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Kandy Kush

Kandy Kush strain

Kandy Kush is a powerful Indica dominant strain formed after crossing two iconic strains, OG Kush and Trainwreck. It is perfect for evening use because it delivers powerful and couch-locking high. It also has strong notes of sweet candy and citrus, making it a favorite among those with a sweet tooth. An after-work or weekend strain like Kandy Kush will help you relax.

Kandy Kush is a popular strain that got its name from its sweet flavor and potent high. It is a favorite among medical marijuana users because it provides strong pain relief while producing an uplifting, euphoric high. This strain not only has a lovely name and smoke, but it also looks like candy. The interactions of oranges, greens, browns, and purples offer the strain a unique rock-candy appearance. It is rich in many ways.

Its pleasant citrus flavor and moderately skunky aroma make it ideal for unwinding or relaxing at the end of the day or evening. Relaxation and unwinding are the best characteristics of this strain of cannabis.

Strain Origins

Kandy Kush is an Indica-dominant strain that took home the first Western Slope Cannabis Crown in Aspen, Colorado. Plants with this plant grow tall and thin, and the flowers are large and sticky with a sweet and lemony smell. In the early stages of the high, dopamine is produced in the brain, boosting moods instantly. A heavy, lazy body high soon follows this euphoria. It causes 'munchies' and increases appetite for people struggling with eating disorders and nausea.


Kandy Kush is a cross between two Indica and Sativa giants, OG Kush and Trainwreck. It is primarily Indica-dominant in its original form because of its OG Kush parent. The forms that appear from time to time resemble the Trainwreck side of the family with distinctively Sativa structure and characteristics. The Indica-dominant variety of Kandy Kush is, without a doubt, the most popular and is what users are hungering for when they want to satisfy their sweet tooth. With tastes like cotton candy, rock candy, and caramel candy, newer strains provide a lovely atmosphere.


Kandy Kush strain has a 60/40 Indica-Sativa ratio, respectively. Grown indoors takes 9 to 10 weeks and yields up to 500 grams per square meter. The average THC level of Indicas is 17 percent, but they have been reported to reach 20 percent or more with the appropriate cultivation Indicas generally ranging from 12.5% to 17%. Kandy Kush's flavor is sweet, earthy, and spicy, producing an intriguing smoke. While smoking the herb, you can also detect its lemon taste and scent. Some smokers even say it tastes like spicy pepper with a sugary smell- great for candy lovers.

Growing Information

Cannabis plants with Kandy Kush flowers have resinous green, purple, and blue buds. A thick layer of Trichomes starts forming in the fifth week and continues until harvest.

Harvest and Yield


The Screen of Green (SOG) is the best method for growing Kandy Kush indoors, and it usually takes 65 to 75 days for the plants to flower. It is a fairly high-yield strain, producing around 14oz/m2. You could also use low-stress training (LST) methods to help enhance its yield even more.


Outdoors is a wonderful choice for growers who want to cultivate outdoors and in a chilly environment. Each plant yields approximately 18 ounces of marijuana.

Tips to Grow

You can grow Kandy Kush successfully by following these tips:

1. Beginners can find Kandy Kush an easy strain to grow. It is important to note that this strain requires much attention during the vegetative stage. Provide plenty of water and fertilizer to your plants.

2. This strain prefers a warm, sunny climate. Your plants may need supplemental heat during the winter.

3. This is a fairly high-yielding strain. Be prepared to have extra space in your grow room. This strain can also be susceptible to mold. Keep an eye out for any signs of problems and address them quickly.

4. It has a relatively long flowering time of 8-10 weeks. Awaiting the resinous buds of this strain is well worth the wait. Be patient, and do not harvest too early!

5. This strain is best enjoyed when grown in hydroponic systems or soil super-rich in nutrients. Make sure to feed this strain plenty of food if you want it to thrive!

You will feel sleepy and relaxed after using this delicious strain in the evening. You can try it for yourself today.

Flavor, Aroma, And Appearance


It has a pleasant fragrance and flavor that is enjoyable with the proper combination of sweet berry candy aftertaste and a distinct hint of citrus. The name Candy Kush refers to the strain's smell, which is sweet and fruity, like candy. There are several reasons why it is popular, including its aroma. It seems acceptable to most marijuana users due to its pleasant smell.


Kandy Kush is called Candy Kush because of its sweet, fruity smell resembling candy. Medical cannabis users prefer it because of its aroma.


The Kandy Kush strain is a beautiful plant. Many thin and long leaves on this plant are dark green in color. There is a sweet, candy-like smell emanating from the buds.


Positive Effects

People react in various ways to cope with stress or anxiety problems. You are still disturbed, and tension remains in your body regardless of what you do, and that is where medical marijuana can help. The Kandy Kush has a fast-acting calming influence on the mind, which enters your head immediately after a few puffs. It is important to take Kava in moderation and only when you are ready for some relaxation at the end of the day.

Kandy Kush effects
When a person lights up, a surge of endorphins can cause euphoria in some people, especially if they are already experiencing a good mood. Expect to smile happily and maybe giggle when you smoke since the drug produces this blissful grin and may induce laughter in some individuals. The sudden head rush may deceive individuals into thinking they must take another puff. If you don't have a hearty appetite, Kandy Kush may be the strain for you. Those who need to lose a few pounds should exercise moderation when eating, as this is one of the side effects of this particular strain.

It is primarily known for its euphoric, happy, and relaxing effects. Some have described the feeling as being hit with a "hybrid-type high," where you are alert and aware but also content chilling on the couch. If you are particularly sensitive to cannabis or if this is your first time trying an Indica-heavy strain, keep in mind that it might produce a strong body sensation that could cause couch lock.

