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Mendocino Purps

Mendocino Purps

The Mendocino Purps, also known as Mendo Purps or Mendocino Purple, is a cannabis strain from the United States. The strain is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, known for its purple color. The Mendocino Purps was created in the early 1990s, and it quickly became popular due to its high THC content.

The Mendocino Purps is typically smoked in the afternoon or evening and is known for its couch-locking effects. One of the most often used cannabis strains in the U.S. today is the Mendo Purps. The Mendocino Purps comes from the Mendocino County region in Northern California, where it was first cultivated.

This strain produces large, dense buds covered with thick trichomes. The buds are rich purple and smell pleasant and fragrant. This strain is said to provide long-lasting physical relaxation and can be enjoyed in the afternoon or evening.


Strain History  

The Mendocino Purps marijuana strain was first cultivated in 1999 by BC Bud Depot. The strain was created by crossing a Purple Thai plant with a Hindu Kush plant. The resulting offspring were crossed with a third strain, creating the Mendocino Purps. This strain quickly became popular in the United States due to its high THC content and unique flavor profile. In 2007, High Times magazine named this strain one of the top 10 Indica strains in the world.

Mendocino Purps weed strain
The THC contents are between 18 to 22%. The CBD percentage was 0%. This made it an Indica plant. The plant became very popular because it had a high THC content. The plant is also known for its purple flowers. The flowers are very dense and have many trichomes. This strain has a very sweet and fruity aroma.

With its sweet and fruity in flavor, this excellent strain is for anyone looking to unwind and have fun is the Mendocino Purps. Today, the Mendocino Purps is still highly sought after by cannabis enthusiasts due to its potent effects and distinctive purple coloration.

Flavor and Aroma 


The Mendocino Purps strain is a popular cannabis strain known for its unique flavor profile. In this strain, berry, Caramel, coffee, grape, nutty, Pine, sweet, tropical, and woody tastes predominate. Together, these tastes produce a well-rounded and pleasurable smoking experience.

The berry flavoring is most prevalent on the inhale, with notes of caramel and coffee coming through on the exhale. The grape and nutty flavors are also present but are not as strong as the berry and caramel flavors. The pine and sweet flavors are in the background, providing a well-rounded and pleasant smoking experience.

This strain is great for those looking for a flavorful and enjoyable smoking experience. Thanks for choosing the Mendo Purps!


Caramel, coffee, and earthy aromas combine with a pine note in the Mendo Purps strain. Caramel and coffee dominate on the inhale with a light touch of earthy. The exhale is caramel and coffee with a more noticeable touch of earthy and a hint of pine. The Mendo Purps is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a 60:40 Indica/Sativa ratio.

The high is cerebral yet relaxed, perfect for treating depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and pain relieving. The aroma is a complex mix of caramel, coffee, and earthy with a light touch of pine. This is an ideal strain for novice users and experienced users alike.



The Mendocino Purps cannabis strain is reputed to produce euphoria, giggles, happiness, and hunger, as well as a sense of relaxation. Its dense buds are deep purple and covered in orange hairs. With undertones of berries, the flavor is sweet and delicious. This Indica-dominant hybrid has strong couch-locking effects and is best used at night.

Up to 22% of THC levels can be found in it. This cannabis strain is thought to be descended from the original Purple Kush. It is popular in Northern California and is sometimes called "Mendo Purps."

Physical and Mental Effects

Those seeking a euphoric and joyful high frequently choose Mendocino Purps cannabis. This strain is renowned for its pleasant and calming effects and capacity to increase energy and focus. It is a fantastic option for people looking for an uplifting and effective high.

This marijuana kind is particularly well-known for enhancing appetite, which makes it a wise choice for anyone trying to eat more. This marijuana strain is a versatile and popular choice that can provide users with a Euphoric, happy, and relaxing high.

Adverse Effects 

The Mendocino Purps weed strain is a particularly potent form of marijuana. It is well recognized for having a high THC concentration; even for seasoned users, its effects may be rather strong. The strain might result in headaches, and frequent side effects include dry mouth and eyes.

It is not suggested for inexperienced users for these reasons. Additionally, a doctor should be consulted before consuming this cannabis strain because of the potential for interactions.


Medical Benefits 

The Mendocino Purps is a hybrid cannabis strain that is said to offer a range of medical benefits. bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Nausea, and PTSD are just a few conditions patients have claimed. This strain has helped them. This strain is so effective because it is high in THC and low in CBD.

This indicates that it has none of the euphoric effects related to marijuana consumption. Instead, after taking this, patients say they feel at ease and comfortable. This could be worthwhile if you're seeking a natural remedy for your medical issue.


How To Grow

The Mendo Purps strain is a visually stunning cannabis plant that is sure to turn heads when seen in person. The buds and blooms frequently take on a color comparable to the foliage's deep green and purple. Outdoor plants have a maximum height of 6 feet, compared to indoor plants' normal height of 2 feet.

