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Garlic Mints

Garlic Mints strain

Garlic Mints is a high-THC strain, sure to please with its sweet and minty flavor. It is also known to have some sedative effects, making it a great choice for those who have insomnia and other sleeping disorders. The buds are dense and frosted with sugar-like trichomes that make them look like little mounds of Garlic Mints.

It is a spectacular Indica marijuana strain that combines intense Animal Mints with GMO. Those who use Garlic Mints will feel profoundly calmed and be presented with effects that are ideal for alleviating pain, inflammation, stress, or anxiety - making it perfect for an evening of unwinding. This Indica-dominant hybrid has earned its name because of its unique taste; if you are an Indica lover, this one must be experienced at least once in your life! When smoked, the flavor is smooth and provides a pleasant sweetness that lingers on your tongue for a long time.


Cabin Fever Seed Brothers, the breeders of Garlic Mints hybrid cannabis strain, produced this unique blend from two elite parents - GMO and Animal Mints. As soon as you ingest it, stress evaporates, and your mind is carried off to a happy realm! This can make one feel like reclining in relaxation. Therefore, remember to plan when deciding where to use this strain.

THC and CBD Content

This strain is only recommended for experienced cannabis consumers, as it contains a high concentration of 24% THC, 2% CBG, and no CBD content.

Botanical Features

Garlic Mints strain has several fascinating botanical features. This photoperiod strain has a flowering time of 55-64 days and is quite easy to grow, making it an ideal choice for newcomers to cannabis cultivation. It can mature in as little as 60 days and offers great yields indoors (1-2 Oz/Ft²) and outdoors (10-15 Oz/plant). Its indoor height generally lies between 30-60 inches, while outdoor growth can reach as high as 80 inches in some cases. All these wonderful qualities make the Garlic Mints a must-have strain for any enthusiast's garden.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance


Garlic Mints is an Indica-dominant hybrid containing a mouthwatering combination of flavors, with Garlic as the prominent taste, followed by a zesty hint of mint and coffee aromas. But its terpenes set it apart - Humulene, Camphene, and Caryophyllene provide users with deep relaxation after every exhale. On the inhale, its taste profile is Earthy and Sour. As you take an, exhale, the Earthy flavor intensifies and becomes stronger on your palate! This strain offers a unique taste and Aroma to satisfied users who appreciate something different from traditional herbal tastes.


The great Aroma of the Garlic Mints strain is unmistakable. An intensely aromatic, skunky combination of gas, earthy tones, and sour notes hits the nose first, followed by short diesel and lingering notes of aromatic spices. Although this strain can be powerful, the Aroma is pleasant enough that its notoriety has spread far beyond its origins. It is said that once you catch a whiff of this unique scent, you will instantly know it is the famous Garlic Mints strain.


This strain has a unique appearance, with dense spade-shaped forest green nugs contrasted by the yellow and deep purple tones from the dusting of sandy tiny amber crystal trichomes. In addition to their colorful look, these buds have thin orange hairs and are extremely bright for an Indica-dominant hybrid. Intertwined between the dense piney smell of Garlic and minty flavors is a mellow taste that carries on through every session inviting your senses to take part in this delightful experience.

Beneficial Effects

Taking a puff of the Garlic Mints strain will taste minty skunk with hints of chemicals and coffee and make you feel calm, satisfied, and joyful. As per the reports from medical marijuana users, this marijuana has been used to alleviate pain, stress, and depression symptoms. Furthermore, its buzzy euphoria-driven body high effects are ideal for those seeking relief daily. Medical consumers have reported that this cannabis can be utilized for sharpening focus on depression or migraines as well as reducing headaches or other forms of tension. You should seek professional medical advice if you are new to cannabis. Mint Revolutionary Clinics are best to guide you.

Garlic Mints weed strainCreative

People who use this skunk strain are known to get creative bursts with a feeling of focus and motivation. The mental stimulation provided by this strain can be utilized for creative tasks such as writing, drawing, painting, and other art forms.

Pain Relief

This strain has powerful analgesic effects that help relieve pain associated with inflammation or muscle spasms. Its soothing properties are also known to provide relief from insomnia, mood swings, and migraines. 

