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3.5g Pouch - Sour Diesel

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Brands: Henry's Original, Cannabis Type: Sativa, Effects: Uplifted, Relaxed, Happy, Flavor: Diesel, Citrus, Lemon
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3.5g Pouch - Sour Diesel
(48 reviews) Write a review


The aroma of this strain is exactly what you'd expect from the name -- sour green haze, with diesel overtones finishing in a pungent, frosty flower. Some users report this strain is the perfect wake and bake, with a clear, focused high perfect for chores or getting ready for work (or the weekend)! Others call this the "fun Sativa" due to its bouncy, bubbly effects. Stress, pain, and depression fade away into a long-lasting high.

Our flower has been properly cured and carefully hand-trimmed before being sealed, for the highest level of freshness. We package our flower soon after trimming to retain its fresh flavor and aroma. Our Pouch Flower features the same high-quality buds that we use in our Jar Line. The difference is our Pouches are produced in larger batches and price-forward packaging, resulting in a lower cost to consumers.

Genetics: Chemdawg x Super Skunk

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene, Limonene

Also known as Sour D and East Coast Sour Diesel (or ECSD,) Sour Diesel is a prolific strain with somewhat tumultuous origins.

According to online sources, Sour Diesel gained prominence in New York in the mid-90s when breeder AJ (short for A**hole Joe,) accidentally pollinated a Chemdog 91 female with pollen from a Super Skunk he acquired during a trip to Amsterdam. The end result, Sour Diesel, was reportedly named for the way it soured business relationships as it spread through New York’s underground cannabis market, causing rifts as it changed hands among growers.


Henry's Original
Cannabis Type:
  • Sativa
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Citrus
  • Diesel
  • Lemon
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"I wanted to write a review for this product because I stumbled across it by accident and I have never been happier. It has such a great fresh taste and you can tell that they took the time to cure it before packaging it.
I will definitely be ordering more in the future!
So disappointing...!
"I have been a smoker for about ten years. I come from a family of smokers and it is not an easy addiction to break out of. I have tried quitting many times, with no luck. I found this pouch and it has been the easiest, most natural experience so far.
"I'm a huge fan and this is the only strain I smoke. I've tried 3 other dispensaries, but they don't have anything close to the quality of what you guys have. You guys have my favorite strain, and it's reasonably priced too.
"I really enjoy this strain. It is a strong taste and aroma, but not overpowering. I find that it helps me stay creative when I am working on projects.
I would like to say that I was very disappointed with the quality of my purchase. Wouldn't recommend !!
"I have a pretty bad back, and it's been shutting me down for years. But ever since I started using this stuff, my back pain has been gone. And I mean GONE.
I would recommend this strain to anyone who is looking for their stereotypical, sour diesel. It smokes really well and the taste is something else.
I enjoyed the smell and flavor of this flower. The high had a really nice body to it, and I felt great for about four hours after smoking. This is one that I will be coming back for.

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