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Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bars

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars: What Benefits Do They Offer?

Weedbates Contributor

One of the most well-known psychoactive substances that are creating waves worldwide is adventurous magic mushrooms, which include hallucinogens. Even though they have their origins in nature and are used by many people as medicine, magic mushrooms are still classified as a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. This is despite the fact that, like marijuana, they have become increasingly popular in the medical industry. Psilocybin mushrooms are a delicious treat for many individuals.

Abuse of magic mushrooms is expected because there is a lack of laws and medical supervision, which makes them difficult to control. Even though the drug can lead to addiction, its promise in the medical field motivates companies to develop easily digestible versions. One example of this would be chocolate infused with mushrooms.

Bars made of chocolate infused with mushrooms are undeniably a pleasure for the emotions, but the question remains whether or not chocolate infused with mushrooms represents a significant improvement in consumer health or, rather, a potentially harmful indulgence. It is essential to take a look at their roots and learn why magic mushrooms are such a tremendous mind-altering substance before delighting in the delectable details of mushroom-enriched sweets.


What Exactly Are Chocolate-Covered Magic Mushrooms?

This chocolate recipe calls for magic mushrooms as the primary ingredient. The chocolate-covered magic mushrooms are very similar to a praline made with mushrooms. You'll have dark brown tops, while the interior might be white or a light brown color. In most cases, they appear to be ordinary dried mushrooms. Their stems are tall, slender and have a whitish-gray color to them.

These psychedelic and hallucinogenic mushrooms are called chocolate magic mushrooms. They also contain a substance known as psilocin in their makeup. It is a psychoactive substance known as a hallucinogen. This substance or chemical might lead to hallucinations when used in sufficient quantities. Psilocybin is the component that transforms common mushrooms into psychoactive "magic" mushrooms. The United States of America, South America, Mexico, and Europe are all home to species of these mushrooms.

Consumption of chocolate magic mushrooms can be accomplished in a number of ways, including eating the mushrooms themselves, steeping them in tea, or incorporating them into meals. The DEA continues to place chocolate mushrooms in the Schedule I category for controlled substances. In addition, the FDA still needs to give its blessing to using these products. Shroom chocolate bars or as many people refer to them, psilocybin mushroom chocolate is one of the favorite substances among many people.

About Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Consumers agree that the flavor of magic mushrooms is unappealing regardless of whether they are consumed raw or prepared as tea. People have been driven to find a more appealing option for eating magic mushrooms as a result of the terrible quality of the taste, which has resulted in the recent success of unique sweets such as mushroom candy.

magic mushroom chocolate bars

Candy made from mushrooms is very similar to any other type of chocolate bar, with the exception that it includes mushrooms and all of the psychoactive components of mushrooms. When you initially take a bite of mushroom chocolate, it may have a delicious aftertaste, but after a short while, you may have sensory overload as a result of eating it.

How Potent Are These Mushroom Bars?

The ingestion of magic mushrooms results in a more intense trip, but eliminating the unpleasant earthy flavor in Shrooms bars makes it much simpler to take pleasure in each bite. When you eat a Shrooms bar, the psilocybin in the bar is processed by your body and turned into psilocin, which affects perception in a number of different ways. The feeling of euphoria and relaxation can start anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes after eating, and the total high can continue anywhere from three to six hours.

Microdosing The Chocolate Made From Mushrooms: What Exactly Is Microdosing?

Microdosing, also known as taking the drug in lower doses, is considered by many enthusiasts of magic mushrooms to be the most effective method for experiencing the mind-altering effects of the substance without becoming excessively psychedelic. This is done to take advantage of the medicinal effects of substances such as cannabis, LSD, and, in this case, mushrooms. When consumed in microdoses, all these substances can potentially have an effect that is both calming and stimulating to the creative process.

Microdoses have also been found to deliver emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits, enabling users to take a more cheerful attitude toward life, as shown by studies that followed clinical trials and demonstrated their effectiveness. Even though its purpose is not to induce mental overload, it does bring about increased mental tranquility and spiritual clarity.

microdosing magic mushrooms

There needs to be more clinical and scientific research to support these claims, even though micro-dosing with magic mushrooms, whether chocolate mushrooms or other mushrooms, has great promise in psychology due to its ability to transform the psyche.