Negative Effects

Kandy Kush begins working fast, producing dopamine, which causes powerful cerebral effects. After that comes a heavy body high that lasts up to two hours. So, it is suggested as an evening strain by most users.

The Kandy Kush variety has a mild to medium THC level, and its side effects are practically non-existent. The worst of the lot is anxiety, headaches, and dizziness, which suggests you won't have any negative impact. Parched lips and dry eyes are causes for concern. A dry mouth and not dry eyes are the only side effects of Kandy Kush.

Solutions to Negative Effects

These side effects can be quickly resolved with a few drops of saline solution and a water bottle, just like with other strains. You may be relieved that anxiety, headache, and dizziness aren't among the negative effects. Therefore, Kandy Kush will tire you, so it is probably best to stay home when smoking this strain. While not a side-effect, being drowsy is not good for doing things outside. So order some pizza, find a comfortable spot on the couch, light up a joint of Kandy Kush, and relax inside for a while.

The Kandy Kush strain will likely tire you and cause couch lock, so it is probably not the best choice for outdoor activity. Order some pizza, get comfy on the sofa, smoke a joint of Kandy Kush, and spend a chill night inside.

Medical Considerations

Kandy Kush is perfect for those looking to escape mental and physical pain. It provides robust euphoric effects. Smoking is easy, making it great for those with insomnia, chronic pains, migraines, anxiety, and mood disorders. Some doctors have even recommended the strain to help bipolar disorder patients sleep better or control their symptoms. While every weed smoker will prefer different strains depending on their goal, it is a good all-around choice that rarely disappoints users.


Kandy Kush is often regarded as one of the best stress relievers. Compared to other strains with higher THC contents, Kandy Kush's soothing effects make it a popular choice for treating chronic anxiety and everyday stresses.


It can also help with pain, making it a wonderful choice for those suffering from chronic pain due to an accident or an internal problem that refuses to go away. Period pains can be relieved by the soothing numbing effect Kandy Kush has. And sometimes, traditional pain medications are not enough. 

Kandy Kush Marijuana StrainMarijuana is often the only thing that will do the trick in these situations. Forget about aspirin and OxyContin! Instead of worrying about getting through another day without feeling like your body and mind were brand new again, embrace this pain-relieving fog, and you'll feel like you've made entirely new.


The Kandy Kush strain is perfect when you feel low and need a quick pick-me-up. Smoke a spliff of this weed, sit back, relax, and let the highs wash away your depression and any associated anxiety. Unlike pills that only mask the problem, Kandy Kush will help you face the day head-on with newfound confidence. Keep in mind that marijuana, and particularly the Kandy Kush, might be beneficial in treating under-treated diseases such as depression and anxiety. Depression, although regarded as a mental sickness, also has physical repercussions. The Kandy Kush can not cure the physical symptoms of this illness right away; it may help to lessen them by eradicating at least one cause at a time.

Lack of Appetite

The effect of Kandy Kush is not as powerful as that of other strains. You won't have to eat the couch cushions, but convincing your dinner plans to run or head out for dinner will be a lot less hassle. Your mother may tell you that eating candy will make you lose your appetite, and she's right. But when it is written with a "k," this is not necessarily the case. You can eat three full meals. And yet be hungry afterward. Those are some serious hunger pangs now commonly known as the “munchies.”


The insomnia-fighting properties of Kandy Kush are highly valued by individuals who have trouble sleeping. It has been referred to as an evening strain. Sleeping on the sidewalk is not a good idea because you are bound to drift off. For experienced consumers, Kandy Kush may provide a dreamy-and-sleepy feeling that is certainly not to be missed.

Utility Of This Strain

Kandy Kush produces a relaxing and euphoric high, making it ideal for treating stress, anxiety, and pain. This strain can also be used to help stimulate appetite. It has a sweet and earthy flavor with hints of candy and Kush. It is a popular strain among cannabis enthusiasts known for its high potency. It provides a well-rounded high that is not overpowering for those new to cannabis. This strain is also a good choice for experienced users looking for a powerful and relaxing strain.

Ways To Enjoy 

Here are some ways to enjoy the Kandy Kush strain:

1. Smoke it

The most popular way to enjoy the Kandy Kush strain is to smoke it. You can smoke a pipe, bong, joint, or blunt. The Kandy Kush strain has a high THC content, so it is important to know your dosage if you are new to smoking cannabis.

2. Vape it

Vaping is another great way to enjoy the Kandy Kush strain. Vaping allows you to get all the great flavors and effects of the Kandy Kush strain without smoking it. Vaping is also a great way to control your dosage, which is important if you are new to smoking cannabis.

3. Edibles

Edibles offer a different way to experience this strain, providing a more gradual and longer-lasting effect. Edibles are also a great way to control your dosage. It is important if you are new to consuming cannabis.

4. Topicals

Topicals offer a different way to experience the Kandy Kush strain, providing a more localized effect. Topicals are also a great way to control your dosage, which is important if you are new to consuming cannabis.

5. Infused Products

Various Kandy Kush strain-infused products are available on the market today. These products offer a different way to enjoy the Kandy Kush strain, providing a more convenient and easy-to-use option. Kandy Kush strain-infused products are also a great way to control your dosage, which is important if you are new to consuming cannabis.

The Bottom Line

Kandy Kush is an award-winning Indica-dominant hybrid beloved by cannabis enthusiasts for its sweet flavor and potent effects. This strain is a favorite among new and experienced users and can be enjoyed in several ways. It is ideal whether you are celebrating an occasion or relaxing at the end of the day.

This is a great strain for leisure and medicinal use and may be utilized for various reasons. Wouldn't this tasty variety be great to try? You will feel physically and mentally, have a wonderful dinner, get a decent night's sleep, and maybe develop some dry eyes or mouth. Now you truly can enjoy the Kandy Kush whenever you want.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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