Overall, the Garlic Mints cannabis strain can be a great way to find relief from stress, anxiety, pain, and depression without compromising on taste. Whether you're looking for a creative burst or want to relax and unwind, this strain could be a perfect choice.

Adverse Effects

People taking the Garlic Mints weed strain may be surprised to experience negative reactions. An increased heartbeat is a cause for concern as it can signal a serious underlying health condition. Low blood pressure can also be uncomfortable, increasing feelings of fatigue and preventing you from being able to stay active.

Increased Heart Beat

If your heart is beating faster than normal, it is important to take a break and seek medical advice.

Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure can cause feelings of fatigue and can prevent you from being able to stay active. It is important to consult with your doctor if this symptom does not improve or worsen. You may need to adjust your dosage or stop taking the strain altogether.


In rare cases, the Garlic Mints strain can cause psychotic reactions such as paranoia and hallucinations.


This strain can be addictive, so it is important to use it responsibly and in moderation. If you take more than the recommended amount or feel you need to take the strain daily, seek professional help. Long-term addiction to THC can have serious consequences, so it is important to monitor your use and seek help if needed.

Medical Considerations

The Garlic Mints high is reminiscent of its Animal Mints parent, washing over users with a cozy sensation that will have you feeling totally at ease from head to toe. A rush of cheerful elation takes hold first and foremost, soothing your entire being before permeating the rest of your body with warming comfort. Soon enough, this strain will take hold and make you feel relaxed and sedated, leaving you glued to the couch for hours. Its ultra-high 24% THC level can treat chronic anxiety, fatigue headaches, migraines, and muscle spasms or cramps related to pain.


The powerful numbing and analgesic properties of the Garlic Mints strain make it a great option for those seeking relief from chronic pain. The physical effects of this strain will provide intense relaxation, while its tingling sensation will help numb any areas that are feeling achy or uncomfortable. Additionally, the calming cerebral high it provides will help ease any tension contributing to your discomfort. It can be a great option for those suffering from muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, cramps, and other types of chronic pain. 


The anti-inflammatory properties of the Garlic Mints strain make it a great option for those looking to soothe inflammation-related issues. Its powerful sedative effects can help reduce the swelling and inflammation that may be causing you chronic pain or discomfort. By calming any tension well as helping relax muscles, it is a great choice for those looking to find relief from muscle spasms, headaches, migraines, cramps, and other types of chronic pain. 


This strain is known for reducing nausea, making it a great option for those seeking relief from morning sickness or chemotherapy-related nausea. Its calming effects can help ease any sickness in your stomach, while its relaxing high can take your mind off the discomfort. Additionally, the tingling sensation it provides helps numb areas that are feeling achy or uncomfortable, providing further relief. 


Garlic Mints strain is known for its appetite-stimulating effects, making it a great option for those looking for an increase in appetite. Its calming and soothing high can take your mind off discomfort or nausea, making it easier to eat without feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, its tingling sensation may make you hungrier than usual, helping to stimulate your appetite even further. This strain is a great choice for those suffering from poor appetite or lack of hunger due to a medical condition.

How To Grow This Strain

Growing the Garlic Mints marijuana is an average challenge suitable for new and more experienced growers. The strain prefers warm climates, with harvest times of 10 weeks. The average height of the plants, regardless of their location, yields predictably moderate results. Just like with any other strain, basic weaknesses are standard to be aware of as a part of a successful growth process. With proper care, knowledge, and experience, growers can cultivate this strain every season.

Garlic Mints marijuana strainGrowing the popular Garlic Mints strain can be as fun and easy as harvesting it! This strain prefers warm climates, so those in cooler regions should consider setting up an indoor garden with plenty of natural light. It comes with an average growth difficulty rating and is considered quite standard in terms of weakness, making it suitable for beginners. 

The plant's average height is moderate, so it yields a moderate amount at harvest time around October when grown outdoors. With clear guidelines to follow when growing this popular strain, anybody can have success and bountiful harvests!


• Provide plenty of light and avoid sudden temperature or humidity changes.

• Feed with a high-quality nutrient mix and ensure the pH level is between 6.0 and 7.0.

• Provide adequate ventilation, as too much moisture can lead to mold and disease.

• Prune early on in the vegetative stage to promote even growth.