This is true whether the mushrooms in question are chocolate mushrooms or other mushrooms. In spite of this, the medical community acknowledges that microdoses of magic mushrooms can be a practical first step in assisting patients in finding clarity during the course of their treatment of a wide range of psychological and mood problems.

What Exactly Are These Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms, mushies, philosopher's stones, and golden tops, are naturally found growing in the wild. Other names for these fungi include psilocybin, a hallucinogenic substance that occurs naturally in the environment and is found in magic mushrooms, which is responsible for the euphoric sensations that come from consuming these mushrooms.

Psilocybin is among the most often used types of hallucinogens; yet, despite the fact that it might have some positive impacts on one's health, the drug is still classified as a Schedule I substance because of how powerful its effects are and how little control there is over how it is used. Because of this, magic mushrooms have a high potential for misuse, and those who consume mushrooms are more likely to become susceptible to the powerful effects of these substances.

Albert Hofmann, a Swiss scientist, was the first person to discover and isolate psilocybin in 1958. He observed that the molecule had an impact that enhanced both the mind and the mood of the consumer. This Swiss chemist is also credited with being the leader in the discovery of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a substance that shares the same psychoactive properties as magic mushrooms.

The fungus that grows on grain and gives rise to LSD is called psilocybe. Despite the various ways in which they differ from one another, both of these things have the same impact:

  • A distorted understanding of the passage of time
  • Hallucinations both in sight and in sound
  • A tingling or numbness in the areas surrounding solid items
  • The feeling that motionless objects are moving when they are not.
  • Changes in the sensations of smell, touch, and taste.
  • A willingness to consider alternative perspectives
  • A heightened feeling of being connected
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Discoveries in the field of philosophy
  • Emotions
  • Paranoid delusions
  • The fear of dying
  • Increased frequency of the heartbeat
  • An elevated blood pressure level
  • Varicose veins
  • The occasional occurrence of sweating, numbness, and shivering

Caution Is Recommended When Using Mushrooms

Sweets made from mushrooms may have a pleasant taste and appear risk-free, but they have the potential to provide a powerful psychoactive high that can alter one's view of reality. It is essential to keep in mind that the science behind the therapeutic potential of magic mushroom microdoses still needs to be more robust in order for them to play a significant role in the treatment of dissociative symptoms and disorders. Despite this, magic mushroom microdoses have a considerable impact.

It is still possible for magic mushrooms to produce addiction as well as undesirable changes in behavior. Before engaging in experimentation with this rapidly expanding hallucinogen, it is essential to gain an understanding of the effects that psychedelic drugs can cause.

It is essential to keep in mind that even if tasty options such as mushroom sweets make the drug more appealing and accessible, hallucinogenic vibrations can still concern one's health if they are not controlled.

What Kind Of Feelings Do You Get From Eating Magic Mushrooms?

The power of magic mushrooms might vary depending on factors such as how recently they were harvested, the season, and the environment in which they were grown. It isn't easy to estimate the strength of the effects that magic mushrooms will produce.


When most people ingest mushrooms, their perception of the surrounding world becomes altered. Everything from colors to noises to items and even the air itself can give the impression of being entirely different.

Some people have what is referred to as 'visual perception,' a mild hallucination.

After consuming mushrooms, you might experience the following:

  • excessive giggling
  • euphoria
  • appreciate the people and environment around you
  • excitement


You may also experience the following:

  • paranoia
  • anxious
  • panic
  • overwhelmed
  • having the desire to throw up

Your state of mind, the amount you've consumed, the people you're with, and how at ease you are with them, as well as your environment, all have a role in how you're feeling.

Therefore, if you are currently experiencing negative emotions such as anxiety or depression, using magic mushrooms may make these feelings even more intense.

What Kind Of Actions Do People Take As A Result?

It is dependent upon the number of magic mushrooms that the individual consumes. If a person takes only a tiny amount of mushrooms, you might not even be aware that they are consuming mushrooms at all.

People who consume more significant quantities of mushrooms are more likely to exhibit unpredictable behavior. They could start laughing excessively, become emotionally unstable, focus on particular things, or develop paranoia.

Instructions For Making Chocolate Using Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms don't need to have a pleasant flavor in order to be beneficial. You can change that by incorporating chocolate into the recipe. Continue reading to see how you may produce chocolate at home with magic mushrooms and how adding raw cacao can boost the benefits of the chocolate.

