in a cool, dry place. That's how you grow the Mimosa cannabis strain.

Indoor Growing

Sow your Mimosa marijuana seeds in small pots filled with quality potting soil. Place the pots in a warm, well-lit area after lightly covering the seeds with dirt. To keep the soil wet but not drenched, water it often. Once the seedlings have sprouted, you can move them to a sunny windowsill or under grow lights.

Mimosa is a tropical plant that prefers warmer temperatures than most marijuana strains. Daytime temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal during the vegetative stage, and flowering plants do best when night-time temperatures are 10-15 degrees cooler. High humidity levels are also important for the Mimosa plants, so consider using a humidifier or placing the pots on a tray of wet pebbles.

When your Mimosa plants have reached 12-18 inches tall, you can begin the flowering stage by switching to a 12-hour light/dark cycle. Flowering usually lasts 8-9 weeks, after which you can harvest your buds. Cut the plants down at the stem and hang them upside down to dry in a dark, well-ventilated space. After the buds have dried, you may trim them and store them in an airtight container in a cold, dark area. Enjoy your home-grown Mimosa marijuana!

Greenhouse Growing  

Sowing Mimosa is best done in pots with good quality, fast-draining potting mix. Plant the seeds in the mixture and water in the well just below the surface. Keep the soil moist but not damp, and place the pots in a warm, sunny location away from direct sunlight. The seedlings will appear in 10 to 14 days, and after they have their first true leaves, they are ready to be moved into larger pots. Mimosa grows best in a greenhouse or conservatory since it needs warm temperatures to blossom well.

The ideal daytime temperature is 21-24°C and 18-21°C at night. If conditions are too hot, the leaves will brown around the edges. Too chilly of a climate will impede development and lead to subpar blooming. Mimosa also needs high humidity to do well. Aim for a relative humidity of 60-70%. The leaves will curl and drop off if the air is too dry.

When transplanting into pots, use a fast-draining potting mix and place the plant so that the roots are covered with the mix—water in a well and place it in a bright spot out of the direct sun. Water Mimosa often maintains moist but not soggy soil during vigorous development and blossoming. Watering should be reduced in the winter when growth is slower.

Feed Mimosa monthly with a high potassium liquid fertilizer during active growth and flowering for best results. Use a balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 at half the recommended strength from spring to early autumn, then switch to a high potassium feed such as 0-0-60 for two months before cutting back for winter.

Mimosa should be pruned annually after flowering to keep it compact and encourage bushy growth. Cut back all stems by about one-third of their original length immediately after flowering has finished. At this point, you may also get rid of any stems that are sick, damaged, or dead stems.


Strain Production 

A cross between the Indica and Sativa cannabis strains give birth to the Mimosa strain. It is a strain with a high yield that can be cultivated inside or outdoors. The average yield for this strain is about 600 grams per square meter indoors and 800 grams per square meter outdoors.

When grown outdoors, the average yield is about 12 ounces per plant. This strain is well-known for its potent cerebral effects and high THC concentration. It is also renowned for having a taste of sweet citrus. Both marijuana breeders and users favor the Mimosa cannabis strain.


Where To Buy 

Online cannabis stores offer the Mimosa weed strain for sale. The online cannabis stores are partnered with local and international cannabis dispensaries. The Mimosa marijuana strain is one of the many cannabis products available from the online cannabis shop. The online cannabis store is a safe and reliable source for buying the Mimosa weed strain.

Some online cannabis stores offer free shipping on orders over $100 with 100% money-back guarantee. Cannabis dispensaries offer the Mimosa weed strain for sale. The cannabis dispensaries are partnered with local and international online Cannabis stores. Cannabis laboratories offer a wide range of cannabis products, including the Mimosa weed strain.


How To Enjoy This Strain

The marijuana strain Mimosa is a fantastic option if you seek a calm and happy high. This hybrid strain has genetics from the popular Purple Punch and Clementine strains, and it delivers a happy and uplifting buzz. The smell and taste of Mimosa are citrusy and sweet, making it a pleasant strain to consume.

Cannabis may be consumed quickly and effectively via vaping. You can control your dosage with ease, and the effects of vaping typically kick in within minutes. You'll need a cannabis vaporizer and some Mimosa vape oil to vape Mimosa. Vape oil is made by extracting the active compounds from cannabis flowers and distilling them into the oil.

Vape oils come in different ratios of THC to CBD, so be sure to choose an oil that matches your desired effect. Mimosa buds can be chewed on as an alternative to smoking or vaping. This method of consumption takes longer for the effects to kick in - around 30 minutes to an hour - but it's a versatile way to enjoy cannabis.

You can mix Mimosa buds with other herbs or spices to make your preferred edibles. Keep in mind that consuming edibles typically provide a much stronger high, so have some water near you to stay hydrated. Of course, you can always smoke Mimosa buds if you want the classic cannabis experience.

Smoking provides instantaneous relief from pain or anxiety but can also harm your lungs. If you smoke Mimosa, we recommend using a water pipe or bong to help filter out some harmful toxins. You can also mix Mimosa buds with tobacco leaves to make your joint or cigarette.


The Bottom Line

For individuals seeking a spirited and uplifting high, the Mimosa marijuana strain is excellent. This Indica-dominant hybrid gives users a creative boost, making it perfect for daytime use. Happy, euphoric feelings will help you get through your day with ease.

While the THC content can reach up to 27%, Mimosa is still a relatively mild strain that is perfect for novice users or those with low tolerance levels. Look no further than the Mimosa strain if you're seeking a tasty and efficient cannabis consumption method!

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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