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Apple Mints

Apple Mints Strain

Apple Mints is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, a cross between Apple Fritter and Kush Mints strains. Another variant of mints weed is said to be from Sour Apple Killer. It boasts a THC content of 18% to 25% and 1% CBG. This strain is not for beginners due to its high potency. The aromatic profile is as intriguing as its genetics, offering a sweet and tangy fruity apple flavor with accents of sour citrus. Caryophyllene is the dominant terpene known for its pain and inflammation-relieving properties. 

Users often report feeling talkative, euphoric, and relaxed after consuming this strain. It's recommended for nighttime use as it can lead to couch-lock, making it suitable for addressing insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain, among other conditions. Despite its potent results and rich flavors, Apple Mints is relatively rare and can be expensive.


Apple Mints is an indica-dominant hybrid weed (70% indica/30% sativa) that has gained attention for its unique genetic makeup and notable potency. It is a cross between two strains: Apple Fritter and Kush Mints. This strain is quite potent, with a THC content of 21% and a CBG level of 1%. 

The dominant terpene in the strain is caryophyllene, which adds a spicy flavor profile and contributes to the strain's pain-relieving properties. With genetics designed to produce complex outcomes, users often report feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and talkativeness. It's worth noting that the genetic makeup of this marijuana can significantly impact its growth characteristics, including yield and flowering time.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance


The Apple Mints weed offers a unique blend of flavors, encapsulating notes of apple, pine, and earthy tones. It has a distinct flavor of sweet and tart delicious apple, enhanced by sour citrus and fresh, crisp mint. Some reports mention a diesel and spicy vanilla undertone, providing a more complex taste profile.

Apple Mints weedThe flavor profile of Apple Mints marijuana is complex, marked by nuances of diesel and spicy vanilla. Complementing these flavors is the eponymous mint, creating a harmonious blend that engages the palate. The strain also contains a unique set of terpenes such as Caryophyllene, Phellandrene, and Limonene. Caryophyllene, in particular, adds a spicy kick to the taste, also known for its pain-relieving properties. Like its effects, the flavor is intense and not suggested for novice users. Thus, Apple Mints might be a suitable choice if you're looking for a strain with a combination of fruity, woody, and earthy flavors.


The aroma of Apple Mints cannabis is a fascinating tapestry of scents that uniquely awakens the senses. Predominantly, you'll catch the zesty kick of citrus that's beautifully counterbalanced by a pepper-like spiciness. This peppery undertone aligns well with caryophyllene, one of the dominant terpenes in the strain, known for its spicy taste.

However, the scent profile continues. Adding complexity is a hoppy undertone, which infuses the aroma with a fresh yet slightly bitter depth. This blend harmonizes well with the strain's fruity apple and sour citrus notes, accented by a creamy lemon overtone and spicy menthol. Overall, the aroma is multi-layered, intriguing, and almost paradoxical—sweet yet sharp, fresh yet spicy, creating a sensory experience as complex as inviting.


Apple Mints strain exhibits a visually striking appearance that could be described as nothing short of "frosty." This strain features dark green nugs that are almost obscured by a dense white covering of trichomes, making it difficult even to see the dark green hues of the nugs. Adding a touch of color to this frosty backdrop are amber-colored hairs that weave around the nugs. The dense trichome coating and amber hairs give this bud an incredible, almost otherworldly appearance, emphasizing its potency. These elements offer an almost ethereal aesthetic to the strain, emphasizing its potency and creating an image that could aptly be described as 'frosty.'


Physical and Mental Effects

Apple Mints marijuana is an Indica-dominant hybrid, renowned for its high THC content ranging from 18-25%. It can relax and make you feel like the stereotypical "lazy stoner" who hasn't left the couch in hours. Users have reported euphoria and being talkative, making social interactions more engaging body buzz and offering a balanced mix of calming sleep and energizing outcomes. Given its high potency, it is not recommended for beginners as it may cause paranoia if consumed excessively.

Adverse Effects

Apple Mints marijuana, or Apple Mints, is a hybrid cannabis strain with certain adverse results, like dry eyes and acute pains. Some users have reported experiencing headaches after using the Apple Mints marijuana. This could be a drawback for those sensitive to such side or prone to migraines.

Dry eyes are another negative effect that is frequently mentioned. This can be an irritant for those who have pre-existing eye conditions or are uncomfortable with eye dryness. If you're sensitive to these side effects, you may want to exercise caution when consuming Apple Mints. As always, consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice on cannabis use.

Medical Effects

Apple Mints weed has been noted for its potential therapeutic results due to its high THC content, ranging from 18-21%.On the physical side, it is primarily used for treating conditions like chronic pain, insomnia, and appetite loss or nausea. On the mental side, it alleviates conditions like night terrors, depression, anxiety, and stress. Apple Mints are known to be effective in treating chronic pain due to their high THC content and the presence of terpene caryophyllene, which has pain-relieving properties. It is a well-liked option for stress management because it is thought to reduce tension.

Apple Mints are suggested for treating symptoms of depression owing to their uplifting results. It is also renowned for having calming and unwinding qualities that can lessen anxiety symptoms. The strain has been recommended for treating insomnia due to its Indica-dominant genetics, which induces sleepiness. Apple Mints effectively addresses appetite loss or nausea, possibly making it suitable for individuals undergoing chemotherapy treatments. As always, it's crucial to consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice on cannabis use for medical conditions.