Psilocybin ice cream

The combination of chocolate and magic mushrooms tastes precisely like what it sounds like it would: chocolate with magic mushrooms. It's a pleasure to prepare, and the end result is really delectable; it's a satisfying experience both in terms of preparation and consumption! The impacts of the mushrooms can be amplified even further by consuming raw cocoa, which complements the mushrooms perfectly.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to carry out the procedure.

Tip On Psilocybin And Heat

First and foremost, you need to be aware of one very significant aspect regarding magic mushrooms and heat: they do not enjoy the heat.

Psilocybin begins to degrade at a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Celsius. If you plan on cooking anything that contains truffles or magic mushrooms, you must maintain a temperature lower than this. It doesn't matter if it's chocolate, tea, or pizza. If you go beyond this value, you risk completely destroying them.

For your protection, it's best to finish most of the cooking process before adding the mushrooms and wait until everything has cooled down before adding the mushrooms. Therefore, when preparing tea, bring the water to a boil, then remove it from the heat and stir in the mushrooms. First, the chocolate should be melted, and the mushrooms should be added once it has cooled down.

Does Cocoa Boost The Impact Of Chocolate With Mushrooms?

The raw, unrefined form of cocoa has a modest MAOI effect. Medications belonging to the monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) class are commonly prescribed for the treatment of depression. Using it in conjunction with magic mushrooms has the potential to amplify and lengthen the effects of the mushrooms slightly. In the presence of more potent MAOIs, this can be extremely nasty, but when combined with chocolate, it can be pretty delightful.

cocoa magic mushrooms

This may be why the ancient Aztec civilization in Central and South America combined chocolate with Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, a practice that's frequently referred to as the "Aztec combination."

Refined cocoa, which is found in most chocolates, has been removed from its MAOI content. Therefore, if you want to add this component to your chocolate, adding some raw cacao to the mixture at the very end, together with the mushrooms, may be worthwhile.

Impacts Of Chocolate With Mushrooms

The amount of psilocybin that was used to make chocolate may significantly influence how it interacts with mushrooms. Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound that, when ingested, results in a euphoric high along with psychedelic spectral visuals. The benefits of magic mushrooms are often described as being exceedingly calming, and a sensation of one's ego being destroyed can be produced by taking high amounts.

Like eating mushrooms, chocolate is known to produce psychedelic effects, yet it also possesses undeniably beneficial characteristics. Cocoa has a high nutritional value since it contains essential nutrients such as protein, fiber, healthy fats, and minerals.

Additionally, it has a lot of magnesium, which is a mineral that can help calm your muscles. Cocoa also contains magnesium and tryptophan, both of which are known to improve mood, and serotonin, which is also included in cocoa. In addition to this, it stimulates the generation of new serotonin within the body.

Psilocybin cocoa chocolates

In addition to these helpful nutrients, cocoa also contains a small amount of MAOIs, which has the potential to increase psychedelic experiences. MAO inhibitors (MAOIs) stop MAO enzymes from degrading entheogenically active substances in the body. In the end, this reduces the body's capacity to flush out toxic substances from the system.

The cocoa's positive characteristics list continues as if the previous points weren't impressive enough. Phenylethylamine, commonly known as PEA, is an organic molecule found in cocoa and is known to generate feelings of love and happiness. PEA is produced by the brain when an individual is in love. Last but not least, cocoa beans have a naturally occurring cannabinoid in them called anandamide (ANA), which, like THC, is responsible for sensations of euphoria and joy.

It should come as no surprise that chocolate containing psilocybin has been consumed for thousands of years, considering all the benefits it provides.

Making Chocolate With Magic Mushrooms: Step-by-step Instructions

Most probably, you're already curious about the procedure. Making magic chocolate with mushrooms is easy, and doing so is a delectable way to consume mushrooms.


  • Cracker-dry magic mushrooms
  • Bars made of chocolate (considering the one you like most).
  • Unrefined and raw cocoa (optional).

