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Melted Strawberry

Melted Strawberry

The THC percentage of the Melted Strawberry marijuana strain is between 24% to 32%. This hybrid was created by crossing the GMO with Strawberry Guava strain. The result is a very potent, THC-rich plant with a sweet berry flavor. This strain has a cerebral and invigorating high, making it perfect for daytime consumption.

The Melted Strawberry strain originates from the Netherlands. Dutch growers have been perfecting their cannabis strains for decades, and the Melted Strawberry is one of their latest creations. If you're looking for a delicious and potent THC-rich strain, the Melted Strawberry is worth trying.


Strain History 

The Melted Strawberry marijuana strain is a hybrid created by crossing the famous GMO strain with the equally popular Strawberry Guava. The outcome is a THC-rich powerhouse that provides consumers with a balanced high. Melted Strawberry is one of the more powerful strains currently available, with a THC level that ranges from 24% to 32%. Users experience high fast, which gives them an energy and creative boost. However, the effects often only last two to three hours before fading away. 

The Melted Strawberry strain is renowned for having a distinctive flavor and aroma that tastes and smells like fresh strawberries with a tinge of diesel. If you want to get high quickly and effectively, the Melted Strawberry marijuana strain is a fantastic option.


Flavor and Aroma


The Melted Strawberry strain has a sweet and fruity nose with a compelling mix of berry, fruity, and sweet flavors with an earthy finish. At first glance, the dominant strawberry aroma might make you think this strain's flavor will be one-dimensional. However, upon closer inspection, you'll notice subtle notes of berry and fruit, with a hint of sage.

Overall, it has a nice flavor profile that is berry-forward, with a light sweetness on the tongue. The berry taste is most notable on the exhale, while the fruity and sweet flavors come through on the initial inhale. The overall effect is a tantalizing and exotic taste that can please even the most discerning palate. In addition to its unique flavor profile, the Melted Strawberry strain also has a high level of THC that provides a potent and long-lasting high.

Melted Strawberry is a great option if you're searching for a pleasurable smoking experience or a delectable way to relax after a long day.


The Melted Strawberry strain has a tantalizing aroma that will please any cannabis lover. You'll first notice the dank, earthy smell of the buds. This is followed by a sweet, fruity scent with hints of strawberry and spice. The overall effect is pungent and powerful, making it perfect for those who enjoy a strong-smelling strain.

When it comes to aroma, Melted Strawberry does not disappoint. The taste of the buds is sweet and delicious, with hints of strawberry and cream. The aftertaste is slightly spicy but not overwhelming. This strain is excellent for those who enjoy a sweet and potent smoking experience.



The strong hybrid cannabis strain Melted Strawberry gives consumers a satisfying high. A cerebral surge that uplifts the mood and leaves the mind feeling joyful and elevated starts the effects. A body high that aids with muscular relaxation and stress relief follows. Melted Strawberry also produces euphoria and a tranquil state of mind.

Melted Strawberry weed
It is the perfect strain for people who struggle with anxiety, despair, or stress because of these effects. The Melted Strawberry cannabis strain is also popular among creative types as it can help to enhance creativity and focus. So whatever your reason for using cannabis, Melted Strawberry is sure to provide a pleasurable experience.

Physical and Mental Effects 

Euphoric, happy, and relaxed are all words that have been used to describe the physical and mental effects of the melted strawberry marijuana strain. This particular strain is said to produce a strong sense of focus as well.

Some people have also reported that it can help to increase creativity. The melting strawberry marijuana strain is said to be a powerful Indica-Sativa hybrid that offers the best of both worlds in terms of physical and mental effects. It's understandable why this specific strain has increased in popularity over the past several years.

Adverse Effects 

The Melted Strawberry weed strain is a powerful Indica-Sativa hybrid with many adverse effects. The most common adverse effect is paranoia, which can cause anxiety and even panic attacks. Other adverse effects include dry mouth, red eyes, and dizziness. In some cases, Melted Strawberry can also cause hallucinations.

People who are susceptible to these effects should avoid this strain. It should be taken in small doses first, then progressively increased as tolerance develops. The high from this strain can be overwhelming for first-time users. The most dangerous side effect of the Melted Strawberry strain is its impact on respiratory function.

This strain can cause bronchodilation, which makes it difficult to breathe. Asthmatics and those with other respiratory conditions are especially vulnerable to this effect. If you experience difficulty breathing after consuming Melted Strawberry, seek medical help immediately.


Medical Benefits 

Melted Strawberry is a hybrid cannabis strain with a sweet, fruity flavor. It's said to help treat various ailments, including chronic pain, cramps, depression, muscle spasms, and PTSD. The Melted Strawberry strain is also said to help manage mood swings and stress. Because it is a hybrid, the Melted Strawberry cannabis strain provides both Indica and Sativa effects.

Indica's effects reportedly reduce muscle spasms and discomfort. Sativa effects are thought to be beneficial for elevating spirits and reducing stress. Melted Strawberry has both Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant varietal effects. It is also available in a hybrid variety that provides a balance of both Indica and Sativa effects.


How To Grow

The Melted Strawberry strain is a plant easily recognized by its leaves, which are a deep green color. The plant's bud is also very distinctive, with its pink and red flowers. The plant may reach heights of up to three feet. It is a popular plant used in gardens and landscapes.

