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Curbside pickup only
(77 reviews)
Cookies | Mission Valley
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I am very happy with the services they provide.
This is my favorite dispensary
"Outstanding service and products. I was able to find all my cannabis needs with one stop shopping. I will be returning."
The staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable
Once being greeted with a warm welcome, I felt incredibly comfortable in their store
" Has been a pleasure for me, especially when I buy weed products. They carry the best cannabis store with amazing product ranges and does not disappoint. They also have great customer service which really helps to make you feel at ease."
" I would recommend Cookies, Mission Valley to anyone who loves cannabis, or knows someone that does. Its easy to find the perfect price ranges, strains and other types of products they can be looking for."
We recently tried Cookies - Mission Valley and were not disappointed.
We loved the variety of cannabis strains available and will definitely be returning soon
The folks at Cookies are very knowledgeable and helpful

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