Necessary Tools:

  • Large pot
  • Bowl made of glass or metal.
  • Mixing spoon
  • Sharp knife or a coffee grinder
  • Chocolate molds or baking trays that do not stick to the surface
  • Thermometer for confections or alcoholic beverages (optional)


  1. First things first, check to ensure that the magic mushrooms have been dried thoroughly.
  2. Make the magic mushrooms into smaller bits by slicing or grinding them with a sharp knife or a coffee grinder. The more diminutive, the better.
  3. The chocolate should be broken up and placed in a bowl made of glass or metal.
  4. To make a pot of water, add some water to a saucepan, then set a bowl made of glass or metal on top of the saucepan. Check to see that there is a gap of at least one centimeter between the water and the bottom of the bowl before proceeding.
  5. Put the saucepan over a heat that is medium and allow the water to boil.
  6. When the water reaches a full boil, the steam will heat the chocolate on top, which will cause it to melt. Gently mix using a spoon or spatula that is heat-resistant. Alternatively, if you cannot accomplish this, heat the bowl of chocolate by placing it in the microwave and setting the heat to the lowest. Nevertheless, you will need to keep a close eye on the chocolate as it has a high risk of catching fire in the microwave if it is heated for too long.
  7. After the chocolate has melted fully, set it aside for a minute so that it can cool down. Keep in mind that the temperature should not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. You can employ a candy thermometer or an alcohol thermometer if you want to be absolutely sure that the temperature is lower than this.
  8. Whenever the chocolate has cooled just enough to touch but is still liquid, stir in the mushrooms that have been finely sliced or minced. If you are going to use it, now is the time to add the raw cocoa powder.
  9. Mix the chocolate and peanut butter together to ensure that the mushrooms are distributed equally (and cocoa).
  10. After carefully pouring the liquid into the pans, place the molds in the refrigerator so that the mixture may cool and harden.
  11. When the chocolate infused with mushrooms has reached the desired consistency, you can eat it.

Proper Dosage Of The Magic Mushroom Chocolate

The proper dosage of chocolate infused with magic mushrooms is surprisingly easy to determine. The amount of mushrooms contained in one piece of Magic Mushroom Chocolate is equivalent to the recommended daily allowance.

For instance, if you are preparing a bar of magic mushroom chocolate for two individuals, you should use two servings of magic mushrooms and spread them out evenly across the bar. This should be enough for about one dose for each side.

magic mushrooms dose

On the other hand, it could be challenging to ensure that the components are distributed evenly throughout the chocolate. Take the initial dose with extreme caution, mainly if you are not accustomed to the effects that psilocybin has on the body.

One dose includes more than you intended, in which case the high will be more intense than you anticipated. As long as the mushrooms are finely chopped and thoroughly mixed, you shouldn't run into any issues with this. Yet, the dosage needs to be carefully controlled at all times.

Advantages Of Consuming Chocolate Containing Psilocybin

Psilocybin chocolate, or magic mushroom chocolate, is a type of psychedelic chocolate that can assist you in relaxing and making positive changes to your body.

Consuming chocolate containing psilocybin has a great many beneficial effects. It can help you come in touch with your earlier life while also allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself in the process. Additionally, it assists in overcoming anxiety and sadness, which are highly prevalent in today's society.

It is also important to remember that numerous varieties of chocolate contain psilocybin, which means that there is not a single kind of chocolate that is ideal for everyone.

According to several findings, psilocybin is an excellent treatment for both anxiety and depression. Research has shown that doing so can boost both creative output and focus levels. It has also been demonstrated to have some good benefits on physical health, such as enhancing eyesight and lessening the amount of pain felt in the muscles.

Magic mushroom chocolate is one of the most potent natural medicines for a wide variety of diseases, including headaches, high blood pressure, and others. It has a long history of use, dating back centuries, both in religious rituals and medical practices. In addition to this, it is a wonderful method to relax and refresh oneself.

Psilocybin, a psychedelic drug with antidepressant and antianxiety properties, is present in this substance. You must be aware that you should not consume this chocolate if you are currently experiencing symptoms of a mental condition or taking medicine to treat mental health issues.

A Professional Viewpoint On Chocolate Containing Magic Mushrooms

There are hundreds of distinct kinds of mushrooms, all of which play essential roles in the field of medicine. What is it about them that makes them stand out?

Doctors are professionals in the field of medicine who have spent their entire careers addressing patients' various health concerns. They believe that magic mushrooms can treat any condition, which is one of the numerous reasons doctors have different perspectives on what makes mushrooms unique.

magic mushroom chocolates

Research inquired about their thoughts on chocolate mushrooms and listened to their responses. They were requested to compose a brief paragraph in which they discussed their thoughts and feelings in relation to this product. The positive and the negative aspects of their perspectives were compared and contrasted. 72% of those polled believed that eating chocolate with magic mushrooms was a good idea.

