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Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush 1.3g Kingroll

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Brand: Kingpen, Cannabis Type: Indica, Effects: Relaxed, Energetic, Happy, Flavor: Tropical, Sweet, Honey

Looking for the perfect cannabis preroll? Look no further than the Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush 1.3g Kingroll! Infused with award-winning Kingpen oil and coated in golden kief, this premium preroll is sure to pack a punch. The super thin, unbleached paper ensures a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience every time.

This massive 1.3-gram joint is coated in kief and infused with award-winning Kingpen oil, making it one of the strongest prerolls on the market. The natural rolling paper ensures a smooth, even smoke, while the kief adds an extra punch of cannabinoids and terpenes. So if you're looking for a preroll that packs a serious punch, the Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush Kingroll is perfect.

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Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush 1.3g Kingroll
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Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush 1.3g Kingroll INDICA 


The Kingroll is a 1.3 gram, kief-coated pre-roll, infused with Kingpen's award-winning oil and combined with high-quality flower. Kingpen Oil - Kingrolls are infused with Kingpen's award-winning oil in strains you know and love. Kief-Coated - Golden kief, sourced from premium flower, for an added punch of cannabinoids and natural terpenes Natural Rolling Paper - Super thin, unbleached paper with the highest quality-control standards, so you only taste the terps, not the paper. Premium Flower - High quality, single strain, never shake.

About this strain: Cannalope Kush 

Smoky, woody undertones distinguish Cannalope Kush, a Sativa-dominant strain developed by DNA Genetics. This strain is a hybrid of Cannalope Haze and The OG 18. Cannalope Kush has a high THC content and some users have noted bursts of energy and euphoria. Like the cantaloupe melon that the strain name evokes, Cannalope Kush has a fresh, fruity taste and aroma.

How to enjoy the benefits of Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush 1.3g Kingroll?

As time passes, cannabis becomes even more mainstream; people are curious about its different forms and applications. High-potent cannabis, also known as "high-THC" or "high-strength" cannabis, is a type of cannabis that has higher levels of THC, the primary psychoactive element in cannabis. While THC is the main compound that gets users high, it also has many other potential benefits, including relief from pain, anxiety, and seizures.

So if you desire to undergo the full range of effects that cannabis offers, highly potent cannabis is worth trying. 

Why You Should Try Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush 1.3g Kingroll preroll

Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush 1.3g Kingroll prerolls offer a unique and convenient way to consume cannabis. Cannabis-infused prerolls provide a consistent dose of THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids. This makes them excellent for those who require anesthetizing regularly or want to control their dosage.

Cannalope AK x Cannalope Kush 1.3g Kingroll prerolls are a discreet and portable way to consume cannabis. They can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, without drawing attention to yourself.

What is a preroll?

A preroll is a ready-to-smoke joint that is usually made with a mix of different cannabis strains. They are often sold in packs of two or three and are a perfect option for trying out different types of weed. Prerolls can be found at most dispensaries and are a popular choice for those who do not want to roll their own joints. 

Prerolls are joints that are already rolled and ready to smoke. They can be made with different cannabis strains, which makes them a great way to opt for different types of weed. The prerolls come in three different sizes: mini (0.5 grams), small (1 gram), and medium (2 grams). We recommend starting with the mini size if you're new to smoking or trying out a new strain, as the smaller amount of weed will be less intense. 

What Is Cannalope Kush?

Cannalope Kush is a Sativa-dominant, hybrid strain with sweet, fruity notes. A strain, in the truest sense of the word, Cannalope Kush is high in THC, and some users have noted bursts of energy and euphoria. The name refers to the fresh, fruity taste and aroma that lends itself well to cannabis connoisseurs.

Cannalope Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain cross between Cannalope Haze and OG Kush. It is a Sativa-dominant strain with a sweet and fruity flavor. Cannalope Kush is known for its uplifting and euphoric effects.

The History of Cannalope Kush

Grower DJ Short created the section Cannalope Kush in the early 2000s. It is a cross between Cannalope Haze and OG Kush.

How to Grow Cannalope Kush

Section Cannalope Kush can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is a relatively easy strain to grow and is resistant to mold and pests. Cannalope Kush requires a moderate amount of water and fertilizer.

The perfect kief-coated preroll starts with the ideal strain

An Indica strain is the perfect choice for a kief-coated preroll because it is high in THC and CBD. Indica strains are also known for their relaxing and sedative effects, making them ideal for nighttime smoke. When choosing an Indica strain for your kief-coated preroll, look for one with a high THC content (over 20%) and a low CBD content (under 2%).

What should you know about prerolls in general?

Cannabis prerolls are joints that are already balled and prepared to be smoked. There are various kinds of cannabis prerolls, each with its own edges and drawbacks. Some of the most prevalent types of cannabis prerolls include:

-CBD prerolls: CBD prerolls are made with cannabidiol (CBD) instead of THC. CBD is a non-intoxicating segment found in cannabis that has multiple possible health advantages. CBD prerolls can be helpful for people who want the potential medical benefits of cannabis without the intoxicating effects of THC.

-THC prerolls: THC prerolls are produced with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive element in cannabis. THC prerolls can be beneficial for people who desire the intoxicating outcomes of cannabis.

-Hybrid prerolls: Hybrid prerolls are made with a mix of CBD and THC. Hybrid prerolls can be helpful for people who want a mix of the potential medical benefits and the intoxicating effects of cannabis.

-Flavored prerolls: Flavored prerolls are made with flavored papers and/or tobacco. Flavored prerolls can be valuable for people who desire a more enjoyable smoking journey.

Many other types of cannabis prerolls are available on the market, each with its unique benefits and drawbacks. Exploring to find the right kind of preroll for you is essential.

Cannabis has been exploited for therapeutic objectives for ages. The numerous famous health uses of cannabis are:

- pain relief

- reduced inflammation

- anxiety relief

- improved sleep

- appetite stimulation

There are many other potential health benefits of cannabis, including reducing the risk of cancer and Alzheimer's disease and managing symptoms of epilepsy, Crohn's disease, and multiple sclerosis.

The Benefits of Cannabis Prerolls

Prerolls are the perfect way to save time when enjoying your favorite herbs. Instead of taking the time to grind up your spices and roll them into a joint, you can simply purchase a preroll and enjoy it right away.

They're more efficient

Prerolls are also more efficient than traditional joints. Because they're already rolled up, you can simply lighten them and enjoy them without having to worry about wasting any of your herbs.

They're less messy

Prerolls are also less messy than traditional joints. There's no need to worry about grinding up your herbs or dealing with loose tobacco leaves. Simply purchase a preroll and enjoy it without any hassle.


Cannabis Type:
  • Indica
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Honey
  • Sweet
  • Tropical


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"I am a medical marijuana patient and I grind my own weed. This is perfect for me because it helps me limit the amount of time I spend grinding my own weed. It also has helped me save money because I can buy less weed when I have these pre-rolled joints."
"This is a really great product. I love it because I never have to worry about rolling my own and the kingpen oil is amazing."
"I am a huge fan, so I was literally jumping for joy at the sight of this, there's nothing like having a good pre-roll before you go out, and this is really one of the best ones I have seen."
"I am always looking for a perfect pre-roll and came across this. I loved it because it had the needed amount of THC and kief that I wanted. It also had a nice balance of flower with the oil."
"These kingrolls are the best thing I have ever smoked. It is perfect for the evenings and they are easy to bring with you."
"I have been using the Kingrolls and I love them, they are really convenient and easy to use. They taste great too! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an easier smoking or vaping experience."

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