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Dutch Hawaiian

Dutch Hawaiian strain

Dutch Hawaiian is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain created by crossing Dutch Treat and a fruity Hawaiian landrace. The strain was developed by a Seattle-based breeding company that supplies dispensaries throughout the Pacific Northwest. It induces focus, happiness, and euphoria without causing paranoia or anxiety. It has an earthy citrus aroma with orange and pineapple notes and a distinct pineapple flavor with a hashy exhale.

It is popular for those seeking relief from depression and anxiety, providing a calming yet energizing experience. Dutch Hawaiian offers a balanced set of effects, making it a versatile option for various users.


The genetics of Dutch Hawaiian cannabis strains offer a fascinating blend of Dutch and Hawaiian cannabis lineages. Specifically, Dutch Hawaiian is a hybrid strain with a 70% sativa and 30% indica genetic makeup. This smooth sativa created from its parent strains: Dutch Treat and a Hawaiian landrace. Dutch Treat is an indica-dominant strain, while the Hawaiian component brings the sativa-dominant attributes. 

With a THC content ranging from 15% to 22% and negligible CBD levels of around 0–1%, it offers a compelling profile for both recreational and medicinal uses. The female seeds of Dutch Treat, the indica parent, typically take around eight weeks to flower. On the other hand, the Hawaiian lineage contributes to the strain's tropical aroma and unique flavors, which include scents of tropical flowers and fruits, with distinct notes of citrus peels and a dash of cane sugar. Dutch Hawaiian strain showcases a carefully balanced genetic profile, amalgamating indica and sativa traits to produce a versatile cannabis option suitable for various uses.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance


Dutch Hawaiian strain offers a delightful gustatory experience that is both complex and satisfying. A dominant pineapple flavor takes center stage on the exhale, providing a sweet and tropical sensation. This flavor profile resonates with the pineapple symbolism in Hawaiian culture as a sign of welcome and happiness.

Following the initial burst of pineapple, a musky and hashy undertone reveals itself, leaving a lingering aftertaste that adds depth and richness to the overall experience. The strain, often consumed in a freshly cleaned pipe or joint, unfolds its full array of flavors, including hints of citrus, when given the proper vehicle for consumption. In a nutshell, Dutch Hawaiian provides an intricate balance of sweet, tropical, and earthy flavors, crafting a unique and memorable sensory experience.


The aroma of Dutch Hawaiian cannabis is a captivating blend that resonates with the essence of tropical allure and earthy undertones. As soon as you come into contact with this sativa-dominant hybrid, the air fills with an orange-tinged, vibrant, and inviting scent. This olfactory signature owes its charm to its Hawaiian parent strain, which imparts a rich, tropical smell. The aroma deepens after breaking open the loose flowers, revealing additional herbal notes reminiscent of iconic strains like Haze or Jack Herer. These herbal nuances add layers of complexity to the already intriguing scent profile.

Dutch Hawaiian weed strainAdditionally, the strain's terpene composition is notably complex, dominated by myrcene and valencene. These terpenes are the key players in shaping its sweet citrus tropical fragrance, further enhanced by citrusy notes of oranges and pine. Dutch Hawaiian earthy citrus smell does more than tickle the senses; it encapsulates the uplifting and energizing effects of the strain, making it a fitting prelude to the following experience. Overall, the smell of Dutch Hawaiian is a mesmerizing blend of tropical fruitiness, citrus zest, and herbal depth.


Dutch Hawaiian cannabis strain has a visually striking appearance that reflects its sativa-dominant nature. The buds are medium-sized and are organized in tapered, spade-like shapes. They exhibit a loose bud structure of typical strains, giving the leaves a ragged look and fluffy texture. The leaves themselves are vibrant, displaying a bright shade of spring green. These leaves are punctuated by hairy yellow and orange pistils, contrasting vivid colors. A layer of cloudy white trichomes covers the flowers, providing a slight sheen. These trichomes also make the buds particularly sticky, making them difficult to break by hand.


Physical and Mental Effects 

While the cognitive and mood-enhancing effects are significant, it's important to consider its physical impacts. This strain generally avoids inducing paranoia or anxiety, which can sometimes accompany high-THC strains. 

As for the physical effects, users often describe feeling a sense of physical relaxation that complements the mental uplift. This relaxation often develops slowly, gradually making one feel more at ease without inducing a state of 'couchlock.' The strain is known for energetically uplifting sativa effects, helping maintain focus and productivity. Dutch Hawaiian is praised for its uplifting and energetic effects. 

Users often report feeling invigorated, happy, and notably uplifted after consumption. In terms of the mental impacts, users frequently feel at ease and relaxed. It is commonly used for surprisingly well balanced effects, which make it a popular choice for treating mild to moderate cases of depression and stress.

Dutch Hawaiian appears to be a strain that aims to balance relaxation and mental alertness without the overwhelming sense of paranoia commonly associated with high-THC strains. Overall, Dutch Hawaiian offers a balanced physical and cerebral high that's both potent and long-lasting, making it popular for solo and social use.

Adverse Effects

Dutch Hawaiian does have its downsides. It can sometimes lead to dry mouth and eyes and may not be suitable for those prone to anxiety or panic attacks, as its strong effects could lead to a sense of "mind race," temporarily making users feel out of control of their thoughts.

However, like other cannabis strains containing high levels of THC, Dutch Hawaiian can sometimes cause paranoia or anxiety in some users, although the strain is noted for not typically inducing paranoia or anxiety. Lastly, like many other cannabis strains, it can affect eye pressure and result in bloodshot eyes. Thus, while it is primarily celebrated for its energizing and mood-boosting effects, users should be aware of the potential for increased heart rate and respiratory effects, especially when consumed in higher quantities. It may also cause a rapid increase in heart rate, so caution is advised if you have heart-related issues.