How To Grow

Indoor Growing

Expect up to an ounce per square foot when growing Apple Mints indoors. The flowering phase lasts between 45 to 55 days. Proper lighting is crucial during this period to maximize bud production and potency. Obtaining seeds for Apple Mints can be challenging due to its rarity and limited information on its cultivation. As such, beginner growers might need help to grow.

growing Apple Mints marijuanaWhen grown indoors, the plants typically require around 60 days of flowering. Considering the potent nature and unique flavor profile of Apple Mints, it can be a rewarding strain for growers. However, due to its rarity and high drug ratio, it's best approached with some experience and caution.

Outdoor Growing

Growing the Apple Mints cannabis outdoors involves several steps. Apple Mints are rare and difficult to find seeds of. Ask a grower to breed them specifically for you. Choose an outdoor spot with good soil and adequate sunlight. Select a soil that drains well and is high in organic materials. At a depth of approximately 1 inch, sow seeds or insert cuttings into the soil. Maintain a constant moisture level in the soil that is not wet. Given that it's a hybrid strain with a decent THC level of around 18%-21%, consider adding cannabis-specific nutrients for optimal growth. The flowering phase lasts about 45 to 55 days.

Avoid overwatering during this time, and make sure the plant receives enough sunlight. Use organic pesticides to manage pests and diseases. You can expect up to a pound per plant when grown outdoors. When most trichomes are hazy with a few turning amber, harvest, for the maximum flavor and potency, cure the buds for a few weeks after harvesting. Due to its strong effect and high THC concentration, this strain is not suggested for beginners. You can cultivate the Apple Mints strain outside by following these instructions.

Greenhouse Cultivation

Cultivating Apple Mints strain in a controlled environment such as a greenhouse can be a meticulously managed process to optimize yield and quality. Apple Mints is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, created by crossing Apple Fritter and Kush Mints strains, and known for its THC content ranging from 18 to 21 percent. In a controlled environment, the flowering phase lasts approximately 45 to 55 days, and growers can expect up to an ounce per square foot when grown indoors. The plant exhibits dark green nugs covered in a white layer of trichomes, making its appearance notably frosty.

Greenhouse cultivation can offer the advantage of controlled temperature, humidity, and light, which is critical for maximizing the expression of terpenes like Caryophyllene, Phellandrene, and Limonene, contributing to its therapeutic results and distinct aroma. Given the high THC content, precise control over the growing conditions is vital to effectively manage the plant's potency.

Harvest and Production

The flowering phase lasts 45 to 55 days, and for the best yield, it's critical to harvest at the correct time. While outdoor harvests can reach up to a pound per plant, indoor producers can expect up to an ounce per square foot. Stake the main branches to support the weight of the buds, especially since Apple Mints is known for high yields of dense buds. The buds have a frosty appearance with amber hairs and dark green nugs covered in white trichomes. The strain emits a red apple and sweet mint aroma from the fourth week of flowering.

Essential for maintaining the dense smoke and high THC content. The strain's resin has good characteristics for making various concentrates, particularly rosin loaded with terpenes. By adhering to these guidelines, growers can maximize the quality and yield of their Apple Mints harvest.

Consumption Methods

Apple Mints cannabis is an indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content ranging from 18% to 21%. Due to its high energy, it is advised for experienced users to avoid paranoia or adverse outcomes. It can be consumed in the form of smoking through traditional methods using joints, pipes, or bongs. Vaping is suitable for those who want less odor and a clearer flavor profile when inhaled.

Due to the strain's sweet and tangy apple flavor can be incorporated into edibles like brownies or cookies. It can be consumed sublingually or in the form of tinctures, a liquid. Given its high THC content and caryophyllene terpene known for pain relief, this strain could be used in topicals for localized relief. Given the outcomes of making users feel talkative, euphoric, and relaxed, it's best suited for evening use or when there's no demanding task at hand.

Where To Buy

The Apple Mints strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that is relatively rare and could be challenging to find. There are limited options mentioned for purchasing this specific weed. It can be found in Cannabis laboratories. It's recommended to check with local dispensaries to see if they have it in stock. Many online retail shops offer clones of Apple Mints marijuana online.

However, shipping limitations could apply. The strain is noted to help with conditions like insomnia, ADD/ADHD, and chronic pain. You may inquire at medical marijuana labs if they carry it or can recommend where to find it. Since Apple Mints is a relatively rare strain, you might need to ask growers directly for seeds or cuttings, especially since seed banks cannot legally mail them.

The Bottom Line

Apple Mints, also known as Apple Mints, is an intriguing hybrid cannabis that results from crossing Apple Fritter and Kush Mints. It is distinguished by its flavor, which is fresh and acidic, with notes of sour citrus and fruit—containing between 18% and 21% THC and very low CBD levels. It's a predominantly indica strain, with 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics, making it suitable for relaxation and possibly aiding with insomnia, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

In conclusion, Apple Mints is a potent, indica-dominant hybrid cannabis known for its fruity and refreshing taste, high THC content, and potential medicinal benefits. It's a strain that appeals to cannabis enthusiasts seeking a unique and intense experience.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or other professional advice.  

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