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5 Star Top Choice | Flower | Peanut Butter Souffle

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Brands: Legion of Bloom, Cannabis Type: Hybrid, Effects: Uplifted, Relaxed, Sleepy, Flavor: Pepper, Earthy, Peanut Butter, Flowery, Diesel
Strain Information:: Peanut Butter Souffle

Peanut Butter Souffle

Peanut Butter Souffle is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. It is formed after a successful crossing between Do-Si-Dos and Lava Cake strains. This strain delivers an uplifting high that is perfect for daytime use. It has a sweet and nutty flavor that will leave you wanting more. The Peanut Butter Souffle strain is a great choice if you want a relaxing and enjoyable strain.

Breeding and Genetics

Cannabis collaborations can be pretty incredible, as demonstrated by the creation of Peanut Butter Soufflé, also known as PB Soufflé, bred by pHinest and Cannarado.

This strain is your favorite after-dinner treat, a cross between Do-Si-Dos and Lava Cake strains. Just a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid by nature, P.B. Souffle will keep you returning repeatedly.

Botanical Features

The Peanut Butter Souffle strain grows to a height of about 24 inches. The flowers of this strain are white. This marijuana has a sweet Peanut Butter scent. This strain can yield up to 14 ounces of Peanut Butter per plant. Peanut Butter Souffle strain is a moderate to high yield growth. Harvesting typically occurs from late September to early October. It takes 8-9 weeks for Peanut Butter Souffle to flower.

Availability of Seeds

The Peanut Butter Souffle strain can be obtained as a clone from certain sources. Once you have obtained a clone of this strain, it can be cultivated and grown like any other cannabis plant. The plants of this strain are known to be vigorous and resilient, so you should have no trouble growing them as long as you provide them with the proper care and conditions.

How To Grow 

Home cultivators want the chance to include PB Soufflé in their gardens should not be surprising because it is not only delicious but also quite potent. All online retailers seem to have sold out of these special seeds so it may have been a one-time collaboration between breeders. Prices are not cheap, so we know this is an investment worth making. If you can locate some seeds, speak with an expert before planting them, as there is very limited information about their growing preferences.

Approximately 48-52 days are required for this photoperiod marijuana strain to flower, and 59 days are required for harvest. It usually grows best indoors but can also be grown outdoors. Successful outdoor growth is more difficult due to the plant's smaller size but may result in greater yields of 5 - 10 Oz/plant (~ 300 g/plant). Indoor yield potential is much lower at about < 0.5 Oz/Ft² (< 150 g/m²).

Indoors and Hydroponic Conditions

Peanut Butter Souffle is a low-maintenance plant that does well indoors in soil or hydroponic systems and only requires humidity levels of 60% and average temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to thrive - much less than other strains.

 Peanut Butter Souffle weed strain
This strain thrives in a controlled environment and can be easily grown using hydroponics or soil. When grown in ideal conditions, this strain will produce high yields of top-quality buds. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks, and plants can reach heights of up to 3 feet. So if you are looking for a delicious strain that is easy to grow, the Peanut Butter Souffle strain is a perfect choice.


Peanut Butter Souffle is an ideal strain to grow outdoors. Outdoor plants need a lot of space to grow and produce large buds. This strain blooms in eight to nine weeks and is harvested between late September and early October. Make sure you have enough space for the Peanut Butter Souffle plants since they can grow very large. It is a high-yielding strain, so that you can expect a lot of bud from each plant. It is resistant to cold and pests, so it is a good choice for growers in northern climates.

Peanut Butter Souffle can be flowered at any time of the year, provided temperature and humidity are managed correctly. This strain is bountiful, so that you can anticipate a large return from each plant. Additionally, this strain is resistant to common growers' concerns like pests and mold. The Peanut Butter Souffle should be your go-to choice if you live in a humid climate.

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance 

Flavor and Aroma

When you take a drag, the rich chocolate super delicious flavor will hit your taste buds immediately, with spicy cookie deep purple undertones. The smell is similar to the taste, with a sweet and nutty scent that becomes spicier as you keep smoking. The soufflé will have the same effect as the flavor; tingly and calming effects that will relax you quickly. This experience starts with a subtle improvement to your mood, which intensifies as your body relaxes into a state of bliss. This quickly becomes hunger, leaving you searching for something to snack on.