On the other hand, because mushrooms are so often consumed, many reports have been written regarding how hazardous they can be for people who eat them. It has been shown that persons who consume mushrooms are more likely to recover from a variety of conditions, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, hypertension, heart disease, and other ailments.

Do Mushrooms Show Up On Drug Tests?

Hallucinogenic mushrooms are those that contain the chemical psilocin and are commonly referred to as "shrooms." There is a possibility that they will appear in specialized drug tests designed to detect hallucinogens; nevertheless, most regular drug tests do not look for these substances.

Because the body processes mushrooms and their constituents very rapidly, it may be required to conduct specialized drug tests shortly after intake in order to identify any traces of the drug that may have been left behind.

magic mushroom drug testing

Mushrooms are not typically searched for during drug testing. These drugs do not appear in many regular or standard tests, such as those used to evaluate potential employees.

Several specialized tests can identify mushrooms, despite the fact that many routine tests do not.

According to data provided by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association, there is a possibility that tests for hallucinogens will show indicators for these compounds.

  • LSD
  • Mushrooms
  • Mescaline
  • Peyote

These are the kinds of compounds that are broken down by the body in a reasonably short amount of time. A test for hallucinogens may be required in some situations, such as when a person exhibits signs consistent with being under the influence of hallucinogens.

There is also the possibility that magic mushrooms could be tainted with other substances that have been discovered. An untrustworthy vendor may adulterate regular mushrooms with other drugs, which would then show up on a drug test if the user was later given one.

Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug tests are easy to obtain and can detect five different classes of drugs. These medications are as follows:

  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

The five-panel test is a common name for this particular examination.

Other examinations involve more panels and could identify the following types.

  • Barbiturates
  • Alcohol
  • Benzodiazepines
  • MDMA
  • propoxyphene
  • Methadone
  • Methaqualone

Testing For Drugs Using Hair Follicles

Some diagnostic procedures can determine the presence of substances such as hallucinogens over an extended period.

According to statistics, the only sample type that state-regulated programs currently collect and test is urine. For instance, tests conducted on the hair follicle can detect the presence of these substances for up to ninety days. On the other hand, these exams cost far more money and are not administered nearly as regularly as urine testing.

How Long Do Mushrooms Remain In The Body After Being Consumed?

When hallucinogenic mushrooms are consumed, the body breaks them down into their active components, such as psilocin and its active form psilocin. This causes the user to experience the effects of the mushrooms. These substances affect the brain, leading to perception and behavior modifications.

Alterations in feelings, perceptions, and consciousness levels can occur as early as 20 to 30 minutes after ingestion. Depending on several circumstances, including the dose and the individual, the alterations can persist for a few hours at a time, at the very least. However, the complete process takes only a short amount of time.

hallucinogenic mushrooms

Simultaneously, the body will begin the process of quickly processing the chemicals. Compounds are eliminated from the body through urine, and the kidneys are responsible for this process.

A medication's half-life is the amount of time it takes for the body to metabolize or eliminate half of the entire dose that was administered. Psilocin has a half-life of fifty minutes when seen in this context.

The body will have removed approximately 66 percent of the chemicals in three hours. When measured again after 24 hours, the chemicals in concern cannot be found in the urine. A variety of specific factors might impact these intervals.

Several Important Factors

  • Dosage: a bigger dose may remain in the body for a more extended period because it requires more time to break down.
  • Effectiveness of the mushroom: Mushrooms with a higher potency may have more active chemicals, which would explain why they stay in the body for a more extended period.
  • Different hallucinogenic mushrooms exist, each of which has its unique chemical makeup that can influence how long the substance stays in the body after consumption.
  • Human tolerance limit: Consuming some substances consistently or in increasing dosages to have the same effects can lengthen the amount of time it takes for the chemicals to be eliminated from the body.
  • The manner in which mushrooms are prepared, such as by drying them or consuming them in the form of tea, can impact both the efficacy of the mushrooms and the amount of time it takes for them to be eliminated from the body.
  • Any meal or drink containing mushrooms: Consuming mushrooms in the presence of other foods or on an empty stomach may impact the amount of time it takes for the body to clear the mushrooms from its system.
  • The rate at which a person's body gets rid itself of substances is influenced, in part, by their metabolism. A person's metabolism can also be affected by various other factors, such as age and body shape.
  • Problems with the kidneys: When kidney function is impaired, it can take longer for some substances to be metabolized and eliminated from the body.


Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars: What Benefits Do They Offer?

 The primary advantages of consuming chocolate magic mushrooms are listed below.

  1. Mood enhancement
  2. A lessening of the effects of stress
  3. Being mindful and calming one's nerves
  4. Steady emotional control
  5. Contemplation and a lessening of one's need for comfort
  6. A decrease in emotions of increasing depression, anxiety, ADHD, and post-traumatic stress disorder
  7. An increase in levels of motivation
  8. Enhanced ability to focus and overall productivity
  9. Enhanced senses
  10. A boost in the creative potential
  11. Enhanced capabilities of the memory
  12. More excellent physical activity and overall calmness throughout the body.
  13. Energizing influence on regular activities and exercise
  14. A boost in both mental and physical energy
  15. increased dedication to the achievement of athletic endurance
  16. the euphoric effect, but to a limited degree
  17. greater excitement
  18. reflection on thoughts
  19. a heightened appreciation and excitement for works of art and natural beauty.
  20. A mild emotional or bodily "high."


Medical Benefits

Not only that, but magic chocolate mushrooms are also helpful for treating bodily issues, including:

1. Depression

Yes, most importantly, chocolate magic mushrooms serve as an effective therapy for the treatment of depression. The FDA designated psilocybin as a breakthrough medication for the treatment of depression a few years ago.

2. Techniques for quitting smoking and other forms of abstinence

 It will come as fantastic news to learn that magic chocolate mushrooms are an excellent aid in kicking the habit of smoking and any other addiction. A mushroom chocolate bar can be so successful that after just one year of use, you will be able to have your smoking cessation.

3. The psychological stress that is linked with having cancer

Psilocybin may also assist patients in overcoming the psychological challenges brought on by their cancer treatment. In the same way, mushroom chocolates, especially consumed with very low doses can bring various benefits.

The Bottom Line

The flavor of magic mushrooms, whether they are ingested raw or prepared as tea, is unpleasant, regardless of the preparation method. People have been driven to find a more appealing alternative to eating magic mushrooms due to the terrible quality of the taste. Consumers confess that raw mushroom doesn't have great flavor and this has resulted in the recent success of unique candies such as mushroom chocolate. raw mushrooms great flavor

The only difference between chocolate made from mushrooms and any other kind of chocolate bar is that the chocolate made from mushrooms contains mushrooms and all of the hallucinogenic components found in mushrooms. After the first bite of mushroom chocolate, you can see that it has a delicious aftertaste; nevertheless, after consuming it for a short while, you might experience sensory overload from eating it.

What kind of potency do these mushroom bars have?

The use of magic mushrooms results in a more powerful trip, but eliminating the disagreeable earthy flavor found in Shrooms bars makes it much simpler to take joy in each bite. The initial sense of exhilaration and relaxation might begin from 20 to 40 minutes after eating, and the overall high can last between three to six hours. When you consume a Shrooms bar, the psilocybin contained in the bar is broken down by your body and converted into psilocin. Psilocin is a psychoactive compound that alters one's perceptions in various ways.

Microdosing, also known as taking the drug in lower doses, is considered by many magic mushroom enthusiasts to be the most effective method for experiencing the mind-altering effects of the substance without becoming overly psychedelic. This is because micro-dosing involves taking the drug in doses that are significantly lower than traditional dosing.

This is done to benefit from the curative properties of substances like cannabis, LSD, and in this particular instance, mushrooms. When taken in microdoses, all of these compounds can provide a simultaneously relaxing and stimulating effect to the creative process.

Microdoses have also been discovered to give emotional, physical, and cognitive benefits, which enable users to take a more joyful attitude toward life. Even though it is not intended to cause mental overload, it does bring about enhanced mental tranquility and spiritual clarity. This was demonstrated by research that followed clinical trials and demonstrated the effectiveness of microdoses.

You are now aware of everything you need to know about magic chocolate mushrooms, including what they are, their benefits, and the risks they present.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

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