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Apple Cobbler

 Apple Cobbler cannabis strain

Apple Cobbler is an intriguing cannabis in various forms and potencies, garnering attention for its CBD-dominant and cannabinoid-rich variants. Contrary to popular belief, Apple Cobbler is not directly related to the Cobbler marijuana, even though the latter has achieved significant fame as one of the first remarkable CBD-dominant sativa hybrids. Known for its suitability for daytime activities, Apple Cobbler is often processed into CBD oil.

It is free from solvents, pesticides, and other toxins commonly found in some designer hemp strains. It has been reported to have a drug content of 25 % and an average CBD content, although public opinion about this specific variant seems to be mixed. The strain is also a premium flower, appreciated for its lush aromas and rich flavors. Whether you are a fan or not, Apple Cobbler offers a versatile experience that can be tailored to your needs.


The genetics of Apple Cobbler cannabis strain reveal it as a unique sativa hybrid that has resulted from a cross between Blueberry Moonshine and Sour Apple. This composition offers it a balanced uplift in its influence. The Blueberry Moonshine parentage contributes to sativa-dominant traits. Its genetics are expected to bring in fruity and possibly uplifting characteristics, while Sour Apple likely contributes tartness and potentially relaxing outcome.

However, since it's a new strain, its traits are only partially established in the industry, which adds an element of rarity and excitement to its profile. Overall, the strain offers a balanced experience, neither overly sedating nor overly stimulating, perfect for those who prefer a milder effect with complex flavors and aromas.

The Apple Cobbler cannabis strain is notable for its high potency, usually containing around 25% THC, which makes it a sought-after option for those looking for stronger influence. It is generally considered to be a high-drug strain. It is primarily a sativa-leaning weed, aligning with its reputation for higher cannabinoid levels rather than CBD. Overall, Apple Cobbler weed stands out for its high weed content, making it a powerful choice for stronger, more immediate results.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance


Apple Cobbler cannabis offers a unique flavor profile, a harmonious blend of apple, sweet, and earthy notes. As you inhale, you'll first notice a crisp apple aroma that mirrors the tartness of freshly picked orchard apples. This is followed by a sweetness that takes the edge off the initial tartness, adding depth to the overall taste. An underlying earthiness anchors the flavor, providing a grounding finish that rounds out the experience. This combination makes Apple Cobbler a deliciously complex strain, as delightful to the palate as it is impactful in its result. The strain's parentage likely contributes to its rich and multifaceted flavor.


Apple Cobbler strain is a captivating blend of aromatic sensations encapsulating its name and complex lineage. The first whiff releases a noticeable apple aroma that is tart yet sweet, as one might expect from a strain that combines Blueberry Moonshine and Sour Apple genetics. This fruitiness is layered upon an earthy base that grounds the scent profile. Adding complexity to this olfactory palette are terpenes like limonene, which adds a zesty citrus undertone, and caryophyllene, responsible for a spicy kick that deepens the scent profile. Linalool introduces a mild floral scent that lightly dances above the other, more robust aromas. This symphony of fragrances creates a lush and rich aroma, making Apple Cobbler truly unique and delightful.


Apple Cobbler buds are described as having a classic sativa appearance with elongated flower buds. These buds are bright green with bright orange pistils winding throughout. The surface of the flowers is coated in a thick layer of oversized and amber-colored trichomes, which contrasts the bud's overall appearance.


Physical and Mental Effects

Apple Cobbler marijuana is a balanced hybrid that offers a variety of physical and mental effects and benefits. It originates as a cross between the classic Sour Apple and Blueberry Moonshine strains, featuring a cannabinoid level ranging from 20-25%. Physically, users have reported that it can ease pain and provide relief for both physical and psychological issues. Upon consumption, it delivers an energizing kick that can uplift your mood, fulfilling the need for pure enjoyment. This uplifting effect transitions into a fuzzy sensation that blankets the body, enabling a state of relaxation without sacrificing alertness. 

Apple Cobbler weed effectsOn the mental side, the strain's outcome promote introspection, encouraging users to delve into their thoughts or focus on creative endeavors. Whether you're looking to relax after a stressful day or seeking mental clarity for introspective activities, the Apple Cobbler marijuana offers a harmonious blend of uplifting and relaxing effects.

Adverse Effects

The strain is described as "spacey," which could potentially impair focus or make users feel disconnected. Additionally, some users may feel sleepy and hungry after consuming this strain towards the end of the day, which may interfere with evening plans or productivity. Although these effects are not necessarily negative for all users, they could be considered adverse depending on individual needs and circumstances. Therefore, consumers need to consider their comfort and commitments when using the Apple Cobbler strain.

However, one aspect to be aware of is its average cannabinoid level, which ranges from 20-25%. High drug levels can lead to increased anxiety, paranoia, or dizziness in some users, especially those not accustomed to cannabis. It's always a good idea to consult a healthcare provider before using any cannabis strain for medical or recreational purposes.

Medical Effects

Apple Cobbler marijuana appears to offer a variety of medical effects. It is described as a rare strain resulting from a cross of sativa Blueberry Moonshine and Sour Apple, with an average THC percentage of around 25%. Upon consumption, the strain is known to improve mood and provide energizing result that can promote productivity and social interactions. More medically relevant, Apple Cobbler has shown promise in regulating seizures thanks to its anticonvulsant properties. It is reported to be especially beneficial for patients with neurological problems. Moreover, cancer patients may also find value in using this strain due to its anti-cancer properties. However, one source also notes that the strain induces effects reminiscent of LSD, ketamine, and MDMA, suggesting that the experience could be intense for some users. 