The Peanut Butter Soufflé strain is known for its rich lineage and high total terpene content (1%). Its terpene profile includes the following:

  • Nerolidol (0.6%)
  • Limonene (0.3%)
  • Linalool (0.1%)

Its taste is reminiscent of the classic sandwich spread. Fruity notes of sweetness lie in ambush to the unsuspecting smoker—a kicked-up version of classic comfort food without the mess. Confusing may be the best way to describe this strain's aroma. You may smell fruits while your friend smells flowers, and they will also swear there are earthy tones. It is still smooth and gentle on your throat, despite its confusing scent. Suppose you are smoking a joint. We recommend using a bong or vape because it can get harsh quickly.


The Peanut Butter Souffle strain is a visually appealing cannabis strain. An orange coat of crystal trichomes covers the light green hairs. Smoking and looking at these buds is a pleasure because they are dense and sticky.

Beneficial Effects

Even though it provides full results, this strain has a THC level of 20%. This makes it possible for newer smokers to join in on the fun, but they still must proceed with caution as such a level can still lead to undesired consequences. 

 Peanut Butter Souffle cannabis strainThis strain has a stunning physical appearance partly due to its layer of sand-like texture created by the dark amber trichomes. Its nugs are chunky, dense, and dark green with sticky resin. Just like you would be disappointed if a PB Soufflé strain did not taste like peanut butter, you can trust that this bud takes on an authentic nutty flavor that tastes exactly like your favorite sweet and salty snack.

PB Soufflé is a strain that initially makes them feel light and happy before eventually bringing them down for many smokers. A few tokes often leave users feeling like they are floating in a sea of weightlessness as their minds expand with euphoria. It is a delicious strain and will bring you into a blissful state, but it will not last forever. Many individuals report feeling hungry afterward. So while you are stuffing your face with snacks, stay awake!


Peanut Butter Soufflé strain is perfect for those looking to add a little excitement to their life without feeling too anxious or paranoid. This is a good sleep aid for people with trouble quickly falling asleep. 


Due to its high THC levels, this strain is perfect for those looking to relax and de-stress.


It is the perfect strain for those looking to wind down at the end of the day and get a good night's sleep.

Adverse Reactions

The Peanut Butter Souffle strain also has some side effects. This strain may cause headaches and dry mouth. It is not recommended for people with anxiety and panic disorders. It is also not recommended for people with high blood pressure. Before consuming the Peanut Butter Souffle strain, you should consult your doctor about possible medication interactions.

Medical Benefits

Peanut Butter Souffle is your best option if you are looking for a strain to help relieve stress or anxiety. It will relax your body while keeping your mind clear enough to focus on work. Additionally, this strain is great for treating chronic pain like migraines or headaches because it helps relieve muscle tension and aches over time.


The Peanut Butter Souffle strain can greatly improve your mood if you are struggling with depression. The strain can relax the body and ease tension can help remove negative thoughts and feelings, providing some much-needed relief.


This strain can also be helpful for those dealing with glaucoma. Symptoms associated with the condition can be alleviated by the strain's ability to reduce eye pressure.


Peanut Butter Souffle can also be useful for treating insomnia. The strain's relaxing properties can help to ease you into a restful sleep, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. It is a versatile strain used for various purposes. Whether you seek relief from stress or anxiety, chronic pain, or insomnia, this strain can provide the benefits you need.


The Peanut Butter Souffle strain can also reduce inflammation throughout the body. Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis can benefit from the strain's anti-inflammatory properties. Many benefits can be derived from this strain.


This strain can also help to reduce inflammation throughout the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce swelling and pain associated with arthritis. It is a powerful strain that offers many benefits. The strain's ability to relax the body and ease tension can help remove negative thoughts and feelings, providing some much-needed relief.

Consumption Methods

The Peanut Butter Souffle strain has a flavor profile that combines sweet, nutty, and earthy notes together. It can provide users with an uplifting cerebral buzz as well as a relaxing body high. This strain is great for those who are looking to boost their creativity or help relieve stress. Smokers can consume this strain in a variety of ways; some popular consumption methods include:

Vaping Peanut Butter Souffle with a vaporizer is one of the most popular consumption options because it provides an immediate onset of effects and can be done discreetly.

Peanut Butter Souffle can also be smoked in a joint or pipe as an alternative method of consumption. Smoking Peanut Butter Souffle will provide users with a more potent high due to the combustion process.

Peanut Butter Souffle can be used to make edibles such as cookies and brownies. This method is great for those who are looking for a longer lasting high that has an enjoyable taste.