Melted Strawberry is a mixed hybrid that produces beautiful pink and red buds. This strain is perfect for growers in warm climates, as it does not tolerate cold weather well. Early or late summer is the ideal time to plant seeds. The pH of the soil should be neutral, and it should be well-draining.

Melted Strawberry plants will need regular irrigation, but be careful not to overwater them. A low-nitrogen fertilizer should be applied during the vegetative stage. Flowering typically occurs 8-10 weeks after planting, and buds are ready for harvest when the pistils turn reddish-brown. Yields are typically medium to high.

Indoor Growing

The Melted Strawberry marijuana strain crosses the renowned GMO strain and the Strawberry Guava phenotype. The result is a hybrid flower with a sweet strawberry aroma. These seedsman feminized seeds produce short, squat plants ideal for indoor growing. They start flowering in just eight weeks and are ready to harvest in mid-October outdoors in the northern hemisphere or all year round indoors.

As you would expect from a hybrid, the Melted Strawberry cannabis strain has a high resistance to mold and mildew, making it ideal for beginners or those with less-than-perfect growing conditions. To get the best out of your plants, we recommend growing them in pots using a good-quality soil mix. They like a light cycle of around 18 hours followed by 6 hours of darkness and will require a medium amount of nutrients.

Melted Strawberry cannabisThe ideal growing temperature is between 21 and 26°C, with a relative humidity of about 40 to 50%. During the flowering stage, you should reduce the amount of water you give your plants and increase the level of nutrients. During this time, a humidifier might be useful to keep your plants from drying out. Once your plants have flowered, it's time for harvesting. Cut off the main stem first and then carefully remove each bud by hand.

Hang your buds upside down in a cool, dark place with good air circulation to dry for around two weeks until they are ready to smoke or store. Melted Strawberry is perfect for those who enjoy sweet-tasting buds with a potent effect. This strain has THC levels as high as 32%. Therefore, it's not for those new to weed.

The effects are relaxing and sedative, making it ideal for nighttime use. However, the high levels of CBD can also be used during the day to help manage pain, anxiety, and stress without causing couch lock.

Greenhouse Growing 

The seeds of Melted Strawberry can be ordered from online sources or purchased from a medical marijuana dispensary. The grower will need to have pots, soil, and a source of light ready and a space where the temperature and humidity can be controlled. It is best to start with only a few seeds since it can be difficult to achieve good germination rates. The seeds can be moved into bigger pots after they have germinated.

Melted Strawberry is a relatively easy plant to grow, but it is important to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels as well as the amount of light the plants receive. The Melted Strawberry cannabis strain can produce bountiful harvests of delicious, high-quality cannabis with proper care.


Strain Production 

Melted Strawberry is a high-yielding marijuana strain that produces large, dense buds covered in sticky trichomes. Cultivating this strain inside or outside in a sunny environment is recommended. Plants typically yield between 1 and 2 ounces indoors and up to 4 ounces per square meter of growing space outdoors.

When properly cured and trimmed, the nugs of this strain have a deep red hue with hints of purple. The perfume is sweet and delicious, with hints of strawberry and bubble gum. Similar in taste, it leaves a sweet syrupy aftertaste on the tongue. The high comes on quickly and strongly, with comatose-inducing brain effects. The best remedy for pain, anxiety and sleeplessness is Melted Strawberry.


How To Enjoy 

Obtaining some of the herbs is the first thing you must do. Vaping, smoking, and consuming it in edibles are all great ways to consume the Melted Strawberry strain. You can use a bong if you want the most out of your experience. This will aid in removing some of the dangerous compounds present in smoke. Once you have everything you need, it's time to get the marijuana ready. Grind it up into small pieces and pack it tightly into the bowl of your bong.

Put a flame to it and inhale deeply. You'll instantly taste the sweet strawberry flavor with each hit. The high from this strain is incredibly relaxing, so make sure you're in a comfortable place before you start smoking. Whether watching TV or listening to music, the Melted Strawberry marijuana strain will help you kick back and enjoy your favorite activities.


Where To Buy 

Online cannabis stores are a great place to buy Melted Strawberry seeds. You can find various strains and products and order from the comfort of your home. However, it's crucial to do your homework before buying any cannabis products because certain retailers are not trustworthy.

Another option for buying this weed strain is a medical marijuana dispensary. These dispensaries are often found in jurisdictions where medical marijuana is permitted. However, you must have a valid medical reason for using cannabis before purchasing it from a dispensary. Whether you buy your weed online or from a dispensary, ensure you get it from a reputable source.


The Bottom Line

As the legalization of marijuana spreads, more and more people are trying different strains of the drug. One of the latest is Melted Strawberry, which is said to be perfect for relaxation and stress relief. This new strain crosses two popular strains, a GMO strain, and Strawberry Guava. It is the best cannabis for relaxation and stress reduction since it has high quantities of THC and CBD.

Some users report feeling happy and giggly after using it, while others say it simply makes them feel mellow and relaxed. The Melted Strawberry marijuana strain is one of many new strains developed as legalization spreads across the country. How well it works will depend on each individual's brain chemistry.


Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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