Apple Cobbler has shown promise in addressing medical conditions related to pain, and stress. Cobbler is recognized for its uplifting outcomes, which can improve mood and assist in combating depression. It promotes a more optimistic outlook, helping you "see the glass half-full." This strain has been highlighted for its ability to manage stress effectively. It provides a gentle buzz that intensifies into a soothing effect, targeting anxiety, and depression. Additionally, it is considered good for stress relief by helping to foster a relaxed state.

Apple Cobbler exhibits analgesic properties that may alleviate pain. It is recommended for medical conditions, including headaches and general pain, alongside its effects on mood swings and anxiety. In summary, Apple Cobbler could be a suitable option for those looking to manage symptoms of pain, and stress. However, consulting with a healthcare provider for personalized medical advice is crucial.

How To Grow

Indoor Growing

To successfully grow Apple Cobbler indoors, you'll need to consider several factors. Start by maintaining soil temperature between 68°F and 86°F for optimal germination. After germination, aim for an ambient temperature of about 10°F cooler for the seedlings. Use a good quality grow light to provide adequate light for the plant's needs. LED lights are generally more energy-efficient and long-lasting. Your grow light should be capable of covering the entire growth area, and you may consider modular units for scalability.

growing Apple Cobbler weed
When the plant is young, it generally doesn't require immediate fertilizer application. However, as the plant grows and light intensifies, you must supply more nutrients. Ensure good air circulation to prevent the buildup of moisture that could lead to mold or diseases. A small fan can aid in this. By carefully controlling these variables, you can optimize the indoor growth of the Apple Cobbler marijuana.

Outdoor Growing

Apple Cobbler is a hybrid of Blueberry Moonshine and Sour Apple; it may thrive best in a Mediterranean-like climate, similar to its parent strains. It's a sativa -dominant hybrid with a high cannabinoid level, ranging from 21.43% to 25%. Keep this in mind for care and legal requirements. Although not specific to Apple Cobbler, related strains can yield as much as 16 ounces per plant when cultivated in suitable conditions. This strain has an apple, sweet, and earthy scent and flavor. This might affect your choice of fertilizers or companion plants.

Greenhouse Cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation of Apple Cobbler marijuana can benefit significantly from a controlled environment that addresses the following. Install climate-specific structural designs and temperature controls to maintain optimal day and night temperatures. Extremes in temperature and humidity must be avoided for optimum plant growth.

Utilize artificial lighting to increase the Daily Light Integral (DLI), impacting both quality and yield. Align the light spectrum with the specific needs of the Apple Cobbler marijuana to ensure adequate photosynthesis. Ventilation systems should be in place to control carbon dioxide levels, reduce the risk of mold, and help in transpiration. Monitor and modify relative humidity as needed. Consider hydroponic production systems for more efficient nutrient delivery and minimize soil-borne disease risks.

Greenhouses can extend the growing season and allow Apple Cobbler marijuana to be cultivated in climates where it might not naturally thrive. You can optimize the Apple Cobbler strain's growth, yield, and potency in a greenhouse setting by meeting these adequate requirements.

Harvest and Production

Apple Cobbler is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana known for its high THC concentration, with levels reaching as high as 25%. It is noted to have a flowering time of around 6 weeks. Cobbler is described as having a super delicious flavor and is favored by patients and breeders alike for its medicinal and euphoric high. However, specific details about its flavor and results may vary.

Harvesting the plant between weeks 4-7 of growth is recommended. Certain cultivation techniques and details may vary depending on the strain's intended use (e.g., recreational or medicinal) and local regulations. Therefore, growers should consult experts and adhere to legal requirements when cultivating the Cobbler strain.

Consumption Methods

The Apple Cobbler strain is mainly known as a marijuana flower with cannabinoid content of 25% and a CBD content of 0.06%. The methods of consumption for Apple Cobbler marijuana are Given that Apple Cobbler is available as a flower, it can be smoked using devices like pipes, bongs, joints, or blunts. If Apple Cobbler is available in oil form, especially CBD oil, it can be vaporized using vape pens or other vaporizers.

The marijuana can be infused into butter or oil to make edibles like brownies, cookies, or gummies. To choose a method, consider the effects you desire; smoking or vaping generally offers a quicker onset, while edibles and chewable might take longer to kick in but usually provide longer-lasting results.

Where To Buy

You can purchase Apple Cobbler strain from the following types of places. Find local dispensaries that might have Apple Cobbler strain in stock. Strains like Apple Cobbler with specific terpene profiles may be available in labs that offer specialized medical marijuana options. Use an online platform to buy this cannabis online. Always verify the legality of purchasing cannabis in your jurisdiction before making any purchase.

The Bottom Line

Apple Cobbler strain is a sativa-dominant cannabis flower with varying classifications. The strain is known for its THC content, ranging from 21.43% to 25%. CBD levels are relatively low, at around 0.06%. The strain offers an uplifting and "jolly, focused high." It's highlighted as a good strain for relieving stress, making it suitable for use after work. Developed by Colorado Breeders Depot, it stands out for its optimal potencies and lush aromas. The consensus suggests that Apple Cobbler is a versatile strain with potent effects and is generally considered good for daytime use.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or other professional advice.

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