Peanut Butter Souffle can also be made into tinctures, which are liquid extracts of cannabis that can be taken orally or added to food and drinks. Tinctures are a great option for those who want to enjoy the effects of Peanut Butter Souffle without smoking or vaping.

Best Recipes For This Strain

When choosing the best recipes to pair with the Peanut Butter Souffle strain, there are a few key things to remember. Peanut Butter is a classic flavor that goes well with many different dishes but can also be quite strong. You will want to ensure that the other ingredients in your dish can hold their own against the peanut butter flavor.

This strain generally pairs well with sweet or savory dishes. For sweet dishes, consider pairing them with fruit-based recipes or desserts with rich flavor. This strain can also be a great addition to savory dishes, such as stir-fries or pasta dishes. Balance the flavors when pairing the Peanut Butter Souffle strain with savory dishes for best results. The peanut butter taste isn't too strong, and the other ingredients can shine through all the while giving you the time of your life in more ways than one.

The following are some specific recipes that pair well with the Peanut Butter Souffle strain. 

Fruit Salad

This dish is a great option for a light and refreshing dessert. The Peanut Butter Souffle strain adds a touch of richness to the fruit salad, while the fruits provide a sweetness that complements the Peanut Butter flavor.

Jelly Sandwiches

This classic sandwich is a great option for a quick and easy snack. Peanut butter and jelly are already a great flavor combination, so adding the Peanut Butter Souffle strain to the mix will make it better.

Stir Fry Sauce

This dish is a great option for a quick and easy weeknight meal. The Peanut Butter Souffle strain sauce adds a touch of sweetness and creaminess to the stir-fry, while the vegetables and meat provide a strong base.

Choose dishes that complement the peanut flavor when pairing the Peanut Butter Souffle strain with recipes.

The Bottom Line

Dessert-type strains are best enjoyed when you can savor the taste fully and revel in the amazing effects, especially after a long day. The Peanut Butter Soufflé strain is the perfect Friday night reward for getting through the week or making it on the weekend when you want your mouth to water. You might not care about sleeping all day if you eat Peanut Butter Soufflé cannabis.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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5 Star Top Choice | Flower | Peanut Butter Souffle
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LEGION 5 Star Indoor Flower

The biggest and best nuggets from our sustainably minded state of the art indoor cultivation facility in Oakland.


LEGION Indoor Flower is packaged in 100% plant-based zip lock pouches that from compostable materials to create a zero-waste packaging solution.

Peanut Butter Souffle - Indica

(Do-Si-Dos X Lava Cake)

Relax to the max with this heavy indica varietal that brings rich, creamy chocolate and earthy flavors into the mix. Ideal for closing out a long day, PBS is your perfect companion when the couch and a bowl of popcorn beckons. 

Notes of chocolate with spicy, earthy overtones


Our cultivation facility is at the cornerstone of our sustainable cultivation practices incorporating:

• LED lighting technology that uses less electricity than traditional HPS fixtures.

• Renewable energy use to power the operation.

• Wastewater from our dehumidifiers, HVAC systems, and plant runoff, our water catchment system filters and recycles up to 80% of the water used to feed our plants. 


While on the outside, glass seems like the right sustainable choice, looks can be deceiving. 

There are numerous reasons why plant-based pouches are a better choice.

• Bags require less energy to produce than glass. 

• Bags are lighter, with a smaller footprint than glass when shipping.

• Bags are less weight, using less fuel in the shipping process, creating a smaller environmental footprint.

• Recycling glass is a high energy-consuming process.

• Most glass jars for cannabis use plastic lids, which end up in landfills

• Plastic can only be recycled 2-3 times before more "virgin stock" needs to be added to recycled plastic.

• Recycle symbols can be deceiving. In many cases, small plastic ends up in landfills because it does not meet recycling requirements once it enters a recycling facility.

o Most flower jar lids, concentrate lids, and joint tubes do not meet the recyclability requirements of recycling facilities, even if they have a recycle symbol

• Our 100% plant-based pouches are made from compostable materials to create a zero-waste packaging solution.


- AUTHENTICITY: We are founded by farmers with 60+ years of cultivation experience.

- TERPENES: We list the top terpenes and their percentages on the back of every package to better cater to your individual needs. 

- HEAVY METALS: We never have heavy metals in our products.

- ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: LEGION donates a portion of vape sales to habitat restoration projects across California

- PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING: To help save our planet!


Cannabis Type:
  • Hybrid
  • Relaxed
  • Sleepy
  • Uplifted
  • Diesel
  • Earthy
  • Flowery
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pepper


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