The Mendo Purps variety is renowned for its strong THC concentration and amazing size, making it a favorite among seasoned cannabis consumers. The Mendo Purps strain is well-looking whether you're seeking a plant to add to your yard or want to appreciate its beauty.

Mendocino Purps cannabis strainMendocino Purps is a cannabis strain renowned for its high THC content and intense coloration. The strain originated in Mendocino County, California, where it was originally grown. Despite its reputation as a difficult strain to grow, this is quite easy to cultivate as long as growers provide it with the right environment and care.

Mendocino Purps prefers a temperate climate with long days and plenty of sunshine. Late spring or early summer are the ideal times to plant seeds of this variety. The seedlings should be put in rich, well-drained soil as soon as they have sprouted. Use irrigation judiciously since too much water might damage the roots.

This strain will also need regular fertilizer application throughout the growing season. Although common pests like aphids and spider mites might be troublesome, they are typically manageable with natural remedies like neem oil. Typically, flowering starts in the late summer or early fall. The flowers of this strain are large and dense, and they can range in color from purple to green.

The blossoms will be coated with trichomes and release a strong fragrance when prepared for harvest. Mendocino Purps is typically harvested by hand and can be cured in jars or hung to dry. Once properly cured, These strain buds will have a high THC content and a deep purple coloration.

Indoor Growing 

The Mendocino Purps marijuana strain is a highly versatile and easy-to-grow weed that thrives indoors and outdoors. The seeds of this strain are easily obtainable, and the plant grows well in various light, temperature, and humidity conditions. Flowering typically occurs within 8-10 weeks, and harvesting can be done as early as six weeks after flowering begins.

This breed is renowned for its big, thick buds with purple coloring. The buds offer a strong Indica-dominant effect that calms the body and mind and has a sweet grape fragrance. This marijuana is ideal for users seeking a powerful yet controllable high.

Greenhouse Growing  

The Mendocino Purps strain is a popular variety of cannabis prized for its distinctive purple color. Traditionally, this strain has been grown outdoors, but it can also be successfully cultivated in a greenhouse. Growing plants in a greenhouse have numerous advantages, one of which is regulating the atmosphere to create ideal circumstances for plant development.

Hydroponic systems can provide plants with a steady supply of nutrients, and carefully regulating temperature and humidity levels can minimize plant stress. In addition, greenhouse growers can utilize supplemental lighting to extend the growing season and produce larger yields.

By carefully managing the growing environment, greenhouse growers can produce high-quality strain buds regardless of the weather.


Harvest and Production 

Mendocino Purps is a cannabis strain that is known for its high yield. The average indoor plant can produce about 500 grams per square meter, while the average outdoor plant can produce about 800 grams per square meter. The strain can also be grown in various climates, although it prefers a temperate climate.

This variety grows rather well and is resistant to most pests and illnesses. However, the strain is not recommended for beginners, as it requires a fair amount of experience to achieve optimal results. This strain can be a very rewarding strain to grow when grown properly.


Where To Buy

There are a few ways to buy the Mendocino Purps weed strain. The first is visiting a cannabis retailer online. These shops often provide a large variety of strains and can deliver this variety right to your house. The second choice is to go to a nearby medical cannabis dispensary. Cannabis laboratories test different strains of weed and sell them to dispensaries. They may also sell directly to consumers.

Finally, you can ask your local dispensary if they carry this strain. If they do not, they may be able to special order it for you. Whichever option you choose, make sure you do your research to find a reputable source for the Mendocino Purps strain.


Consumption Methods

The marijuana strain Mendocino Purps is well-liked by those seeking a calm high. Vaping or smoking this strain will give you a mellow head buzz that can help take the edge off a stressful day. Chewing on the leaves of this strain plant can also provide a subtle high that can last several hours.

Try altering how you take this marijuana strain if you want a more powerful experience. Vaping at a higher temperature will produce more of the psychoactive compounds in the plant, giving you a stronger high.

Alternatively, you can infuse them into edibles, increasing the potency of the effects. However you choose to enjoy it, this marijuana strain is sure to provide a pleasant and relaxing experience.


The Bottom Line

Mendocino Purps is a marijuana strain in the Mendocino county area of California. This cannabis variety is known for its purple coloring and high THC content. This marijuana strain was first bred in the early 2000s by BC Bud Depot in Northern California.

This cannabis variety gets its name from the Mendocino County area where it was originally developed. This marijuana strain typically has a deep purple coloration that can be quite striking. Some buds may also exhibit orange or red pistils (hairs). This cannabis kind is renowned for its strong psychotropic properties.

The strain produces an uplifting cerebral high that can be quite euphoric. It is also said to have pain relief properties making it a good choice for those suffering from chronic conditions.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or professional advice.

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