• Monitor closely for signs of pests or disease throughout the growing process.


• Plant in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil at a depth of 2–3 inches.

• Ensure the temperature is consistently between 18–20°C throughout the growing process.

• Water regularly and ensure adequate drainage to avoid any buildup of moisture in the root zone.

• Prune the plants early in the vegetative stage to promote even growth.

• Monitor closely for signs of pests or disease throughout the growing process.

• Harvest when the plant is ready, and enjoy your Garlic Mints cannabis!

Controlled Conditions

• Plant in soil with a pH between 6.0 and 7.0, ensuring the best results.

• Provide sufficient light and ventilation to promote healthy growth of the Garlic Mints strain.

• Ensure that the temperature is consistently between 18–20°C throughout the growing process and avoid any sudden changes in temperature or humidity.

• Feed with a high-quality nutrient mix and regularly monitor the soil's pH.

• Monitor closely for signs of pests or disease throughout the growing process.

• Prune early on in the vegetative stage to promote even growth.

• Harvest when the plant is ready, and enjoy your Garlic Mints!

By following these simple guidelines and with enough patience and dedication, you can be sure to reap a generous harvest of the delicious Garlic Mints strain. So don't wait any longer - get growing today.

Strain Uses  

This is a strain of cannabis that is quickly becoming popular among recreational and medicinal users. Its soothing properties can help alleviate various symptoms, including pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. As the name implies, it has hints of Garlic and mint in its Aroma, making it an ideal choice for those seeking energized strains.

Many users report it helps improve focus, making it a great choice for creative or professional tasks. The Garlic Mints strain has also been used to increase appetite during chemotherapy treatments and to reduce nausea in those who suffer from motion sickness. With so many uses, this strain will surely have something in store for everyone.

Ways to Consume

Garlic Mints marijuana strain comes with various ways to consume, such as:

1) Smoking: is one of the most popular and widely-used methods for consuming the Garlic Mints marijuana strain. The smoke from the flowers can be inhaled directly or through a pipe, bong, joint, blunt, or vaporizer. 

2) Edibles: Infusing the Garlic Mints marijuana strain into edibles is a great way to experience its effects without any harshness associated with smoking.

3) Tinctures: Tinctures are an easy way to get this strain into your system because they are applied under the tongue and absorbed quickly by the body. 

4) Topicals: Topicals are topical applications that can treat joint pain, inflammation, skin conditions, and headaches. The active compounds in this strain can be used in topicals, such as salves, balms, and creams. 

5) Capsules: This strain can also be consumed by using capsules. This allows for a more controlled and measured dose of the active compounds in Garlic Mints marijuana. 

Regardless of your chosen method, always use caution when consuming Garlic Mints marijuana. Be sure to listen to your mind and only take as much as is necessary for the desired effect. 

If you are new to this strain, it is always wise to start slow and gradually increase your dose as you become more familiar with how it affects you. It is also recommended that you consult a medical professional before starting any marijuana product regimen, especially if you have existing medical conditions.

Cannabis-Infused Recipes

Rich in flavor, it is the perfect strain to finish off cannabis infused recipes such as Wings and Bruschetta. With the garlic notes from Wings and the smoky flavoring of Humulene terpenes found in the Garlic Mints, you will be presented with a delightful culinary experience for any occasion. Add a refreshing cannabis bruschetta for an unforgettable way to get creative before taking on any upcoming art projects. Enjoy your Bruschetta with a glass of red wine, and you'll be ready to explore unlimited possibilities.

The Bottom Line

Garlic Mints strain is a unique hybrid that offers an interesting combination of Garlic and minty flavors. The smell of this strain is
sweet and earthy, with a hint of Garlic and peppermint. Its buds look purple and frosty, drenched in crystal trichomes. This strain makes users feel energized, alert and focused. The combination of effects can make the Garlic Mints great for daytime use. It can also uplift mood due to their cerebral high. It is a great strain for medical use and can help alleviate depression, fatigue, nausea, and pain. This strain is also said to have a munchies effect, so it can be helpful for those who suffer from appetite loss. Its effects can make the Garlic Mints great for daytime use, and it is great for medical use as well. Try Garlic Mints strain today, and you won't be disappointed.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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