It is considered a good choice for morning use and nighttime reflection due to its thought-provoking tendencies. However, when used in greater amounts, the strain's thought-provoking nature may intensify, potentially leading to overthinking or mental restlessness. While it is typically not associated with causing paranoia or anxiety, it's crucial to remember that individual experiences may vary. For some people, high levels of THC which are 17-22%  could still trigger anxiety or paranoia, especially in larger doses. Therefore, users should be cautious about the amounts they consume, particularly if they are new to the strain of cannabis in general, to minimize the potential for adverse mental effects.

Medical Effects

Dutch Hawaiian offers a variety of medical effects beneficial for treating multiple conditions. It was developed by fusing Dutch Treat with Hawaiian Sativa, and it has a strong THC content between 17 - 22%. This makes it effective for those who suffer from stress, moderate depression, and anxiety, providing a calming yet energizing effect on the user. The strain has been reported to instill a feel of energy and happiness, which may be useful for mitigating depressive symptoms.

For people looking for all-natural remedies to reduce pain and inflammation, it might provide some relief. Its potential analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties might assist individuals dealing with chronic pain or other inflammatory conditions. If sleep eludes you, it could help guide you to the land of dreams. This strain may offer potential benefits for individuals struggling with insomnia or sleep disorders by inducing relaxation and calming the mind.

Additionally, Dutch Hawaiian has been found to treat chronic pain, chronic stress, and insomnia and stimulate appetite in those lacking. It offers potential therapeutic benefits for various conditions. Its anxiolytic properties may help relieve stress, anxiety, and mood disorders. It may assist with managing pain, inflammation, and sleep issues. Overall, Dutch Hawaiian serves as a versatile option for various medical needs.

How To Grow

Indoor Growing

Cannabis that can be grown both indoors and outdoors is the adaptable strain known as Dutch Hawaiian.When cultivated indoors, the plant can yield an average of about 14 ounces of fresh bud per square meter planted. Given its hardy sativa genes, Dutch Hawaiian is relatively more resistant to variables like excessive moisture and temperature changes, making it a favorable choice for indoor cultivation. Its landrace roots further contribute to its resilience, providing natural resistance to mold and temperature variations.

Growing Dutch Hawaiian weed Creating a suitable environment is crucial for Dutch Hawaiian's growth. Consider temperature, humidity, and lighting to ensure optimal plant conditions. It grows nicely in soil that drains well and is supplemented with organic fertilizers. Understanding the ideal nutrient composition and implementing a proper feeding schedule will greatly contribute to the plant's overall health and yield.

Applying pruning and training techniques helps shape the growth of your Dutch Hawaiian plants, optimizing their structure for better light penetration and increased bud production. Dutch Hawaiian offers a decent yield and is relatively easy to manage indoors.

Outdoor Growing

Dutch Hawaiian cannabis can be successfully grown outdoors, particularly in sunny and humid climates, similar to those in Mediterranean regions or Hawaii. The strain possesses hardy genes, making it somewhat resistant to environmental factors like excessive moisture and temperature fluctuations.

When opting for outdoor cultivation, planting Dutch Hawaiian in areas where daytime temperatures range between 20-25ºC and nighttime temperatures stay above 15ºC for optimum growth is advisable. Therefore, outdoor cultivation of this strain is a viable option for growers looking for a robust and resilient plant that thrives in warm and humid climates.

Greenhouse Cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation of the cannabis in a controlled environment offers several advantages for optimizing growth and yield. Modern greenhouses are designed to achieve high efficiency and productivity by maintaining environmental factors like temperature, humidity, and light at optimum levels. Advances in greenhouse automation and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technologies enable precise indoor environment control, incorporating hydroponics and computer management systems to fine-tune growth conditions. This approach allows growing this cannabis strain year-round, ensuring consistent quality and potentially increasing yields.

Harvest and Production

In the right circumstances, it will probably flower all summer long and be ready for harvest between the end of September and the middle of October, producing an average of roughly 18 ounces of bud per plant.

Consumption Methods

Dutch Hawaiian strain offers a variety of consumption methods based on preferences and needs. Many users prefer to smoke Dutch Hawaiian as dried flower buds. Vaporizing the strain using a dry herb vaporizer is a smokeless option that allows one to inhale the cannabinoids and terpenes without combustion, potentially reducing the harmful effects of smoking.

 Dutch Hawaiian can also be incorporated into homemade edibles like cookies, brownies, or gummies. Although this procedure takes longer to work, the results may last longer. Finding the ideal consuming method and dosage for your unique tastes and needs requires starting with a small amount and progressively increasing it. Always consume cannabis in moderation and be informed of local laws governing its use.

Where To Buy

This strain can be found in local dispensaries and cannabis retailers. Customers want to make use of their educated employees, who may offer suggestions and insights depending on their preferences. The thriving online weed market offers a convenient way to access the sativa strain, with many reputable platforms catering to enthusiasts worldwide. Ensure to choose a trusted vendor to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the strain.

The Bottom Line

As the cannabis world continues to expand, Dutch Hawaiian stands out as a strain that harmoniously blends Dutch expertise with the tropical allure of Hawaii. From its captivating smell and flavors to its well-rounded effects, this sativa dominant hybrid strain has garnered attention from both recreational users and medical cannabis enthusiasts alike. Whether seeking a delightful experience, creative inspiration, or potential therapeutic benefits, Dutch Hawaiian offers a journey worth exploring. So immerse yourself in the captivating aromas, savor the tropical flavors, and let Dutch Hawaiian transport you to a delightful paradise of weed enjoyment.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or other professional advice.

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